Making Kate My Whore Part 3

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Making Kate My Whore Part 3

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Kate and I just held each other for a while before I broke the silence.

“Why don’t you hop in the shower and get cleaned up?” I said.

She kissed my neck and crawled out of bed. It wasn’t long before I heard the shower start running. I smiled and grabbed her bikini off the floor and went to find a pair of scissors. We were going to the beach all right, but one of us would have more fun than the other. I cut the padding and lining out of the cups of the top and the crotch of the bottoms leaving nothing but the thin, stretchy outer layer. White probably wasn’t the best choice for her. That bikini was going to be skin tight and practically transparent once it got wet.

I put Kate’s bikini back on the floor and waited for her to get out of the shower. Shortly after the water shut off she re-entered the bedroom wearing one of my t-shirts. I don’t know why but there’s just something about a girl after she gets out of the shower that makes her seem extra cute. The fresh face, soft clean smell, and wet, slicked back hair always gets me going.

“That shirt is dirty,” I told her.

“I like it,” she said and lifted the front of the shirt to her nose. “It smells like you.”

“You can borrow it if you want, but for now put the bikini back on. I’m going to shower quick and then we’re going to the beach,” I said.

As I walked out of the room I turned and saw her from behind as she stretched her torso to remove the shirt. God, I couldn’t wait to fuck that ass. Cute and perky, just like her tits, with two dimples at the top leading to the sexy line dividing her back straight up to the wet hair draped over her shoulders. I almost threw her back on the bed and fucked her again right then and there but thought better of it and hopped in the shower. There would be time for that later.

I showered quickly; nevertheless, Kate was back in the bathroom before I was finished. “Can I hop in with you?” she asked.

“Why? You just got out.” I had to stifle a laugh.

“Don’t you want to see how this looks when it’s wet?” she teased. Nicely done, I thought to myself. Trying to make it seem like you’re doing it for my benefit. It wasn’t going to work, though. I could tell she was nervous and scared by what she knew was coming. I could also tell that she was going to go through with it regardless.

“Oh, I do. But I’d rather wait and see it along with everyone else,” I said. “Why don’t you put some stuff together for us? There are towels and suntan lotion in the hall closet and a cooler in the pantry, grab whatever you want to bring.”

“Yes, sir,” she said and I heard the bathroom door close behind her. I finished showering and grabbed a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt. I made sure the shorts had a liner and were baggy enough to conceal the hardon I knew I’d be sporting later. Kate was the only one who would be on display.

The lake was only ten or fifteen minutes away and the drive over was casual. We just made small talk; it seemed like an ordinary trip to the beach despite the fact that we were in the middle of the dirtiest weekend either of us had ever had.

It was a sunny day with a temperature in the upper 70s but there weren’t many cars in the lot. I parked and we made our way down the beach until I found a spot between two small clusters of people. There weren’t a lot of people on the beach but we were close enough that both groups would be able to get an eyeful when the time came.

We spread our towels on the sand and I had her lay on her stomach while I put sunscreen on her. I started from her feet up and spent more time on her thighs and ass than was probably necessary, even sliding my hands under her bikini bottoms to grope and squeeze her cheeks. I got her lower back up to the string of her bikini and then straddled her waist to do her shoulders, my already hard cock resting in the cleft of her ass.

I had Kate flip over onto her back once I’d finished massaging the lotion into her shoulders and upper arms. I started at her feet again and she spread her legs as I worked up her thighs. I slid my hand under the sides of her bottoms but never quite touched her lips. I did the same with the waistband as I slowly worked my way up her toned stomach to the underside of her bikini top and back down, making sure to tickle and tease her hips and the sides of her ribcage.

I laid down on my side next to Kate and draped my leg over hers. She turned to look at me and I kissed her gently, sliding my hand under her bikini top and rubbing lotion over her tits. She moaned into my mouth as I tweaked her nipples, which were already as hard as thimbles.

I broke the kiss and pulled my hand away. Kate’s nipples were already clearly poking through the fabric of her top. “My turn,” I said.

Kate smiled and started in on my chest, teasing my nipples a bit and snaking her hand down my shorts for a quick squeeze of my cock. Once she had me flipped over on my stomach she straddled my waist and I could feel her pressing her crotch down hard and grinding her hips slightly as she rubbed lotion into my shoulders.

I let her have her fun for a few seconds and then rolled her off of me. We just soaked up the sun and talked for a while, turning over every so often to avoid burning. The day was warming up and I could see beads of sweat on Kate’s chest and stomach. It was time.

“You should go for a swim and cool off,” I said. Kate froze for a second and gave me a deer-in-the-headlights look. It caught me off guard a little bit. Deep down was she hoping I wasn’t really going to make her do it?

“Now.” I said and smiled at her. “Spend as much time as you want in the water but I want it to be at least five minutes. When you come out of the water you will not adjust your suit at all. In fact, you won’t even touch it. However it clings to your body when you get out of the water is how it will stay when you walk back to me.”

“Yes, sir,” Kate said as she stood and looked around before walking toward the shore.

“Kate,” I said and she turned to look at me. “Walk back slow.”

As she was walking toward the water I grabbed all of our stuff except for her towel. She was making her way to the lake slowly and I started walking down the beach. Once she got to the shore, Kate took her time walking out into the water. I knew it was cold but I also knew she was contemplating the fact that this was her last chance to walk away with her dignity intact. Once she had gone out far enough that the water reached up to her mid-thigh, a wave broke and took the decision out of her hands. She was soaked up to her ribs and if she hadn’t been facing away from me I knew I’d see that her bottoms were already revealing their contents.

I stopped about 100 feet away from where we had been and laid back down on my towel to watch Kate. The shift was enough to leave her exposed longer and also to more pairs of eyes. She’d now have to walk right by the larger group of people.

I told Kate to stay in the water for at least five minutes because I wanted her to feel cold, vulnerable, and exposed. I also wanted to give her time to think about what was coming. By telling her she could stay out there as long as she wanted I gave her the chance to wait and see if some of the people would leave, but there was always the chance that more would come. Plus the longer she stayed in the water the colder she’d be.

I watched as Kate swam around and took comfort in the cover of the water. It didn’t take her long to notice that I wasn’t where she expected me to be. At first she seemed shocked but then she smiled and swam over so that she was directly in front of me again. She smiled again and stuck out her tongue. I smiled back at her and thought of her towel, way over on the other side of all the people. Now she’d have to walk past them twice. I waved her back to shore with my hands.

Kate glanced around the beach and I followed her gaze. To my right there were five people who would be able to see Kate’s exit from the lake. There was a pair of women about ten feet down from me and then three guys a little farther than that. All of them were in their twenties and the two groups seemed more interested in checking out each other than anything else. To my left there were probably 15 people total between me and Kate’s towel, about half men and half women all between their early twenties and late thirties.

Kate ducked underwater one last time before surfacing and pushing her hair back. She walked out of the lake like a Bond girl but it quickly became apparent that this scene would be more appropriate in an x-rated parody. Her breasts were completely exposed from the moment they rose above the water. The bikini was so thin and transparent that her nipples were completely visible. The black trim was the only thing spoiling the illusion of complete nudity, and all it did was draw attention to her tits like a triangular bulls-eye. The white portion of her top just made it look like she had tan lines and her breasts were paler than the rest of her body. It was more than I had hoped for.

As instructed, Kate continued out of the water slowly and didn’t so much as touch her suit. The effect was the same on the bottoms as it was on the top—black strings framing a pale, nude body. She was still about 25 feet away but I could see her landing strip and the outline of her pussy etched into the tight, wet fabric. She maintained eye contact with me and had a newly confident sway to her hips as she approached. It was entrancing and I completely forgot to check if anyone was paying attention until she was standing directly above me.

Up close it was even better. Kate’s tits and pussy were completely exposed. I could see the tiny bumps on her nipples and even a couple of freckles right through the top, and it wasn’t just her landing strip and a detailed camel toe on the bottoms. I could clearly see the pink of her lips and her clit peeking out. It was like she was wearing nothing but tight, wet tissue paper.

“Someone likes what he sees,” she said, staring at my crotch. She was right; my cock was throbbing and starting to ache. There wasn’t enough room in my shorts to get fully hard but there was an obvious tent.

“Very funny, slut,” I whispered and nodded toward towards the larger group of people. “Go get your towel.”

The smirk dropped from her face like she’d been slapped and I saw a visible shiver in her stomach. She glanced around next to me and saw that I wasn’t joking, her towel really wasn’t there. She bit her lip and her nipples seemed to strain even harder against her top. I tucked my cock under the waistband of my shorts and put my shirt back on to cover the exposed head.

“Yes, sir.” Kate said.

She started walking slowly back towards the spot where we began our fun and I watched her go. The back of the suit wasn’t much different than when it was dry. It didn’t cover a whole lot to begin with but now the crack of her ass and individual cheeks were clearly visible. I could see them clench and relax rhythmically as she walked.

There were already a handful of people gaping at the view from the front and I caught one more doing his best to hide his ogling. Kate was about halfway back to her towel when I spotted a cute young woman rocking a deep copper pixie cut, with an emerald green bikini top providing a stark contrast to her light skin. She was staring at Kate not with contempt but with what could only be described as hunger. She was practically drooling and her face was flushed a light shade of red that didn’t come from the sun. She recovered just before Kate passed her by and quickly tapped the person next to her. I saw a good-looking guy about her age prop himself up on his elbow, and the girl nodded in Kate’s direction. The man smiled and raised his eyebrow at the young woman, who leaned in close and whispered something in his ear before planting her mouth on his and kissing him aggressively. I saw his hand slip under her top before they stopped kissing and went back to checking out Kate. They’d be fucking like crazy when they got home and I wondered if they’d even make it to the bedroom first. I knew Kate would be walking through their minds as they moaned and sweated through their passion. Good for them.

Kate was a good girl. She walked slowly and once she had her towel she just held it at her side and didn’t make any effort to cover up with it. Everyone on the beach was openly gawking, the men with desire and most of the women with disgust. “What a fucking slut,” one of them said loud enough for me to hear. If I heard it, so did Kate but it didn’t seem to register.

I gathered up the rest of our things as she was getting closer. “We should probably get out of here,” I said.

“Anything you want,” she beamed at me.

We had to walk past the other two small groups in order to get back to the car. Again the men stared silently. One of the women laughed but it was otherwise uneventful. We made it all the way into the car without a word and before I even had it started Kate had my cock out of my shorts and into her mouth. I didn’t know if I should punish her for being presumptuous or reward her for doing what I wanted without waiting for me to ask. My cock made the decision for me; everything she was doing felt amazing. I wasn’t going to complain.

As good as Kate’s blowjob was I really did want to get out of there. I didn’t think anyone would call the cops over what she had done but I didn’t want to stick around to find out. Someone would definitely call the cops if they saw what was going on now. I started the car.

“I want to cum in your mouth by the time we get back to my place,” I said and started driving out of the lot.

Kate just moaned around my cock and went to work. She didn’t have a lot of time but she knew how to use it. She mostly used long strokes all the way in and out but then started quickly working the head of my cock back and forth through the entrance to her throat before taking me all the way back in again. She then started switching between working my cockhead with her throat and taking it back out and using her tongue. It didn’t take long before the combination of rapidly stimulating the tip followed by long, deep thrusts had me going crazy. I started to cum just as I pulled into the driveway. I threw the car into park, grabbed a fistful of Kate’s still-wet hair, and shot pulse after pulse of cum in her mouth. She swallowed repeatedly, her throat muscles milking the last drops out of my cock

She pulled off of my cock and tucked it back into my shorts. Her suit was mostly dry already but her nipples still showed through pretty clearly. I hoped none of my neighbors saw us as we made our way into the house. Kate seemed to know how I felt about it and draped her towel over her shoulders to provide some cover and we went inside.

“Can we hop in the shower and rinse off?” Kate asked.

I practically dragged her to the bathroom, both of us discarding our few items of clothing on the way. We were kissing as soon as the water hit us, with my body pressing hers into the wall of the shower. I could taste faint traces of cum on her tongue and the sunscreen made our wet bodies slick against one another. I was already turned on again and my arousal only increased as we made out and worked our soapy hands all over each other.

Eventually we rinsed off and I headed to the bedroom while Kate finished up in the bathroom. She came in a few minutes later, naked and holding the bag of lingerie she’d brought over that morning.

“Want to pick my outfit?” she asked and tossed me the bag.

“Yes,” I said and threw it right back. “Model them for me.”

Her eyes brightened and she skipped out of the room. “Turn on some music!” she yelled, and I put something on and laid down on the bed to wait for my show.

The first outfit was a blue bra and panty set with garters and matching stockings. Kate did a couple of twirls and poses to the music and it was sexy, but not what I was looking for. “How many did you bring?” I asked.

“Three,” she said and dropped to all fours, crawling sexily toward me. She took my balls into her mouth and gently sucked, making my cock throb. “Want to see the rest? They get naughtier…”

“God, yes.” I said. She gave my balls a quick lick and got back to her feet.

“I think you’ll like the next one,” she said and gave me a nice view from behind as she walked out.

When she came back in it was clear that most of the time was spent changing out of the first set rather than putting on the new one. One of the downsides to the more intricate lingerie. The second outfit was a sharp contrast—just a skimpy red bra and panty set, but the cups of the bra and front of the panties were laced up with black satin and tied in a bow. She was right, I loved it.

Kate danced around slowly and then dropped to her knees and leaned back on one hand, spreading her legs and thrusting her hips forward. With the other hand she started pulling the strings on the bows one by one, exposing her nipples and pussy. She laid back and began fingering herself slowly with one hand and tweaking her nipples with the other, making eye contact with me while I stroked my cock in time with her fingers.

“I want you to fuck me so bad,” she moaned. “You wouldn’t even have to take these off first.”

Her fingers and my hand sped up and she began to moan. I stopped, and she took her cue to do the same. “But then I wouldn’t get to see the last outfit,” I said. She looked a little disappointed, like she thought I stopped stroking to take her up on her offer to fuck her in those panties. It was tempting, but I wanted to see what she saved for last.

“You’ll either love it or hate it. I can always put this back on if you want…” she said and started playing with her nipples.

“Now I really want to see it,” I said. “I can always punish you if I’m disappointed.”

“Mmmm,” Kate moaned. “That might be fun, too.” She got up and left to change for the last time.

I was so turned on the only way I’d be disappointed was if she came back in granny panties. She did not, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. She came back wearing the same scandalous bra and g-string set she was wearing in the pictures she’d sent me the night before, and her dildo was in her hand. I could tell by her swagger and smile that she knew all along this was the one I’d want. I made a mental note to fuck her brains out in that crotchless number another time, though.

The bra barely covered her nipples and pushed her small breasts up and in to give the illusion of cleavage. The panties were literally two small triangles connected with strings. The front was so tiny I thought she had it on backwards at first. It barely covered her lips. There was skin exposed between her pussy and thighs and I could see a few wisps of her landing strip peeking out the top. She did a slow turn and the back was even smaller. It framed her ass perfectly.

Kate started working her hips to the music and slid one hand down the front of her panties while using the other to slowly slide the dildo into her mouth. It was dry and she only made it about halfway but the way she worked her cheeks and mouth in tandem with her fingers on her pussy was so hot I had to lay back and start stroking again.

The dildo slid out of Kate’s mouth with an audible pop. “The whole time I was practicing with this I was fantasizing about what you’d have done if you were there,” she said. She took her fingers out of her panties and spread her juices on the tip of the cock before sucking it clean and moaning. “It got me so hot, I would’ve done anything to cum.”

“Show me,” I said.

Kate turned around, dropped to her knees, and managed to get the suction cup to stick to the door. She started licking up and down the shaft, getting it coated with saliva and even tongued the balls a little. Once it was wet enough she slowly took it all the way down and held it for a few seconds and then drew it all the way back out. Despite the hot show she was putting on with her mouth, my eyes were drawn to her cute little ass and the tiny strings stretched across her slim hips.

She had her hands braced against the door on either side of the dildo. I got off the bed and grabbed the metal handcuffs. I knelt down behind Kate and gently pushed her head all the way down the dildo and held it there.

“Stay.” I said.

Kate did as she was told and I cuffed her hands behind her back. The ratcheting sound as the first cuff closed caused her to shiver. The goose bumps on her shoulders as I snapped the second cuff shut made my cock twitch. I was as hard as granite despite my previous orgasms.

I pushed my cock between her thighs and pulled the crotch of her panties out of the way so I could slide the top of my cock back and forth across her clit. She was wet enough that I didn’t have to penetrate her to lube myself up. I held her panties to the side with my right hand and reached around her body with my left and started teasing her nipples under the bra one at a time. As hard as I was, there still wasn’t a whole lot of pressure on Kate’s clit and she reflexively tried to reach for my cock to press it against her. I stopped thrusting and smiled as the cuffs reminded her of her place.

Kate started rocking her hips to regain even a teasing amount of friction on her slit. I backed away a few feet and pulled her with me by the chain on the cuffs, the dildo sliding out of her mouth with a gurgle. It was dripping with her saliva. I left her kneeling there and lowered the dildo on the door. I walked up to Kate and she immediately took my cock into her mouth. I moaned and let her suck for a while. She started working her tongue on the bottom of my cock as she was taking it all the way in.

The tightness of her throat combined with the suction of her cheeks and now her tongue snaking around had me aching to fuck her. I pulled out of her mouth and knelt down in front of her to slide her bra straps down her shoulders, exposing her nipples and the small portion of her tits that had been covered. I pinched her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and pulled her toward me for a kiss. Her mouth was a little sloppy but she returned my kiss with passion, moaning and sucking my tongue as I fondled her tits and rolled her nipples with my palms. I pinched her nipples one last time and gently pushed her away.

“I need your cock inside me,” Kate panted, “please fuck me!”

I kissed her again and knelt down behind her, pulling the tiny panties roughly aside. My cock was still soaked from her saliva and I placed the tip at the opening of her vagina. She was so wet it slipped around easily before lining up. I grabbed the cuffs with both hands and told Kate to slowly lean forward. Her back arched and my cock slid all the way home as her body weight moved forward.

“Oh, God!” Kate cried out. She felt tight enough to burst as her pussy twitched and spasmed. The dildo was now hanging in front of Kate’s face and I told her to take the tip into her mouth.

“I’ll fuck you, but you won’t be cumming again until you can take me in your ass.” Kate let out a disappointed mewl and I let her weight carry her forward, burying the dildo in her throat. I started slowly stroking in and out of her hot wetness using her cuffed hands as leverage. After a couple of minutes I started trying to work her body on both my cock and the dildo. Kate tried to help as best as she could but using my hips to fuck her and pulling and relaxing my strength on her hands made getting into a good rhythm difficult. Eventually we made it work but just when I was starting to get close to a mind-blowing orgasm Kate threw herself back into me and off of the dildo.

“Stop!” she said, almost completely out of breath. I slowed my thrusts down and she repeated herself. “Stop, please stop.”

We didn’t have a safeword—it hadn’t come up yet—so I did as she asked as a precaution. It didn’t seem like she was in pain though and I thought she’d been enjoying herself.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I was going to cum,” Kate panted, “I couldn’t hold it back anymore.”

It wasn’t what I expected and I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. I was annoyed that she stopped me, but I would’ve been much angrier if she had said nothing and just cum without permission. I wanted to punish her and I wanted to figure out a way to keep her from cumming so I could fuck her however I wanted but I wasn’t sure of the best way to accomplish either.

I decided to buy some time. I uncuffed Kate’s hands and pulled out, leaving her on her knees and went to get the clover clamps.

“Put these on,” I said and tossed them at Kate. She caught one and scooped the other off the floor. She shrugged her shoulders out of the bra straps, leaving them hanging at her sides and put the clamps on without a word.

“Twist them,” I said, and she turned them about 180 degrees with a whimper. “More.” I said. Kate turned the clamps another quarter turn. She didn’t quite scream but it certainly wasn’t a whimper.

“Hold them like that until I get back,” I said.

“Yes, sir.”

Kate’s breathing had quickened and she was practically hissing. Good. I thought about it and decided ice might be the way to keep her from cumming so I went to the kitchen. There was only one cube left. I was hoping to stuff a handful of cubes in her pussy and numb her from the inside while melting a cube or two on her clit. This wasn’t going to work.

I had an idea and checked the bathroom cabinet and there it was: a full tube of Orajel. I’d have to use a condom to avoid numbing myself but it’d work better than ice and I’d still feel her heat on my cock. I grabbed it and went back to the bedroom to see Kate.

She was still on her knees with the clamps twisting her nipples into a corkscrew. She already had tears in her eyes but she didn’t say anything. I pulled the dildo from the door and wiped off the remnants of saliva. With my back to Kate I put a dollop of the Orajel on the tip of the dildo and spread it down the length. I left another blob of the gel on my fingers.

I turned around and stuck the dildo’s suction cup to the floor in front of Kate. While I was down there I wiped the excess moisture from her slit and held my hand up to her face. She licked my fingers clean without being asked and I started rubbing the numbing gel into her clit with my other hand. Kate jumped a little at the contact but then moaned and gave my fingers each a strong, deep suck. Once the Orajel was rubbed in I stopped and stood up.

“I want that dildo buried in your cunt. You can let go of the clamps if you need to,” I said. Her panties were so small they stayed mostly pulled to the side even after I stopped holding them there.

Kate tried, but eventually had to use one of her hands to get the tip lined up. Once it was far enough inside her to stay in place her hand went right back to the clamp and twisted it as she sank down hard. This time she screamed, but it wasn’t entirely in pain.

“Good girl,” I said.

I put my cock in her mouth as her scream was fading and she started sucking hard, and aggressively tonguing her juices from my flesh. I was back to a full, throbbing hardon in seconds.

“Fuck it while you suck me,” I told her. “All the way in and all the way out.” I wanted the dildo to work the gel into the walls of her pussy so she would get even number.

Kate started bouncing up and down but had trouble working my cock at the same time. It wasn’t the best position for long strokes at both ends but she was giving it a shot. I pushed her shoulders down and made her take the full length, then wrapped my hands in her hair and pulled her forward til I felt her nose touch.

“Give those clamps a good, hard yank and then twist them all the way in the other direction,” I said. “I want to feel you scream.”

Kate was much rougher on herself than I would’ve been and the resulting scream shot straight up my cock. Even my balls tingled. I started slowly fucking her face, keeping my cock deep and only working a couple of inches back and forth. It turned me on to see her so willing and eager.

“Mmmm, that’s enough twisting,” I told her and she let the clamps dangle from her tits. “Squeeze them open and let them snap shut.”

Kate closed her eyes and I felt her lips squeeze down harder as she braced herself for the pain to come. She slowly opened the clamps, squinted, and let both of them go at the same time. Her eyes bulged open and her back jerked so hard she would’ve pulled off of my cock if I hadn’t been holding her by the hair.

This time the muffled noises coming from Kate’s throat almost sounded like an orgasm in reverse: a long scream followed by prolonged moaning and even some thrashing. I was ready to fuck her again and I pulled out of her mouth and told her to get on the bed. She slid the dildo out of her pussy and gingerly laid down on the bed. The dildo was far slicker than it was when it went in and I hoped her soaking wet pussy had helped to spread the Orajel around.

I went to my dresser and got a condom. I turned to the side as I tore the package open and rolled it down my cock; I wanted Kate to see.

“Feel any different?” I asked, climbing onto the bed.

“My pussy feels weird,” she said.

“Good.” I let the sight before me sink in: Kate on her back with her bra pulled halfway to her waist, chest flushed, nipples clamped, and her pussy lewdly displayed by her disheveled panties. “That’s what hot sex looks like,” I thought to myself.

I climbed onto the bed and almost gave her pussy a lick before remembering and thinking better of it. She looked so good. I slid my cock all the way inside her in one long stroke and the heat of her body immediately made me glad I hadn’t used the ice.

The look on Kate’s face was pure stunned confusion. “That feels so fucking weird!” she said.

“Can you feel my cock at all?” I asked and started fucking her slowly.

“I can tell you’re in me, but it just feels full,” she said with a pout.

I got up on my knees and sped up my strokes. “Try playing with your clit,” I said.

Kate reached down and started stroking lightly, then with more pressure. “I can get something out of it if I push harder but I don’t think it’s enough to cum,” she whined.

“Good,” I said, “then you won’t have any trouble holding back.”

I started fucking Kate in earnest, working myself slowly towards a massive orgasm. She was grunting and thrusting back at me and rubbing her clit so fast I thought it would burst into flames but it didn’t seem to be getting her anywhere. I didn’t need to say a word, when I wanted to change positions I just put her how I wanted her and kept right on having my way with her body.

The side of Kate’s panties was starting to chafe my cock so I pulled out and flipped her onto her knees so I could stretch her panties farther to the side. I gave them a yank and the crotch string tore free from the back. It fell forward and swayed between her legs, leaving only the string around her waist. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted

“Might as well take off the bra, too.” I said. Kate spun it around and undid the hooks, tossing it aside. I grabbed the crotch strap of her panties and tore it free from the front as well, but left the waist string in place. That and the nipple clamps were the only things on her flawless body.

I re-entered Kate from behind and grabbed the string around her waist with both hands, using it like reins to slam her hips into mine. I fucked her hard and deep with long strokes and all she did was beg me to go harder and faster. I grabbed her hair and pulled her backward up to her knees and wrapped my elbow around her neck so I could take the clamps off her nipples without slowing down.

Kate screamed in pain when I removed the clamps. They’d been on for a while and with all the twisting and pulling her nipples had to be in agony. She arched her back, pushing her throat into the crook of my elbow and turning toward me.

“I want you to choke me when you fuck my ass,” she moaned.

The wantonness of the way she said it pushed me over the edge. I held her throat tight and wrapped my other arm around her waist and slammed my cock deep as I exploded into the condom. Each spasm in my cock was punctuated by my hips slamming into Kate’s. On the last one I actually lifted her off the bed, and I didn’t even realize I was biting down on her shoulder until I started coming down from my orgasmic high.

We collapsed onto the bed, both of us out of breath and exhausted. Not just from the sex but from the entire day’s activities and those of the day before. We were spent, even though Kate hadn’t cum. I held her tight against me and closed my eyes. This was all happening so fast and it really didn’t seem like a game to Kate. It was obviously turning her on to explore her kinky side and submit but there was more to it than that. The last couple days had fulfilled a deep need in her that I had no idea was there. I didn’t know if I had the corresponding dominant needs but it had certainly been fun so far. I’d never had a weekend of sex like this in my life and I wasn’t running out of ideas just yet.
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