FeelDainty : penis masturbator molded from Dainty Wilder

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FeelDainty : penis masturbator molded from Dainty Wilder

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Good day to you all,
Kiiroo released a week ago the FeelDainty. It's a penis masturbator shaped from Dainty Wilder vagina, well, for the ouside at least.
This sextoy can be use manually or in collaboration with the Keon (an automatic stoker), the PowerBlow (creating suction inside the sleeve), or both.
So there's a chamber represented by a narrow tunnel, a second with suction-cup textures, a third that's pretty plain and a final one with rings. It's the first time I saw suction cups textures on a penis masturbator. Same suction-cup that would be found on a tentacle.
It really boosted me to see that there is such a texture. My problem, when I'm super enthusiastic, is that I'm quickly disappointed. I wasn't able to feel the suction cups as I'd expected, as I'd experienced with the Nothosaur Alla. I was expecting a lot from it and as I couldn't tell the difference, couldn't feel the suction, I was frustrated. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's because the TPE is too soft, but I didn't really take advantage of the texture as much as I would have liked.
However, the sheath is rather tight, the texture remains interesting and the FeelDainty remains very active for more than half its length. I like it, I'm seduced by it. But I was too enthusiastic about the suction cups.
If I had to sum up, I would say :
> New suction-cup texture
> FeelStrokers are discreet
> Sufficiently stimulating and intense
> More complicated to clean and dry properly
> Less intense than initially expected

If you want to read a full review about this sextoy, with some photo of the product and insight on how to clean it, it's available on my blog.
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