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I've been thinking about you a lot recently, and I can't seem to get you out of my head. I can imagine us sharing a bottle of wine, soft music playing in the background as we stare into each others' eyes, lost in the moment. I would start by tracing the shape of your (Redacted) with my (Redacted) before moving into a slow, wet (Redacted). I would then gently suck or (Redacted) on your bottom (Redacted).

I take a deep breath and close my eyes as I run my fingers up the back of your (Redacted) into your hair just like I had talked about. Chills run down your (Redacted). I go up to your (Redacted) and say "I love the way you (Redacted)" I then kiss the nape of your (Redacted), I continue, for a while, you say, " ok, just (Redacted) and do it then!", so I continue to move up your (Redacted) (Redacted) it.

I notice your (Redacted) is a bit stiff so I reach for a glass from which to grab an ice cube, your (Redacted) and starts to go around it in circles around your (Redacted). You (Redacted). I then take the ice cube and place it in my mouth, and start to (Redacted) your (Redacted) again, this time with the ice cube in my mouth. The sensation of the cold ice mixed with the heat of my mouth (Redacted) (Redacted) (Redacted).

You can feel your (Redacted) responding to my touch, and you can't help but let out a soft (Redacted). I, feeling your (Redacted) respond to my (Redacted), become more (Redacted) in my movements. I run my (Redacted) down your (Redacted), tracing the curves of your (Redacted) and (Redacted). You (Redacted) as I reach your (Redacted) and start to run my (Redacted) up and down the inside of your (Redacted).

I can feel your (Redacted) start to shake with pleasure, and I know that I've found the perfect spot. I continue to tease you, running my (Redacted) up and down your (Redacted), and you can feel your (Redacted) start to tense up with anticipation. You want me to touch you more, to (Redacted) you more, to make you feel more.

I finally take the hint, and move my (Redacted) up to your inner (Redacted), slowly tracing circles around your (Redacted). You can't help but let out a (Redacted), and you wrap your (Redacted) around my (Redacted), urging me to continue. I don't need to be asked twice, and I start to increase the pressure, moving my (Redacted) in faster circles. You can feel your (Redacted) start to tighten, and you know you're close. So I decide to tease you and stop just before you reach your peak. You let out a frustrated (Redacted), and I know I've won this round.

But the game is far from over, and I know that I have to make my next move carefully. I start to (Redacted) your (Redacted) again, and you can feel the heat of my (Redacted) pressed up against yours. You can feel my (Redacted), and you start to become more bold in your own movements. You reach down and take (Redacted) of me, and start to (Redacted) me in time with my movements. I stifle a (Redacted), and you know you've got me right where you want me.

I'm not going to be able to hold back much longer, but I know that I need to make this last. So I flip you over, so that you're laying on your (Redacted) on the (Redacted), and I start to (Redacted) my way down your body. I take my time, (Redacted) every inch of your (Redacted), until I finally reach your (Redacted). I look up at you, and you know that you're in for a treat. I start to slowly (Redacted) and tease you, and you can feel your (Redacted) responding. You wrap your (Redacted) around my (Redacted), and I know that I have you completely under my control. I can do whatever I want to you, and you know it.

I continue to tease and tantalize and say here (Redacted) this on your (Redacted) as I stick two (Redacted) inside of you and go right for the (Redacted) (Redacted) it as if simultaneously (Redacted) your (Redacted) from the inside while (Redacted) back the (Redacted) on a (Redacted) while (Redacted) and lightly (Redacted) on your (Redacted) simultaneously. The sensation is too much for you to handle, and you can feel your (Redacted) start to shake and tremble with pleasure. You know you're about to reach your peak, and you can't hold back any longer. You let out a loud (Redacted), and I know that I've done my job.

But I'm not finished yet, and I know that I still have one more move to make. I start to (Redacted) my way back up your (Redacted), and when I reach your (Redacted), I (Redacted) you deeply, (Redacted) you with my (Redacted). You can (Redacted) yourself on my (Redacted), and it only adds to the pleasure. You wrap your (Redacted) around me and pull me closer, and you can feel me start to (Redacted) inside of you. I start to (Redacted) deeper and deeper, and the pleasure is intense. You can feel your (Redacted) tighten around me, and you know you're about to (Redacted). You call out my (Redacted), and I know I'm about to reach my own peak.

I give one final (Redacted), and we both reach our (Redacted) simultaneously. You can feel your (Redacted) shaking and trembling with pleasure, and you know that this is something that you're going to want more of. I've given you a taste of what I can do, and you know that you won't be able to resist me for long. You're going to have to give in to my (Redacted), and you know that it's going to be a long, hot, (Redacted) night.
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