KCTC Reporter Reboot - 7

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KCTC Reporter Reboot - 7

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Her greeting was absolutely magical, and he felt his entire body instantly get all warm inside as she extended her very first direct tidbit of feminine affection towards him. He froze for a few seconds, and she studied his reaction carefully with a growing smile, apparently liking how he was completely speechless.

She seemed to be a little preoccupied with something on her phone, too, even as she typed up another message, saying, “You know, sugar, I have a little secret to share with you! But I’m not gonna tell you what it is just yet…”

Then she tucked the phone into her belt and turned away from him, taking a few steps forward. This instantly captivated Tom even more, because the sensuous, slinky way she moved was totally majestic. It was quite the well-practiced bouncy strut, similar to the way the two girls had approached the guys in to make them kiss their hands, and it was full of confidence just like the way those girls had done it - simply oozing with tantalizingly feminine sex appeal.

She approached a fancy-looking makeup table and sat down in front of it, and he could see that it had been prepared with cosmetics ready to go and a large, well-lit mirror with round lights running up and down the sides. Suddenly the camera angle switched to a view of her directly from the front, which made Tom realize there must be a camera mounted on the mirror!

From that perspective she could look at herself while also making it like she was looking at him, and her eyes twinkled as she held his gaze for a moment. But he hadn’t responded to her yet, and he had to tear his eyes away from hers so he could type an enthusiastic greeting, telling her, “OMG, Brigitte, you look fantastic! I can’t wait to meet you!!”

Seeing her from the front now, in a seated position, he could only see her face and upper chest, and he saw her smiling knowingly as she read his excited greeting on her phone. But instead of responding, she simply put the phone down in front of her and looked into the camera, staring right at him as she let her lovely lips fall open enticingly. She was obviously leaving him hanging on purpose!


The effect that her delay had on him was quite powerful – it made him self-conscious, and he couldn’t help but second guess what he had said, worrying if she didn’t like it for some reason, or worse, if it had offended her somehow. But as he sat there nervously, he watched as two pretty assistants appeared in the camera view, approaching her from either side. They both had big smiles on their faces, and they immediately began fussing over her, implying that they were helping her get ready for her playdate with him.

One reached out and began fluffing up her lovely hair, teasing it up wildly with a big-toothed comb until it was all poofy and perfect, then spraying it with some hair spray to make sure it stayed that way. And the other girl began carefully applying more makeup on Brigitte’s already prettied-up face, putting mascara on her long eyelashes and adding a wonderful cat-eye look to her eyes with black eyeliner and different contouring shades of eye shadow. They were taking their time too, clearly not in a hurry, making sure to do things right so Brigitte looked deliciously alluring.

Although he couldn’t hear them, he could see they were having a casual conversation, whispering little secrets to each other and glancing at him as they giggled and chatted. Tom had to wonder if they were talking about him, perhaps asking Brigitte how she might be planning to tease and tantalize him that afternoon. Further hints that was the case were given when they both glanced at him with knowing looks on their faces, as though she might have revealed a few of her wonderfully wicked plans for him…

As they continued to work on her, apparently she had finally decided it was time to acknowledge his excited greeting and respond to him. So she typed up another message and sent it, telling him, “Funny you should say you can’t wait to meet me, Tommy…” The pause was clearly done purposefully, as though she could have explained herself further, but she chose not to just yet…

“Why?” He answered, playing right along with her.

Again there was a pause as she read his response with a growing smile, waiting a few moments before typing her retort. But then she tippity-typed it up, displaying a similar level of skilled ability on her phone like Cheri’s amazing typing on the keyboard. When it came in, it practically made Tom’s head explode…

She told him, “Because I’m going to make you wait, as long as I feel like, until I’m good and ready to come and get you. But don’t worry, you’ll get to watch me show off for you while you wait, and maybe I’ll have a little fun of my own in the meantime that you can watch too…”

Man was she direct! Pretty much in his face, in fact, as she made a simple reference to something mysterious, something that seemed to represent more of the mind games she was stringing him along into. But he had no intention of resisting her at that point, so he simply responded in the way he knew he should. “Yes, Brigitte!”

She had already begun typing a response as he sent it, just like Cheri had done, and just like her, she was making it clear she knew what he would say next - so she didn’t need to wait to read it. And her next message came in with surprising speed, telling him, “Anyway, while you wait and watch me for a while, I’ve instructed Cheri to keep you company! And I can see she’s already begun the official KCTC client intake process...”

There was something about the way she was purposely delaying their playdate that was sending Tom’s desire for her skyrocketing even more, and he was loving every minute of it at that point. He willingly continued to play along with her game, saying “But, but, but, I’m here to meet YOU!” He figured he wouldn’t protest any more than that simple, playful response.

Again Brigitte typed up a message so fast he could hardly believe it, and she looked into the mirror and waved her long-nailed finger scoldingly at him, then tapped the send button on her phone, telling him, “But nothing, you silly boy! I know you want to meet me, and you will, all in due time. But first, I told you I have a secret to share with you, so here it is…”

Tom just nodded, pretty much unable to speak, because like earlier when Cheri had done it, Brigitte’s playful scolding of him made him feel like a naughty, horny little boy who had been caught with a cookie. A wave of passivity washed over him as he saw her tap the screen of her phone and hold it up toward the camera…

Apparently there was another webcam that must have been right there in the room with him, because the image on her smartphone screen was from an angle right above him. And it was pointed directly at his crotch! Of course, there was a full view of his hand on his member, and after showing it to him she pulled the phone back and typed another message, telling him, “I must say, teaseboy, I am pleased to see what you’re doing there, because I was kinda hoping I could make you do it for me before we got together!”

Tom was stunned, but again, there was the unexpected acceptance, encouragement even, to pleasure himself in response to the enticing display of seductive femininity that these girls seemed to enjoy performing for him. But he still pulled his hand away in utter embarrassment, not really having the ability to do anything else, much less respond to her sudden, shocking ‘secret’. But he didn’t send an apology the way he had done with Cheri, since it was clear that Brigitte approved of it. It seemed he was learning…

Then she typed up another message, saying “All righty then, now that I’ve gotten what I want, at least for now…it’s almost time to get you back to your official KCTC intake process. Oh Cheri, I’m almost done with him for now, so you can have him back soon!”

And then a message chimed in from Cheri, acknowledging that the task of stimulating Tom was being assigned back to her, saying simply, “Take your time, Goddess Brigitte, I’ll be waiting. Initial prick teasing experiments have already begun, but there’s no hurry to continue the process. I’ll take him back whenever you’re ready to release him to me!” Her response was formal and almost scientific, and it suddenly occurred to Tom that Cheri might be more intelligent than her dumb-blonde persona earlier on the telephone seemed to portray…

Anyway, at that point, Tom was finding himself becoming more and more overloaded with stimulation as these two sexy girls took turns attracting his attention to them, turning him on, and passing him back and forth between them like a piece of delicious-tasting man-meat!

So after reading Cheri’s message he just sat there with baited breath as he watched one of the lovely assistants dutifully paint Brigitte’s full, pouty lips with a dripping wet shade of shiny red lip gloss. This process was particularly suggestive and quite tantalizing to watch! The long applicator was suggestively inserted into the tube of lip gloss by the lovely girl helping her, and then it was slowly pulled back out and dragged delicately and precisely along every millimeter of Brigitte’s gorgeous lips. And although her lips already seemed perfectly done up after just one pass, the procedure apparently needed to be repeated a couple more times, just for the desired effect…


Tom was panting with desire and anticipation at that point as he watched the two girls fuss over a few final details of Brigitte’s appearance. One dangled a few sparkly necklaces of different lengths around Brigitte’s neck, each with little charms hanging from them. The longest one had a small gold heart dropping down between her large breasts, and Brigitte slowly undid several buttons on the front of that lovely furry sweater like she had done in the video.

And then she used her hands to adjust those fabulously big, round boobs of hers, pushing them together a bit so they came spilling out even more from underneath the white angora fur. Her cleavage was simply amazing with both breasts almost half exposed, and she plucked at the sweater here and there a bit to adjust its fit to her liking as one of the girls sprayed some perfume around her lovely, silky-soft hair, adding some to her neck and cleavage too.

And now, finally, with the process seemingly complete, she stood up again and went back toward the wall mirror. Right then the view in the chat window switched to another camera, this time apparently being held by someone behind her (Tom could tell because there was a bit of motion to it), and she checked herself out in the full length mirror some more while he watched in utter adoration. She simply had to make sure that the final package of her appearance met with her full approval, and she smiled broadly as she inspected herself.

Clearly she was admiring the way she looked from the two assistants’ careful handiwork, and of course, Tom’s eyes stayed glued to her as well, because apparently, at the KCTC, a TeaserGirl getting ready for a playdate is an important procedure that requires the full attention of a male admirer!

Another minute or so of this showing off ensued until she finally began walking toward the door. But like every other girl he had seen parading around the KCTC office that day, ‘walking’ doesn’t quite fully describe it – it was more like a full-on strut, with her shoulders rotating, her boobs jiggling, and her arms swaying around for perfect balance. Of course, her hips and bottom gyrated around in her tiny miniskirt, and those long, fishnet-covered legs of hers looked simply incredible as she balanced herself on her deliciously sexy, sky-high heels.

Tom wasn’t too surprised when the camera began following her, and whoever was recording her made sure her entire body was in the frame, close enough to be sure it was filling it completely. And he suddenly remembered her telling him that he was going to be allowed to watch her having some fun, too, so at that point he was catching on to the fact that this video show was probably part of the process of attracting him to her. And yet, she was keeping him waiting at the same time...damn she was good!

As the camera continued to follow her down a long hallway, with that showing-off strut of hers taking center stage, he knew this delectable performance was being offered just for him, and she was definitely implying that perhaps she might be coming to get him and take him with her…wherever she wanted him to go!


Right then he was desperately hoping she would suddenly appear through the big glass doors leading into the back office, or perhaps come marching down one of those see-through acrylic staircases in the corners of the reception area! His heart pounded as she kept prancing along with sheer, utter confidence all the way to the end of the hall, where she turned toward a doorway and went through it.

He half expected to see her appear before his eyes right then, but he glanced around the room he was in and his heart sank when he didn’t see her. Instead he looked back at the tablet and saw that she had strutted into a nightclub-style lounge area. He could tell there were other people around in the room she had marched into, because he caught glimpses of several hot-looking women sitting there in lounge chairs or high bar stools. But the view through the camera was still mostly focused on HER as she continued to strut along like she owned the place.

She was about halfway across the room when a shirtless, muscular guy stepped into view with the strap of a fancy, black designer handbag dangling from his teeth. She took it from him, barely acknowledging his presence, and draped it around her angora-covered shoulder like it was the last thing required to make her outfit complete.

He stared her up and down, clearly desiring her, and she rewarded him for his behavior by reaching down and gently taking hold of the bulge in his pants, rubbing it round and round a few times. He just stood there, allowing her advances on him, and his eyes rolled back in his head as she teasingly pleasured his sexual organ through his pants before taking her hand away. But then she just shooed him away with a flick of her hand as though his existence in the universe served only to deliver her handbag to her at that moment in time…

Next, she walked up toward the bar, with her strut slowing down to a casual saunter - it looked like pure, liquid sex! Every step she took with both styles of movement was simply enchanting, and she was displaying the most appealing, seductive show Tom had ever seen performed by a sexy girl! Just by walking around…wow...

He wanted her quite badly at that point, but little did he know that the show was almost over, for the time being at least! And it wasn’t for the reasons he hoped for - that she’d be claiming him for their date together. Because as she approached a high bar-stool, hopping onto it and crossing one sexy leg over the other, she pulled out her phone again, waving flirtatiously at the camera, then typing a quick message saying, “I hope you don’t mind, sweets, but I do have a little business to attend to before I come get you and make you mine! But I hope you liked my little show, and maybe I’ll see ya soon!!”

Tom had become a dribbling, drooling mess of male desire at that point, and his eyes rolled back in his head as she simply turned to face the pretty young bartender standing behind the bar, ordering a drink and otherwise proceeding to simply ignore him. And she typed another quick message, addressing Cheri, telling her, “Back to you, Cheri, he’s all yours!”

‘Oh my god’, thought Tom, ‘what the hell kind of business does she suddenly have to attend to? And what does she mean, ‘maybe’ she’ll see me soon? Is she standing me up? Or is she just making me wait…because she can?’ On one hand, it was pure torture, not really knowing what was going on or what was going to happen, but then again, he didn’t think he had done anything wrong, so deep down he knew it was all part of the way these girls loved playing their wicked little games.

He had been given plenty of fair warning, though, with lots of coy references being made in his earlier correspondence with the various KCTC representatives. Each girl that had communicated with him had mentioned the scheming, manipulative behavior that he was going to be subjected to by all these hot women. And so far, at least, these scandalous females seemed to be saying that he was playing along with them just the way they wanted, so he just went with it.

He continued to stare at Brigitte, looking so sexy and gorgeous sitting there in the high-up bar stool, and he half-expected the view of her through the camera to disappear, since she had handed him back to Cheri, so to speak. But it didn’t, not yet at least, and he watched as she turned to the side, giving him a better view of her legs as she crossed one over the other and began bouncing her spike-heeled shoe up and down from the ankle. The sight of it was absolutely mesmerizing…

And right then his mouth fell open as he observed of a pair of masculine hands reaching into the camera frame. He couldn’t see the guy to which they belonged, which seemed to be on purpose, because maybe it didn’t matter! The hands approached from what seemed to be a position beneath her, and they began by paying attention to one of the sexy shoes she was wearing.

They moved over every inch of it quite lovingly, putting some special focus on the kinky-looking spiked stiletto heel, taking it in between the thumb and forefinger and stroking it suggestively up and down. Then they slowly started to cradle her pretty foot perched up high on the sexy open-toed sandal, held in place by the tiny little ankle strap. The fingers began gently squeezing the parts of her foot that were accessible in the pretty shoe, and then the hands slowly proceeded up onto her ankle, gently rubbing and massaging it.

But as the hands tried to move higher, she apparently decided that was as far as she was going to let them go, and she casually lifted her other foot towards them and used the sole of her sexy shoe to press on the guy’s arm, gently moving it away. The hands disappeared from view for a few seconds, only to reappear a moment later and slowly start the process over again.

This sequence repeated itself a few times, with the unseen guy’s hands being allowed to make slow advances on her leg. Sometimes they went a little farther up before being rejected, other times they were shut down more quickly, but no matter what, they always stayed below her knee. And it seemed like every time they started to enjoy themselves touching her pretty foot, ankle, shin or calf, they would be shot down and denied…over and over again.

Sometimes she did it with her other foot, and sometimes she slapped at them with the palm of her hand and shooed them away. Sometimes she did it nicely and gently, and other times quite abruptly and forcefully. But no matter how she rejected their advances, the same thing happened after she did it - they accepted it, but always came back for more!

Anyway, after another minute of this naughty teasing and rejection game, she turned to the camera, which was still focusing entirely on her and only her, and waved at Tom again, but this time it was a goodbye of sorts as she pressed a button on her phone that caused the image to disappear. Tom exhaled sharply as the view of her disappeared, but the webcam window stayed open for another few seconds, with the words “Foot and High Heel Teasing Games” appearing in a fancy pink cursive, lingering for a moment and then fading to black.

Right then it clicked inside Tom’s head that what he had just seen was another demonstration of sorts! It seemed that after showing him how the game was played, he had been told the name of it to complete the picture. And unlike the way the furboy had been put down and taunted by those two hot girls, this game was much more interesting to him.

He had always had a thing for women with sexy legs wearing very high heels, and right away he imagined being allowed to slowly explore Brigitte’s legs and high heels too, perhaps from a position beneath her just like that other guy. He would be more than willing to allow her to be in complete control of his advances, just for the opportunity to worship her glorious legs and pretty feet in her sky-high heels!

But as the image of her disappeared, leaving his mind reeling and his cock pulsing, Tom gasped at the way the imagery of this game being played had disappeared so suddenly. She had demonstrated her ability to be somewhat cruel with a perceived rejection of him, and the simple thought of her possibly abandoning him and removing herself from his world right then was absolutely brutal.

His eyes closed as he absorbed the feeling, and his heart pounded with adrenaline, feeling like it was being ripped out of his chest. He really didn’t know exactly what the hell was going on! Had Brigitte decided to stand him up and play with some other lucky guy that day? Or was this part of the ‘making him wait’ thing she had told him about…

Still, he remembered that one of the girls had told him that their teasing games were sometimes going to be “in his face”, and for now, he simply had to accept it. But he barely had time to collect himself when he heard the notification sound again, and his eyes popped open to see a message from Cheri, this time finally providing him with a bit more information about exactly how things were going to proceed.


“So Tommy, like Brigitte said, she’s done with you for the time being, and she’s giving you back to me, so you’re mine now! And while she decides whether she’s going to come and get you today or not, I’ve been instructed to figure out a few things about you.”

Tom’s mind was being whipsawed back and forth at that point, and he couldn’t respond other than to look back over at Cheri, who of course was staring back at him with that big smile on her face. In that moment it struck him how both these girls had been masterfully enticing and arousing him without speaking a single word directly to him…in person, at least…

Cheri typed another message, this time with only a momentary glance at her keyboard, asking, “You know why I’m gonna do that?”

Tom was finally able to type, but his hands were trembling as he replied, “Why, Miss Cheri?”

“Because I’m new here, and I’ve been told that part of my job is finding out exactly what each new TeaseBoy likes! So that’s exactly what I intend to do with you, sweetie…”

Tom’s response was one word, the only one he could think of. “Wow!”

And she continued, “Besides, my goal is to be promoted to be an official KCTC TeaserGirl, and I’m told I need more experience and lots of practice before that can happen. So tell me – would you like to help me practice becoming an expert prick teaser?”

Talk about an easy question to answer! Tom felt like his very soul was melting into a puddle of neediness as he typed, “Yes, Miss Cheri!”

Again she was typing her response before he hit the Send button, “Ooo, goody goody!” Apparently she knew full well his answer would be in the affirmative, and she continued typing, adding, “Well I suppose I can play with you a little while Brigitte makes you wait, but first, there’s this certain word I like to hear…”

That particular sentence simply took his breath away as this luscious blonde babe demonstrated a superbly developed ability to verbally string him along just like the other KCTC girls had been doing. And he had heard her saying things like that to some of the clients calling on the phone earlier, so he had a pretty good idea what to do.

So he typed his response and hit send. “Yes, please, Miss Cheri, PLEASE!!”

He hoped that was it, he figured that was it, but he didn’t know until she smiled broadly while reading it, and then she looked at him and gave him a sexy wink. And she let her full, red, dripping-wet lips fall open, seductively using the tip of her tongue to lick around them in one long, slow circle. This made her look like she was preparing to simply eat him alive, and the sight of her doing it almost made him come in his pants right then and there!

He could feel his face blushing beet red as he realized she had effortlessly coaxed him into begging for her charms, and even though he felt quite embarrassed, he was just so turned on he didn’t care anymore. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as he waited for her response, but she wasn’t going to let him off the hook just yet.


She could see how self-conscious he was, and she held his gaze for a moment, letting her power over him intensify with every passing second. Her confidence and comfort level with the situation was completely obvious, and to emphasize that fact she decided to keep him right there, dangling from her string for a little while until she was ready to reel him in a little more…

Tom’s heart pounded as Cheri stared at him with her dazzling smile growing wider and wider, until she finally broke eye contact and typed up another message, telling him “Well…that is the magic word I like to hear, so maybe, just maybe, I can play with you a little bit while you wait. Would you like that?”

Now she was repeating herself, asking the same question but wording it a little differently, doing it just for fun and clearly putting him on the spot just because she wanted to. And he was just starting to understand that these enticing, controlling mind games these girls liked to play could potentially become quite diabolical!

Right then he snapped out of his trance just enough to type a response, of which there was only one possible answer. But somehow a simple ‘yes’ wouldn’t quite suffice, so he elaborated a bit, telling her “OMG. Yes, Miss Cheri, yes please!”

Again he was treated to the sight of her looking down at her screen as she expertly typed up her response. It suddenly dawned on him that communicating only via text the way they’d been doing served to provide those ongoing opportunities to admire her appearance, more so than talking out loud would have done. Damn…these girls really had it in for him!

Her response came in shortly, saying, “Good! Oh yeah, one more thing – part of the KCTC intake and initiation process is to perform a few little tests on you. I suppose we could call them experiments, because they’re designed help us figure out whatever we can about your personal preferences and sexual desires. All righty?”

Again he found her words difficult to comprehend, as they were so direct, unlike anything a girl had ever said to him before! And he was starting to become familiar with the times when she did not expect a response, and this was one of them, as evidenced by the fact that he could hear her nails clickety-clicking on the keyboard immediately after the first message came in. So he waited, again being allowed to drink in her wonderfully girlish appearance while he sat there with his erection still standing at full attention.

Soon her message appeared, saying, “To that end, we’ve already given you a few demonstrations, haven’t we! And there will be more to come, but as we proceed, don’t worry if some of it isn’t to your liking. Let’s just focus on figuring out exactly what kinds of cock teasing games you’d like to explore with us, okay?”

Tom was simply going out of his mind, but she was making it so easy to comply and play along, he found it easy to say “Wow, this all sounds so sexy! I’ll do my best to do my part!!”

She smiled warmly at his compliance, answering, “I know you will. Because let me be clear, your utmost cooperation and unquestioning obedience is a strict requirement here at the KCTC. Got it?”

He read the message, then looked up at her, and a chill went up his spine when he saw the way she was looking at him. She had opened her eyes wide, and she was glaring at him almost as though she was furious at him. And after a moment or two she squinted her eyes at him like she was shooting daggers through his heart. The sheer power of it was shocking, and he was literally afraid of what she might do, terrified of how her or any of the other girls could end this erotic encounter without a second thought!

There was nothing else to do but agree, and one simple way to say it. “Yes, Miss Cheri!” He was simply desperate to please her and do whatever she said, just to get a little more of the delicious seductions that this hot girl was leading him along into!

She continued, “Very good. Now - I’m sure Brigitte already told you that all of our teasing games are explored primarily according to our own desires, but they are also intended to discover and explore the specific sexual preferences of the male teaseboy. And of course, they are all done only with his explicit consent!”

Again, all Tom could think to say was “Thank you for saying so, Miss Cheri.”

“You’re welcome, sugar! So let me see, before we go any further, I’d like to share the profile we’ve created for you and show you your progress so far…” And she tapped a few more buttons on the screen while Tom sat there, totally surprised by what she had just said.

Suddenly a new window popped up on his tablet showing a well-designed, classy-looking page, professionally designed and obviously done with a feminine flair using different shades of pink colors. There was a picture of him on it, his full name, his work occupation, his job title and contact information on the left hand side of the screen.

At first Tom felt angry, seeing how his privacy had seemingly been invaded as he saw all his personal information right there. But then he started to take things more in context, and he considered that this seemed to be a standard part of the KCTC experience, so to speak, and soon his feelings began to change.

And as he read a little more of the details of his profile, his state of highly stimulated sexual arousal began to overtake his feelings of concern, and he found himself simply wanting to keep playing along with whatever these girls wanted to do with him! So he decided to accept things as they were and he continued to carefully observe the web page describing himself for any KCTC girl who wanted to see it.

Right then he saw that there was a title on the right hand side of the page, written in a pink cursive font that said “This TeaseBoy likes…” And under that was a smaller underlined font that said “Teasing Game Titles”, with a list of things below it. Next to each one was a Yes or No option choice, two of which had already been selected as Yes.

The first item on the Teasing Game Titles list said “Enticement Seductions”, and the next one said “Long Sexy Fingernails”. Beneath that there were three other Yes No options with titles next to them, but these had not been indicated either way just yet. One said “Begging Games”, and another was “Putting Him Down Games”. And as he watched, the next title magically appeared, saying “Leg and High Heel Teasing Games”.

Right then it clicked, that each erotic game on the list had already been demonstrated for him in one way or another, with the Yes or No choices representing an opportunity to declare his interest in them. And despite being a bit confused by the “Enticement Seductions” game title, since he really didn’t know exactly what it was referring to, he knew full well what the other four sexual game titles were about.

Of course, it was the fact that two of the options had already selected for him that blew his mind. But yes, it was true…he simply adored Cheri’s long, shiny, sexy red fingernails, and now that desire had been revealed and documented right there on his profile! As he read the rest of the title, the imagery of each game demonstration was instantly replayed in his mind, and suddenly it all came together. Now he knew a little bit more about exactly what was going on…

As he looked a little farther down on the page, he could see that below the selected Yes No game title options there were a half-dozen or so other Yes No options, but these had no titles next to them yet. And that seemed to be making it clear that there might be a number of other sexual preferences that might be tested on him by the experienced, enticing KCTC girls...

As he absorbed the look and feel of the page some more, along with its text and suggestive content, he felt like he was being analyzed and assessed, with his identity and desires being probed in order to be presented to whomever might be interested in taking him along with her for some fun and games. The idea of being compartmentalized and objectified like that was new and erotic, unlike any feeling he had ever had, and it caused a rush of anxiousness and excitement from deep down within his psyche!

As the realization of what was happening to him continued to sink in, he heard Cheri’s sticky sweet girly voice tap into the intercom, saying, “Muscleboy, report to the front desk, and bring a tease chair with you!”

It took no more than thirty seconds or so before a large, bodybuilding-type guy came walking in, shirtless and carrying a lounge-style chair. He had very chiseled features, looking quite manly compared to the somewhat wimpy furboy, and he placed the chair in the center of the room and walked out.

He glanced over at Cheri, just in time to see her pivot her body in her super-high bar stool and hop down from it, causing her large breasts to heave up and down enticingly. She looked at him as she pranced out from behind the desk, and once again there was that dripping-with-girly-sex-appeal strut that should have a KCTC patent or some kind of trademark on it!

Seeing her standing upright simply blew Tom’s mind, and staring at her coming towards him was absolutely captivating! Her body was as well-endowed as any girl he had ever seen, with a truly hourglass shape. There were those overly large, round implants, her tiny little waist, full-figured hips, and long, lean but well-toned legs. Everything about her body could make pretty much any red-blooded male weak in the knees!

As she approached him, she finally spoke out loud, using the sweetest, girly-girl voice as she said, “Well now, let’s have a little talk about what our new Teaseboy likes, shall we? Looking at your profile we see that some of our TeaseGames have already been selected, but this is an important process, and you will be afforded a certain amount of choice as we proceed. So let’s continue, okay?”


Hey boys! I finally (!) got this chapter finished after dealing with some life challenges over the past few months. It got quite long and the whole thing was intended to be part 6 only, but Milovana's character limit caused me to split this into two parts. Anyway, here it is!

Oh and I wanted to give special thanks to the artist who created the dazzling girly-girls, I stumbled onto his work somewhere and saw that his ladies have just the right kind of over-the-top sexuality to flaunt as representatives of the characters in my story.

Anyway, I hope everyone still paying attention enjoys this latest chapter of my KCTC Reporter Reboot!
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Re: KCTC Reporter Reboot - 7

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Another amazing chapter (or two) Miss Kitty. It was great to see how the girls played with Tom and how he reacted. Cant wait to see how will Cheri keep Tom busy while Brigitte keeps him waiting. And of coarse how will Brigitte toy with Tom when she summons him to her.
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