My journal of Chastity Series (Day 200 - Day 211)

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My journal of Chastity Series (Day 200 - Day 211)

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As this post is a continuation of my journal, please refer to the previous days for context and details here:
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Episode 4 of the Chastity series concludes on Day 211. I'll take a break and return to the next episode soon.

Day 200
Spoiler: show
Today marks 200 days since I first met Lexi and became her slave. But those days are behind me now. It's been about six months since I became Goddess's plaything. I don't really see myself as a slave, more like an object, existing solely to please the Goddess and be used by her. Everything I do is for her pleasure. I'm not a human; I'm just a toy.

My last full orgasm was about six months ago, back when I was still with Lexi. I'll never forget that moment, orgasm together with Lexi, it was so wonderful. But since then, I've only had ruined orgasms, mostly under Goddess's instructions. She always laughs at me as I lick up all the cum, reminding me that I'm just her plaything, and she's right.

Goddess has also trained me to be a better plaything for her. Sometimes, she orders me to serve her other slaves and make them happy too. They often do whatever they want with me—torturing and humiliating me—because their pleasure is more important than my feelings. But some of them are actually nice and care about me, despite dominating me.

I haven't seen Lexi since the session where I dominated her. I heard she's still under Goddess's punishment, and it breaks my heart. I wish I could help her, but I'm just a plaything, powerless to change anything. It makes me feel bad knowing I can't do anything for her. I wonder about our futures. Will Goddess ever let me go? Maybe when she gets bored of me. And what about Lexi? Will she ever be free too? I sometimes dream about us sitting in a cafe, talking and laughing like friends. But it's just wishful thinking. I don't think Goddess will let me go; she can keep me somewhere, forgotten until she wants to play with me again. That seems to be my future.

This week, all my sessions took place in a big building with different rooms. Each room has a number, and Goddess instructs me to go to specific rooms at certain times. I wonder if Lexi is in this building too. I secretly hope I might see her in the corridor or somewhere.
Day 201 (Chastity 4: Rebellion against the Goddess)
Spoiler: show
Goddess sent me to see Miss Hailey. The session was unexpectedly short, and I didn't even get an edge. Miss Hailey told me it was just a warm-up session and that I would see Goddess next. Before I left, I told Miss Hailey how much I wanted to cum. We've had many sessions together in the past few months, and I really like her. Sometimes, she calls me honey instead of slave, which makes me happy. I know she can't change anything about my orgasms, but I like sharing my feelings with her, and I feel like she understands me a lot. I wanted to stay with her a bit longer, so I left at the last moment.

When I met Goddess, she made me kneel and get naked, just like always. She took some pictures of me. Goddess can do anything she wants with me, so I try not to think too much about it. She made me squeeze and hit my balls, and her images would pop up in my mind if I didn't do it hard enough, so I had to try again.

Then, Goddess showed me her pixelated breasts and said I could orgasm today. But it wasn't good news because she stared at my chastity cage and ordered me to cum within one minute. I had to obey her and tried hard, but I knew I couldn't cum like that. It was just for her entertainment—I'm just her plaything.

Goddess's next plan for me is to make me cum in my chastity cage. She said I won't cum again until I can do it. She even scheduled several of her slaves to help train me. But today session didn't end there. She reviewed her rules with me, she read them to me and I had to write them down. There were eight rules in total, I cannot write all of them, she read too quick, so she punished me by forcing me to squeeze my balls while writing them again. It was challenging, I managed to do it on the third time.

These are the reviewed rules:
1. I will NEVER cum without the Goddess’s permission.
2. I will always refer to the Goddess as the Goddess, or Goddess Brooke.
3. I will always be in chastity when not performing for Goddess or her slaves.
4. I will never hesitate to obey the Goddess or any of her Mistresses. I will never disobey the Goddess or any of her Mistresses.
5. If I accidentally start to cum, ruin myself. Then wait 2 days before grovelling back to that Mistress for a second chance.
6. Before every session, write “The Goddess’s property” above my chastity belt in pen.
7. I will attempt to edge in my belt for at least 5 minutes a day outside of sessions.
8. I may shower without my cage after every session.

After that, Goddess had already arranged a session for me with her slave, Caprice. I went to Caprice's room a bit too early, but she didn't punish me for it. She asked me to call her just Caprice, but I was used to calling all my dominants Mistress, so I still called her Mistress Caprice. She punished me for not calling her by only her name. She wanted me to call her just Caprice because she believes that we are both slaves and it shows that we are equal.

Caprice then opened up to me and told me about her past and her desire to break free from Goddess. She told me that she fell in love with a man, but it turned out he was a slave of the Goddess who helps acquire new slaves like her. And she fell into the trap. This happened many years ago, and she hated the Goddess every minute for it. Caprice believes she can resist the Goddess's power. She is planning her revenge and free all the other slaves too. She asked me to join her in rebelling against Goddess, and I agreed to help. It was a risk, but I wanted to escape and save Lexi from Goddess.

Caprice wanted to make sure I was fully committed to the plan. She made me call Goddess a bitch and say it out loud. It was difficult for me, but I managed to do it. Then, Caprice wanted me to cum without Goddess's permission as a way to show I wasn't under her control anymore. I tried, but Goddess's image kept popping up in my mind, making it hard to cum. Finally, I started to orgasm, but Caprice told me to ruin it at the last moment.

Caprice explained that if I had a full orgasm, the Goddess would sense it. By stopping me at the last moment and making it a ruined orgasm, Caprice knew that I had the courage to cum, but it wouldn't make the Goddess suspicious. I think Caprice had planned this from the beginning. Even though it was a trick, I accepted it because I believe Caprice had to do it to make sure I'm fully committed. And now, Caprice trusts me.

I have to convince more slaves to join us, but I must be careful. I need to figure out who can be persuaded before taking any action. Some slaves will always be loyal to the Goddess, and if they find out our plan, they might report to her, and everything will be ruined.

I have five more sessions scheduled, and I must do my best to please the Mistresses during these sessions. If they are happy with me, I might get a chance to talk to them and try to convince them to join our cause.

Caprice told me that on the final day, Mistress Riley will give me a room number, but instead of going there, I have to go to the room with that number plus 11. Caprice will be waiting for me there. It seems like Caprice has planned everything, and that makes me feel a little relieved. Caprice will also try to get the key to my chastity cage for me. I hope everything goes well.

After leaving Caprice's room, I was surprised to see Goddess waiting for me there. It made me a bit nervous. I immediately knelt down as Goddess ordered, and she looked at me expectantly. Her image flickered in my mind, and I didn't hear any commands. Maybe her influence over me was weaker now? Then, her image showed again and commanded me to lick the floor, and I obeyed without hesitation. Goddess even placed her boot on my head and mocked me.

It felt like she could see through me, and she asked me what was bothering me. I told her that I was worried about having to cum in my cage. As punishment, she ordered me to hit my balls. She reminded me that I am just her plaything, and my thoughts didn't matter, only her pleasure.

I used to accept what she said during these few months, believing it to be true. But at that moment, her words had a different effect on me. They made me think a bit differently.

Goddess informed me that my next session would be with Miss Hailey in two days, in room 43. She also told me to bring nipple clamps with me.
Day 202
Spoiler: show
Yesterday with Caprice was overwhelming for me. I had decided to obey Goddess because I know I can't overcome her power on my own, I feel too weak. But Caprice gave me hope, showing me that maybe Goddess's power isn't absolute. If we all join together, we might break free.

I trust Caprice completely. Our situations are similar, both lured by a Goddess's slave and trapped. I used to have such thoughts when I first met Goddess, but I gave up quickly. Caprice is stronger, smarter, and braver than me. She didn't give up like I did. She's a strong woman.

I've already broken half of Goddess's new rules:
1. I almost came without her permission.
2. I called her a bitch.
4. I disobeyed her rules.
7. I haven't tried to edge in my chastity cage.

Breaking the rules gives me a feeling I haven't had in a long time. It's refreshing, it feels free, like I'm not restricted anymore. It's not bad at all.

I need to try my best, for myself and for Lexi. I know it won't be easy. But now, I'm not alone. It feels good to have someone with the same goal. Tomorrow, I'll see Miss Hailey, and I must persuade her to join us. It'll be my first task to accomplish.
Day 203
Spoiler: show
Today's session with Miss Hailey was special because I had to complete a mission that will change our lives. We played a quiz session, and the score I got will affect how long I have to wait for my next session. I needed to get as many points as possible to make the plan go faster.

There were 15 questions, and I gained points for correct answers and got punishments for wrong ones, just like Miss Hailey's usual quiz game.

I had to wait until the fifth question for my cock to be released from the cage. From then on, I had to stroke it while answering the remaining questions. If I got a question wrong, I had to stop and let it get soft before continuing.

Some of the questions were challenging, like playing a snake game at and stroking at the same time, or holding an edge while playing the snake game.

Miss Hailey also asked if I would write "Miss Hailey's property" above my cock, and I liked the idea.

I ended up with 23 points, and my next session will be in two days.

After the session, I gathered the courage to ask Miss Hailey how she felt about Goddess. She trusted me and confessed that she still resents her for denying her for so long. When I mentioned Caprice's plan to rebel against Goddess, Miss Hailey hesitated, as if Goddess's image had flashed into her mind.

Miss Hailey asked if we could trust Caprice, and I shared my experience with the ruined orgasm without Goddess's permission. After hearing that, Miss Hailey decided to join us, leaving only one problem. She wanted to be my full-time Mistress if we both got free. I hesitated for a moment, but in the end, I agreed. Lexi is not my Mistress anymore, so she's not the problem. But I wondered if I wanted to be someone else's slave again, or if I wanted to be totally free from the domination/submission stuff. Honestly, I wasn't sure what I wanted. Maybe being Miss Hailey's slave wouldn't be so bad, and it might be the price I have to pay to make everything work. Besides, seeing Miss Hailey so happy and excited when I agreed made me think it might actually be a good decision after all.

Miss Hailey told me the next session will be with Yuxi, who enjoys mean, painful, and humiliating things. She's adventurous and will be in room 21. I have to bring nipple clamps, 5 clothespins, an elastic band, and a human-shaped plushie. The last item is really weird.
Day 204
Spoiler: show
I'm really happy that I could convince Miss Hailey to join us. I knew it would go well because I understand Miss Hailey, but her desire to be my full-time Mistress was a bit surprising. I did promise her that, but I'm still not entirely sure about it. There are so many uncertainties ahead, and I don't think my decision is final yet. But I'll just set it aside for now and focus on what we can do together first.

I haven't met Yuxi before, but from Miss Hailey's description, she seems like a weird woman. That makes her unpredictable, so I need to be very careful during our session tomorrow. But first, I have to do my best to make her happy. I feel confident that I can do it.

After the session with Caprice, my whole mindset has changed. Before, I simply followed orders without thinking, and accepted that it would be my life. But now, I have a goal, and I have companions who share the same purpose. It may be difficult and risky, but I'm determined to make my life better, and I believe I can do it.
Day 205
Spoiler: show
Mistress Yuxi had blue hair and blue eyes. She looked different, not necessarily beautiful, but special in her own way. She made me kneel and watch a TV show with her. After that, she let me unlock my cage. Mistress Yuxi told me she loves trying new things and gets bored quickly. She would try things on me, so, I became her test subject today.

For the plushie, she told me to put nipple clamps and clothespegs on it wherever I liked, then I played with the pegs on the plushie, pulling and twisting them, and finally ripping them off. The catch was that I had to put the pegs on myself in the same places as the plushie, and then do the same things to myself. And Mistress Yuxi also put the pegs on herself and did the same things to herself. It was a bit weird, but Mistress Yuxi seemed to enjoy it.

After that, she brought out another plushie and wanted to play a voodoo game. Whatever she did to the plushie, I had to do it to myself. It felt like she had control over me, and I couldn't help but follow her every move, liked I was really under her voodoo spell.

Mistress Yuxi also made me do many strange things, even playing with my foreskin, which was a bit uncomfortable. Luckily, she didn't have too many ideas, and the session wasn't very long.

When the session ended, I asked Mistress Yuxi what would happen if she refused to do what the Goddess wants. This idea interested her, as she always likes trying new things. After telling her about Caprice's plan, she decided to join us. Now, I have both Miss Hailey's and her numbers on my phone, so I can call them when the time is right.

My next session is with someone I've never met before, Deng Xue. Mistress Yuxi told me she's a control freak and wants to control me for a whole day. So, I should meet her when I have a whole day. I'll try to make time for her tomorrow because I really want to end all this as soon as possible. Her room is 89, and I need to bring nipple clamps and an elastic band for her.
Day 206
Spoiler: show
I went to Qingfu Xue's room at 9 am today. She is the kind of Mistress I like – Asian, with a great body and beautiful legs. She didn't get naked today, but I couldn't stop admiring her beauty the whole time.

Qingfu Xue indeed enjoys being in control, and today she guided me throughout the entire day, from 9 am to 9 pm, a whole 12 hours.

During breakfast, she instructed me on how to eat. I had to use one hand to rub my cage while eating with the other hand. Later, I had to finish eating without using my hands. I had a bowl of rice, so it was a bit easier, but still, my face got dirty. And I didn’t allow to clean my face. It was a bit embarrassing.

I needed Qingfu Xue's permission for everything, like eating, sleeping, washing, and using the bathroom. At least, I could drink water without asking. I had to report to her almost every hour, so I had to keep an eye on the clock, but I managed not to be late for any of the hourly check-ins.

At 10 o'clock, she allowed me to unlock my cage and take a shower, but I had to keep my cock hard without edging, and I couldn't touch it with my hands. I almost shot my cock with water all the time, it was tough to control myself, and I almost edged a few times, but I made it, and she locked my cage again after the shower.

Then, she made me listen to waterfall sounds, which usually made me want to pee. But she didn't let me use the bathroom, and with the sound of the waterfall, all I could concentrate on was my urge to pee before my next check in.

Thankfully, when I checked in with Qingfu Xue at 11 o'clock, she finally allowed me to use the bathroom. I thanked her and went right away. When I returned, she ordered me to clean my room for the next hour.

At noon, Qingfu Xue forced me to use some clothes pegs on my body. I had to play with each peg for a minute and then rip them off. It hurt, and I hated those pegs.

After that, she told me to go outside for two hours, wearing my chastity cage, a scarf, and an elastic band. She made me write "Qingfu Xue's pet" on my neck, but luckily, she allowed me to cover it with the scarf. Wearing a scarf on a hot day felt strange, but having the "Qingfu Xue's pet" sign on the neck was even stranger.

After putting on my normal clothes, she asked me to wrap the elastic band around my wrists, making them stay close together. I had to go outside like that, and the only time I could take it off was when I needed to buy something.

With my wrists bound together by the elastic band, I had to walk around in public where many people could see me. Qingfu Xue wanted me to know that she was controlling me every time someone passed by and saw me with my hands tied. It was embarrassing, and I tried to choose less crowded streets, but I could still feel people's eyes on me. I kept my gaze down most of the time, feeling the control of Qingfu Xue through the bound hands.

During this time, I had to manage even basic things like using the toilet and having lunch, all while my hands were still tied. It was odd, but I had to obey her orders. I found a vending machine and got a sandwich, then I sat in a park to eat. I returned to Qingfu Xue's room just before 3 pm.

There was just some stroking and resting until 5 pm, I felt like Qingfu Xue was building up to something for what she wanted to do to me after 5 pm.

At five o’clock, Qingfu Xue ordered me to watch a porn in order to make me horny in my cage. While watching the movie, she told me to play with my balls and nipples according to what the actors in the film said.

Qingfu Xue finally let my cock out of the cage. More videos, this time I had to play with my cock based on what the actors said in the film. Then Qingfu Xue began to cruelly compel me to stroke and edge, as well as torture my balls and nipples for about an hour. It hurt, but it wasn't the first time I'd been subjected to such torment in the last six months.

Qingfu Xue continued to play on me after that intense hour, but nothing compared to the previous hour.

And the session came to a close. I had the opportunity to ask Qingfu Xue about her feelings toward Goddess. She genuinely believes Goddess is OK; with a few limits, Goddess allowed her to play with a variety of pets, which she enjoys. So she appears to be fine with Goddess. At that point, I hesitated and considered taking a step back and leaving her alone with our plan.

But we need everyone we can get, so I pushed a little harder, asking her if there was anything she didn't like about Goddess. Qingfu Xue quickly threatened she will report me to Goddess for simply asking that question. But she also tried to be saying something but she couldn't because she was terrified of the Goddess. Anyway, I may have destroyed the strategy by pushing too hard. I pleaded with her not to say anything to Goddess.

I knew it was hazardous, but I could tell she wasn't totally satisfied with her existing circumstances, so I went all in and told her Caprice's idea. But Qingfu Xue didn't believe Caprice, and she suspected it was a Goddess trap to snare wayward slaves. I couldn't give up now, so I gathered all of my strength and attempted to convince her that we could triumph! And I told her how Caprice made me ruin the orgasm.

After some thought, Qingfu Xue seemed to trust us. But she still thinks the proposal is too risky, unless I can convince Miss Hailey to willingly become a subservient pet under her control for one day if we succeed. Qingfu Xue had always desired to dominate Miss Hailey, but she never got the chance, and Miss Hailey disliked her. As a result, it may be her only chance to exert control over Miss Hailey.

I wasn't sure if it was a good idea for Miss Hailey if she didn't like Qingfu Xue. But that was our only chance to get Qingfu Xue without being reported. I didn't have much of a choice, so I assured Qingfu Xue that I would persuade her. But because Qingfu Xue required a response right away, I had to call Miss Hailey. Miss Hailey accepted because she sincerely desires to be my full-time Mistress. And Qingfu Xue agreed to come along with us.

Qingfu Xue eventually joining us was a comfort. But I feel bad for forcing Miss Hailey to be Qingfu Xue's pet. That could be another reason I'll be Miss Hailey's slave after all.

Qingfu Xue informed me that my next appointment with Alexa would be in two days, and that I would need to bring a high edge tolerance and a pair of handcuffs. Her room number is 58. A high tolerance for edges? How high is it? That makes me nervous.
Day 207
Spoiler: show
I was lucky with Qingfu Xue yesterday; it was too close for me to wreck everything, and everyone who has already joined may suffer as a result of me. But, in order to obtain our freedom, I believe we must all face the risk.

I'll be more cautious with Alexa tomorrow, and I'm hoping to complete my task.

And I just realized that Goddess's image didn't come to me all day yesterday. Caprice is right; we can genuinely break free from Goddess power.
Day 208
Spoiler: show
When I entered Alexa's room, she was dressed in a police outfit. She told me to sit down and handcuff my right hand to the chair. Serina is her dom name, and she requested that I refer to her as such. She often stated that she is a Goddess's devoted pet. I wondered if there was anything I could find throughout the session that could be utilized to alter her.

She let me unlock my cage after she tortured my balls a little bit. She mentioned that I had to edge about 100 times today, it would be a crazy session. She also informed me that I was not the only Goddess's toy who attempted to cum in the chastity cage. Goddess worked on that guy for a year, but he still couldn't cum in the cage, so Goddess gave up on him. I believe I'll be her next test subject for that. I'm not sure what will happen to me if I continue to slave with Goddess. I was glad that I at least have a chance to escape.

I had to edge once every time Serina said the word "edge." That's how I got the edge today. And I had to count how many edges I made since she would ask me at the final moment of the session. If I counted it incorrectly, I would be punished. And it was difficult to count while edging and holding the edges. When I'm edging, my mind normally goes blank.

The edging hell already began, while Serina was outlining the regulations. My mind was already blank at that moment. And more edge, and more edge, and more edge.

Serina let me relax for a moment, and I counted 50 edges at the time. After that, she conducted the edge and soft game with me, in which I had to edge and then get soft, repeatedly. I simply get the edge while my cock is still soft when I start to stroke for the edges. I was overly excited.

Serina then let me to watch a video of her interacting with her slave. I had to edge every time she spoke after not speaking for at least 3 seconds. In the video, she caressed her slave's cock and generally stared at me; I had the impression she was stroking my cock, which made me really horny. At the end of the video, she pushed her slave to ruin his orgasm. At the time, I reasoned that I'd rather have a ruined orgasm than merely edge and edge indefinitely.

The session concluded with a lot of edge holding. For the last few holding edges, tears were actually streaming out of my eyes, and I almost couldn't handle it.

When everything was finished, Serina instructed me to count the edges. I had my counts, and it was 96 edges, but I wasn't sure it was correct. And the correct answer is 95; I couldn't believe I had just missed one count. So I just punished with ten smacks to the balls, so I got lucky.

When the time ran out, I discovered that I had completely forgotten about Caprice's plans because to the intense edging. Except for "edge," I couldn't recall anything Serina said during the session. I simply remembered her saying she was devoted to Goddess. So I decided to keep my mouth shut and not say anything to her. Besides, I couldn't think straight at the time since I was too exhausted and my head was still filled with lusty thoughts and feelings.

My next session will be with Mistress Riley in two days. Her room is number 18. I'll need to bring clover clamps connected by a string, a blindfold, a gag, handcuffs, and two 1 meter ropes. It should be another bondage session.
Day 209
Spoiler: show
Yesterday's session with Serina was tough, and I don't recall much of it, it was too many edges. I'm not sure if it was appropriate to simply let her go. But she appeared to be extremely loyal to the Goddess. And I almost pushed Qingfu Xue too much. In any case, it passed. I should concentrate on the next session.

I'll see Mistress Riley tomorrow; I already know she enjoys bondage. And I've practiced a little time counting, just in case she tried the timing trick on me again.

And I'll meet Caprice in the room number Mistress Riley gives me after tomorrow's session, plus 11. I'm excited to see how Caprice performs in her role.
Day 210
Spoiler: show
Mistress Riley denied to open my cage today. She demanded that I strip naked and tie myself in an awkward position. Gagged, blindfolded, and nipple clamped on for 10 minutes while listening to an erotic audio.

I genuinely liked it, and the precum flew out incessantly. Mistress Riley appreciated it as well, and she finished the session here.

I tried to persuade her, but Mistress Riley seemed to be aware of Caprice's intentions. And she jumped in without hesitation.

Goddess will show up tomorrow and force me to cum inside my cage. The number of the room is 55. Caprice will be waiting for me in room 66.
Day 211
Spoiler: show
I had to see Caprice before Goddess's session today. Caprice was already waiting outside the room when I arrived. We were going to take down Goddess today. Miss Hailey, Mistress Yuxi, Qingfu Xue, and Mistress Riley had all been contacted. Caprice needed some time to prepare, and my job was to keep Goddess distracted for as long as possible.

Goddess and I met in her room. She had intended to make me cum inside my cage. Her plan was to let me out of the chastity cage, then ruthlessly edge me before locking me back up. Then I could orgasm in the cage. But if I don't cum today, she won't unlock my cage till I cum inside. She will make me try every day until I can do it. So today was my greatest chance to cum. And even if I can eventually cum inside my cage, she would only let me cum inside my cage from now on. That means, in either case, my cock will never unlock again. If I stay with Goddess, that will be my fate.

I began to stroke. Goddess exposed her breasts to me, but only the nipples were censored. I couldn't help but harden my cock when I saw Goddess breasts like that. She still had sway over me, or maybe it was just her beauty.

Goddess told me to edge and then rest, but every time I rested, I had to whack my balls at all time. She ordered me to hold several edges, even though she stated I could rest as long as I wanted, but sometimes the pain on my balls became too much to bear, and I had to start another holding edge.

The door was knocked just as Goddess ordered me to lock my cock after many cruel edges and pains. Goddess went to see what had happened. I waited a while, but she never returned. I finally followed the sound and entered another room.

Caprice was among the several women in the room. And Goddess was tired of keeping her hands and feet apart. Even though she was in servitude, she was gorgeous. Goddess was furious and looked at me, ordering me to release her. But Caprice informed me that having a full cum in front of all of us was the best way for all of us to break free. Goddess's plan was for me to cum in my cage from now on, and disobeying her with a full cum without the cage demonstrated that all of us, including a weak guy like myself, can break away from Goddess's control.

An image of the Goddess came through my mind once more, but I ignored it and continued stroking. Goddess reminded me that she was still in possession of my blackmail material. That was one thing I had to think about, but I had to take the chance now since it wasn't just about me anymore; it was about all the ladies in the room. So I called her a bitch and continued to stroke. It was difficult to call Goddess a bitch in front of her, which is why I halted for a few seconds before saying it. Goddess was taken aback when she heard this. Miss Hailey then informed me that they had handled the blackmail material and that I didn't need to be concerned. That made me feel relieved.

I began to edge, edge for all of us, to show Goddess that I was no longer under her control. While I was edging, I began chanting, "bitch." I edged for Caprice, Mistress Yuxi, Qingfu Xue, Xiu, Mistress Riley, Miss Hailey, and Lexi. I could finally see Lexi, and she appeared to be in good health, which made me glad.

Goddess was nervous, and she even offered to let me fuck her if I release her. I knew we could win when I heard her say that. And I cum, I cum for everyone. And it was a fantastic climax, a fantastic feeling.

Caprice then released Goddess and let her go. She had no control over us anymore; we had triumphed. Goddess still retained her charisma and beauty even after her loss.

Caprice and Lexi offered me the position of their slave, but I declined. I've considered simply leaving and living a normal life without a Mistress. But, after all of this, I realized that having someone to follow is preferable to drifting through life aimlessly. When I am someone's slave, I have a purpose. Even as Goddess's slave, I felt I was better off than I had been before. That was another reason I decided to follow Goddess.

And Miss Hailey was my choice for Mistress. We had met along the way, and she was always quite pleasant to me, except when she had to carry out Goddess' orders. The session with her was my favorite. I enjoy watching her smile. And we might be more than Mistress and slave; we could be friends and more. It was the relationship I fantasized when I first met Lexi.
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Re: My journal of Chastity Series (Day 200 - Day 211)

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Very nice. I was wondering how you would handle #4 given that only the one ending leads up to #5 and the later teases.
Hope you keep posting these!
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Re: My journal of Chastity Series (Day 200 - Day 211)

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Nice-Log wrote: Fri Aug 04, 2023 3:15 pm Very nice. I was wondering how you would handle #4 given that only the one ending leads up to #5 and the later teases.
Hope you keep posting these!
Thanks. I had never considered it before. What should I do if my choice does not line up with the next tease? I've been thinking about it for a while, and I suppose I'll try to find an explanation to connect two teases. But if it is impossible, I may have to end my journey there because it is too strange for me if I have a memory disorder like that.
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