1001 Nightmares of Dr. Phil

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Re: 1001 Nightmares of Dr. Phil

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"The Complete Destruction of Mrs. Norris"

- by Dr. Phil

Accompanied by Sheriff Barlow, Mrs. Norris knocked on the
dorm room door of Nate Thomas and his roommate DeShawn
Porter, both star football players for Southern State College.
She stripped completely naked before the two grinning sophomores
and announced her desire to be Nate’s permanent life long slave.
Her only conditions were: ‘to be kept naked at ALL times, to be forced
to suck cock at least twice every day, and to have her ass beaten
in public at least once a week’. She repeated her offer a second time,
word for word. When she finished, the two young men snickered and
grinned and Nate said “Fuck Yeah! I definitely agree!” Then the
Sheriff certified the formal enslavement contract, subject to the three
conditions, and just like that, it was done! All legally binding, and most
importantly, non-revocable. The thirty-two year old petite, blue-eyed
blonde, with the pixie haircut would be the complete property of the
nineteen year old black football player for the rest of her life!

While this was happening, Mrs. Norris’ husband was at home thinking that
his wife was picking up the kids from a birthday party. He’d get a phone
call from ‘Public Records Administration’ shortly that would stun him!
The next time that he would see his wife would be in about a week when
the smug football jock would spank her bare ass in public! Then, crawling
naked and leashed, she would beg loudly for the privilege of sucking
‘black cock’! All her friends were equally stunned, though a few of the
wives were amused.

They’d never liked her anyway and now the ‘stuck up bitch’ was fair
game! They’d be grabbing their hair brushes and visiting the former
Anne Norris, requesting ‘paddling privileges’ from her new owner. Of
course he would agree! “Any time you ladies like, as long as I can watch!”,
was his amused reply. The former Anne Norris cringed in shame, while at
the same time her nipples puckered up hard and her pussy
juices could be seen trailing down her super soft inner thighs. The thought
of what her cruel former ‘friends’ would do to her poor naked writhing body made
her shiver!

Follow up - three months later:

The former Mrs. Norris has been Nate Turner's slave now for
three months. She serves her young Master and his friends eagerly
and she sleeps nude on the floor next to his bed so that she is
always available to him if he wakes up horny or needs to pee. Her hands
are cuffed behind her back, which is uncomfortable but necessary to
keep her hands off of her pussy. That moist, hungry little pussy only gets
touched when someone is around to watch and laugh!

She loves being naked and she really loves sucking his cock. She
also sucks his roommate's cock twice a day, along with any other
of his friends who wish to use her. Her master's female friends are
all very mean to her. They twist her nipples and slap her bare ass
and laugh at her all the time. She finds this very humiliating. She sobs
in horrific shame while at the same time moaning in need and begging
the laughing teenage black girls to allow her to have an orgasm. They
never do!

As bad as this is, the condition in the contract about her being spanked
in public, is what has caused her the most problems. She feared this
the most but in a masochistic streak added it into the contract at the
last minute very quickly before she could change her mind. She was
TRAPPED! She now wishes she had it to do over and left that part out.
Too late now! HAHA!

Because of this condition, a few of her 'former friends' now have
the opportunity to laugh at her and taunt her whenever she is
spanked, and Master Nate loves how much this humiliates her, so he
encourages them to come and 'visit' her often, even giving them
permission to paddle her ass a bit themselves!

They love using their hairbrushes on her perfect little ass and turning
it red or, if it's already red, making it burn even more! After that
they flip her over onto her back with her luscious legs splayed wide
open and pulled back, like a frog, or some sort of obscene sexual
sacrifice. They use their little feathers on all of her most sensitive
places. Nikki torments her ears while Heather uses feathers
and her fingers to stimulate her long nipples, keeping her ridges
puckered and causing her to squirm.

Lilly LOVES using her little nail brush on Mrs. Norris' super sensitive
clitoris, pulling the protective hood back and teasing the little
nubbin relentlessly! Lilly has suggested that the hood be
removed and her constantly visible clit ringed with a little ball that will
keep it teased all day long, especially as she crawls or humps her hips.
Nate likes that idea and will probably do that to her as a small 'gift' but
is waiting to do it when he has her ass tattooed. That ought
to shock her friends and family whenever they come to see her getting
her public spankings. Lilly and the others can probably give him some
great ideas for which tattoos would humiliate her the most!

Mrs. Norris NEVER expected it to be like this. She knew she
would feel shame and humiliation, but in her wildest dreams she never
imagined THIS amount of humiliation. She never knew that sexual need
and frustration could even EXIST at the level she is feeling
now. Her former friends laugh at her as she wiggles and mewls,
pleading for mercy, or just ONE orgasm. PLEASE!!!

Nate and his friends like to sit in chairs and drink beer as they
laugh at what the girls are doing to her. She looks so pathetic with her
mouth open and her sexy little wet tongue draped over her lower lip and
dripping drool on her quivering chin.They make wise cracks and rub
at the throbbing bulges in their pants. They can't wait for their next
blow jobs!

Everyone laughs at her and teases her. In her darkest depravity, as she
writhes and moans between chattering teeth for the mercy of an orgasm,
Mrs. Norris' masochistic mind can only keep repeating one single word
over and over... "Yesssss!"
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Re: 1001 Nightmares of Dr. Phil

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"Pirate's Revenge"

- by Dr. Phil

Elizabeth Tailfether, the eighteen year old daughter of the famous Admiral
Bartholomew Tailfether, had just finished her schooling in England and was
traveling to meet with her father in the West Indies. Enroute, her ship was
attacked by the ferocious pirate, Francis Scanlon.

Scanlon had sworn revenge on the Admiral, and when he learned that
Tailfether's daughter was enroute to Barbados, he intercepted and attacked
the ship carrying her. After killing all the crew they took whatever bounty the
ship carried, and then scuttled it at sea. By far the most precious bounty, in
Scanlon's vengeful mind, was the petite, blond Elizabeth Tailfether. She was
bound to be wed to a Captain and live the rest of her life in pampered luxury.
Not so any more! Elizabeth was now bound in a very different way - NAKED,
and perched upon the bowsprit of Scanlon's pirate ship. Her hands were
bound behind her, thrusting her soft white breasts into the wind. Her delicate
sex had been plucked bald by three eager volunteers from the crew, and was
splayed open and riding right on the bowsprit, rubbing her most delicate places
against the polished oak as she rode like a displayed prize towards Tortuga! ...

"Aaargh! Keep wigglin' yerself on that pole, darlin' Yer daddy would
be right proud of yer now eh? Har! Har! Har! The daughter of the
great Admiral Tailfether hisself! Aye, the Captain'll be right pleased
when we sail into port with you all naked-like and humpin' the prow of
his ship! Half the town will be there to welcome ya! I'm warnin' ya
wench, you stop rubbin' yer pretty little girl parts on that pole and
I'll take some o' the hide off yer ladylike little arse, I will." <swish!>

"I don't wants to scare ya, but I know what Captain Scanlon has
planned for ya! Har! Har! <swish!> Keep wigglin' I warn ya! Won't you
look the sight all trussed up danglin' naked and pretty-like in the
center of town! Yer long smooth legs pulled up and tied, wrist
to ankle, to yer widespread arms over yer head! Har! Har! Har! And you
all bare-arsed naked and squirmin' and beggin' as the village boys tease that
hairless little thing between yer legs all day long! Y'know, that 'special' little
girlie part that sticks out under its own little hood o' flesh, protectin' it...
Well, that hood won't be hidin' it much longer! <snort!> Old Alice at the
tavern will snip that hood away so the whole town can see yer little
girl-prick pokin' out proudly as the boys work it over with feathers 'n fingers!
Har! Har! Har!" <swish!>

"Ohhh, you'll be a lovely sight indeed! Wigglin' and beggin' the boys in one
breath to leave you alone, and in the next breath cryin' for 'em to do it harder
so you can spend for the whole town to see! Cryin' for yer daddy the Admiral,
to come an' rescue you! And he'll come for ya, that's a certainty, once word
gets to him what's bein' done to his little 'Princess'. And when he does, we'll get
him too!!"

"We'll scuttle his boat an' drag him back to port. Then strip him down to
bare-arse naked an' string him up in the town right next to his precious little
girl! And the women in town will go to work on HIS danglin' prick till it's
standin' stiff, lookin' right out at the town. Then they'll use their own
feathers an' lady fingers on his staff o' man flesh till he's beggin', just'
like his daughter!"

"An' we'll keep yer BOTH there, in plain sight o' each other, cryin' and
beggin' to be allowed to 'spend'. Two naked ’Tailfethers’! Har! Har! Har! And
you'll remain there, a'humpin' and lookin' at each other’s pitiful need, for
the rest of yer days
! An neither of yer will 'ere get yer relief!"

"Won't that be a lovely sight! Aaargh! <swish!> When Captain Scanlon promises
revenge, he always gets it! <swish!> <swish!> Har! Har!!
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