The hospital stay

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The hospital stay

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Given the positive reaction to my last stories, I decided to dust off an old story that I never had the courage to post. I hope you all enjoy it.

I slowly start to wake up… unaware of where I am, my body aches slightly and my head hurts. The bright lights seem too intense as I open my eyes. I’m clearly in a hospital bed. Stiff sheets beneath me, privacy curtain pulled around my bed.

“Hello?” I call out.

A nurse peeks in pulls the curtain back. My breath catches in my throat as I first look at her. Tall and slender, with flowing blond hair, green eyes, and pillowy lips. Her crisp white outfit showing more cleavage than I imagine is allowed by hospital regulations. She looks at me with a combination of sympathy and mischief, and there is a slight scent of her sweet and musky perfume. I’m not sure if the pounding in my chest is something medical or if I am just feeling overwhelmed by her presence.

“Well good morning… I wondered how long you’d be asleep. I’m nurse Anna.” She picks up a clipboard at the end of my bed and flips through the pages. “You must be wondering why you are here… well… I’m sorry to say that you were in a terrible accident. Your wounds seem to have healed thanks to a medically induced coma, but we needed you to be awake to finish our evaluation of your health.”

My concern clearly shows and she comes closer, her perfume and nearness causing my heart to pound slightly harder. Her soft hand touches my bare shoulder, and I feel myself start to stiffen, realizing for the first time that I must be naked under this this sheet.

“No worries, honey… I am going to take very good care of you while you are here, and you’ll be in tip top shape before you know it.” She gives me a little wink, and I blush.

“As I was saying, now that you are awake and alert, we do need to run some tests. Is that ok with you?” She starts to pull the privacy curtain closed before I have a chance to answer.

I nod, still trying to process what is happening.

“I need to make sure that you haven’t had any nerve damage. So I’ll be checking to make sure that you have intact sensation for each dermatome, or level of sensation on your skin… Now, since you are still recovering, I will need to make sure that you don’t jerk or move too intensely and risk reinjuring yourself, so I’m just going to attach these soft restraints.”

As she is talking, she slowly lifts my arms and attaches my wrists to each other and then to something above my head, her breasts inches from my face. My hands secured, she moves with practiced motions and attaches my feet, each to one corner of my bed. Once fully restrained, she adjusts the controls on my hospital bed, so my waist is slightly higher than the rest of my body. I am stretched tight have no wiggle room whatsoever.

Moving to the top of the bed, she reaches up to my hands and grazes her sharp fingernails over my palms, her cleavage again dangerously close to my face, her perfume overwhelming. She slowly tickles and teases my palms, asking, “Can you feel this?”… “How about here?”…”Does it hurt here?”

The soft sensation is surprisingly arousing and my sheet his clearly tenting to show the effect she is having on me.

She slowly begins to drag her nails up and down my arms teasing my skin. When she gets close to my armpits a gasp escapes my lips. She smirks, leans in, and whispers, “Oh my” her hot breath on my ear making my eyes roll back momentarily, “It seems like this doesn’t hurt at all, does it? In fact… I think you may be enjoying this… that’s very naughty of you”.

I let out a soft moan as her fingers trace a line down my neck and over my collarbone. As her fingers set my nerves on fire across my sensitized skin, I come to realize just how helpless I am to her. She breaks my reverie and starts to explain through throaty whispers into my ear, “You see, my poor little patient, I have to be VERY thorough in my testing… I have to make sure that you are able to feel even soft subtle sensations like this…” her fingers glide slowly down my chest, leaving hyperaroused trails behind them. “Or like this…” and her nail draw small circles around one of my nipples.

I can feel myself wanting to squirm or twist or move away from her torturous fingers, but I am so tightly bound, that I can do nothing but take the sensual tickling that she is forcing me to endure. My cock is throbbing at this time, and each time a nail flicks over my nipples, the twitching of my cock shifts my blanket noticeably.

“Oh my!” she exclaims in mock surprise, “I think I see a little drop on the sheet there,” referring to the precum that has started to leak from my erection. “Let’s let him breathe a little.”

With that, she very slowly begins to drag the thin sheet covering my body down toward my feet, making sure the sheet drags over the tip of my cock the entire time, a sensation that has me gasping and makes my toes curl up and down, as they are about the only part of my body that is free to move. By the time the sheet is past my waist, I am panting and moaning. The tip of my cock continues to tingle with sensation even after the sheet is gone.

“There we go honey, that’s much better” the nurse says as she walks back up to the head of the bed, dragging her nails over my skin the whole way.

“Now where were we?” she asks with a devious smile. Her nails resume their sensual assault on my nipples again as she pretends to forget what she was doing. Slowly drawing little circles around one nipple she reviews where she has aroused my skin thus far. “I think we did your hands and wrists” her free hand revisiting those areas, making sure that the skin is tingling with arousal; “hmmmm…. I remember working my way down these sexy arms…and over this sensitive neck…. Oh, right… I think we were at your perky little nipples”. She spends the next few minutes slowly dragging her nails over my entire upper body… the sensation is too light to be tickling, but it feels like she is lighting my skin on fire with pleasure. My cock is as hard as I have ever felt it, and it is leaking a steady flow of precum.

My heart pounding, she coyly remarks, “Seems like your upper body has good sensation,” before leaning in closely to whisper, “let’s see how things are going below the waist,” and she takes a quick nibble of my earlobe causing me to gasp and try to squirm, again reminding me of just how firmly I am held to the bed.

As her fingers glide over my hipbones and down my inner thighs I gasp. “Please…. Ohhh….” But she just continues her tour of my body, ignoring the one place that I am praying she will explore. Little do I know that my prayer will soon come true, but perhaps not in the way I hope.

She strategically works her way down my legs, exploring each nook and cranny, finding the spots that make me flush or moan, and lingering there just a bit longer. By the time she reaches my feet, my whole body is tingling, and I have never been so turned on. The final straw comes when she drags her fingers gently up the bottoms of my feet. I am surprised to feel a direct line from her fingers tracing delicate circles on my soles to my cock.

This overwhelming sensation finally causes my dam to break, and I start to plead… “Oh god, please…. I can’t take any more… please… touch me, Nurse Anna”

“But I am touching you,” she responds, her fingers alternating between teasing the bottoms of my feet and dragging nails up my legs to those special spots she found earlier.

“Oh god… I’m burning up…. Please…. My cock…. Touch me…..” I am whimpering and panting. My hips would be writhing if I weren’t so effectively immobilized.

She looks at me at first with mock offense, “Well, I’m not sure that would be proper. I mean, this is a medical procedure after all.” But her fingers continue to move back up my body, nails drawing little figure eights over my hip bones. “Plus… your cock is all drippy and I wouldn’t want to get my uniform dirty.” Her words are barely making it into my consciousness, as she has turned my body into one huge erogenous zone.

She leans in close to me, my eye bulging at the cleavage fighting against her uniform, her closeness overwhelming. Making intense eye contact she says, “I guess I could always get rid of the uniform” and her fingers slowly start to unbutton her shirt, giving me a clear view of her lacy bra and smooth skin. I briefly wonder why she isn’t worried that someone might come in, but my mind-melting horniness pushes that thought away as I see more and more of her body.

Her uniform off, she slides down and settles between my legs. “Now what were you saying you wanted?” and she grazes her nails over my quickly filling sack. I gasp and my body tenses as it tries to thrust off the bed. “You wanted me to touch something in this area?”

Her nails continue to tease and stroke my testicles as I let out a string of pleas, “Oh god… please…. My cock…. Please…. You are driving me crazy…”

“Oh really,” she grins. “That’s terrible… I’d hate to make you crazy… I mean, all this teasing… all this caressing… all this touching… do you really think it can make you crazy?” She smirks at me as I barely contain my moans.

At last, she drags a single finger up the length of my cock. Base to dripping tip, wrenching a long- withheld moan from my lips. Up and down, she drags just this one finger, teasing the skin of my cock like she has teased every other inch of my flesh. The sensation is as frustrating as it is arousing. My cock twitches and pulses with each torturous pass, the head swelling as her finger gets close to the tip each time.

“Oh my…. Look at how much you are dripping,” she comments, never stopping the torture, “Is this what you wanted? My soft fingers on your needy cock?”

The ever increasing river of precum that is streaming down my cock lubricates her finger strokes and intensifies the sensation. I’m panting, needing so much more, but she continues this torture of minimum touches for minutes on end.

“Oh please!” I moan out, “Just stroke me… please make me cum!!” I am crazed with lust as the nurse seems to press my body past what seem like the limits of erotic torture… Seem like, until she wraps her well lubricated hand around my shaft and begins to stroke up and down, stroking just the bottom of my cock, never touching the head. Each time she gets close to the top, I will my hips to move in her palm, to get her to go over the head that is begging for attention. The skin on my tip is taut and red, the cock slit open and weeping tears of precum.

“Please… (oh god)… I need you to… ohhh…. Please don’t stop…. Please stroke it all the way… the tip… please the tip” I’m barely coherent at this point and she gives me a pouty stare.

“Oh, honey, you just asked me to stroke you. I’m stroking you aren’t I?”

“Oh… please…. It’s just…. I need you to touch the tip… I’m burning up!!!”

She continues to stroke the base of my cock and starts to gently run a fingertip around and around the slit of my cock, sending the most frustratingly erotic sensations through my body.

“Like this?” She asks innocently.

Her lower hand tightens its grip, forcing more blood into my already obscenely swollen cockhead as her finger gently teases and arouses just the smallest, most sensitive part of my anatomy.

I let out a groan and my muscles strain to try and get some kind of movement or to thrust up for more sensation. “Ahhhhh….nnnno… It’s.. ohhhh… it’s too light…. Please…. I need to cum…”

“Ohhhh…” She pretends that I have just told her something she didn’t already know. “You mean it’s too light for you when I just trace my little finger over this one… little… spot? Over and over… just like this? Doesn’t it just tickle and tingle in the most delicious way? I think I could do this for hours and hours, and you, you poor boy, you’d just have to sit there and enjoy. You’d just have to take my cute little finger drawing circles on your sweet head.”

After a few more torturously long minutes, she finally removes her hands from my twitching member.

She crawls up close to me and whispers in my ear while mindlessly tracing random patterns over my collarbone. “You know… I’m more than happy to give you what you want, but maybe you can do something for me first.”

I moan in response “Anything…”

“You know how excited all of my tests have gotten you… well, it’s gotten me excited too.” Her hand slips into her panties and comes out with glistening fingertips. “Just look how wet you’re making me… You wouldn’t be a tease would you? Getting me all excited and not doing anything about it?” She pouts and bats her eyelashes at me.

With sultry grace, she stands up and slides her clearly wet panties off to the ground.

“You think you can help me out?” She asks, as if my hungry stare doesn’t already answer her question.

Climbing onto my bed, she kneels above my face, the sight and scent of her wet sex overwhelming me. “How mean it was of you, getting me all hot, and not doing anything about it…” She slowly slides her fingers around the sides of her clit and over her smooth moist lips, letting out a small sigh. “A real gentleman would offer to help a lady out, don’t you think?” She continues to tease herself as a stream of begging pours from my lips.

”Oh please, Nurse Anna… please let me taste you…. Let me give you pleasure with my mouth… I am so hot for you, please let me make you feel good…”

Apparently pleased with my rambling, she lowers herself so I can just reach her pussy. The taste of her increases my arousal tenfold as I begin to gently lap at her sweet sex. Running my tongue in gentle circles over and around her clit, I search for the spots that elicit a sigh or a gasp and focus on the areas that bring her the most pleasure, wanting nothing more than to please her and to bring her to a shuddering orgasm.

I find a pattern of licking that seems to be working, as I feel her hands brace on the top of my head, fingers through my hair, and my tongue works over and over on those spots. Her moans start to get louder, and I feel her thighs shaking. Slowly, I push her closer and closer to the edge, until I am rewarded by a clenching and convulsing body above mine. I continue to lick gently until she lifts herself off of me.

“Mmmmmm…. Not bad, my sweet patient… I’ll have to remember how good you are at that.”

She spends spend the next few minutes recovering and slowly drawing random patterns with her pointed nails across my skin, reminding me just how horny I am.

Moving back between my legs, my nurse gives me a lust filled smile. “So…. I believe you asked me for more than just a single finger teasing and tickling that tip of yours” she begins to trace her finger over my sensitive weeping slit again, reminding me how it made me squirm. “Is that what you want?”

“Oh please… your one finger is killing me…. I need more…. Please….”

“Ok, honey….” She gives me a look that is both sexy and intimidating as she reaches for a bottle of lube nearby. “Let’s do this right.”

She raises a well lubricated palm to the tip of my cock and start slowly running her hand in small circles, palming just the tip as her other hand holds my cock steady.

I gasp at the intensity of the sensation and a long low moan escapes my lips. My toes are flexing, and my body begins to shake as her palm delivers a level of intense pleasure I have never experienced before. Around and around, she relentlessly torments the head of my cock and my moans become louder and more fevered.

I am convinced that the sensation will push me to orgasm, but I am wrong. The need to cum just grows and grows. Never relenting, never retreating, until I am begging, pleading with her to let me cum.

My cries of anguish only seem to egg her on, as she palms my tip for minutes on end.

Just when I am sure that I will lose my mind, I hear the privacy curtain being pulled back and see another nurse stroll in. Her brown hair pulled up in a bun and glasses framing her gorgeous brown eyes, if she wasn’t wearing an overtly sexual nurse’s uniform, I would have guessed she was a librarian (well, a sexy librarian).

“Hey Anna, you’ve got a loud one here”

The hands tormenting me continue as she turns to the other nurse, “Oh hey, Taylor… he’s real sensitive too”

“Oh please…” I beg as the new nurse turns to me, “You have to help me…. She’s… she’s… torturing me… oh my god… please.”

“Sure, I’ll help” she replies. “Now what exactly was she doing to “torture” you?”

I go to answer, but nothing but a moan comes out, as Anna increases the intensity of her hands on my cock. Taylor looks on patiently as eventually Anna stops, allowing me to respond.

“She’s been teasing and tormenting me… She’s .. she’s been getting me all worked up… Oh god… I need to cum… please…”

Taylor slowly walks closer to my head, dragging her fingers up my leg.

“So you think that a sexy woman getting you aroused, teasing you, and playing with your cock is torture? I don’t know… I bet a lot of guys would find that hot! Don’t you find Anna here hot? Doesn’t she make your body tingle with pleasure?”

“Yes… but…”

“And surely this HUGE erection makes me think you are enjoying yourself…”

“I can’t help it… she’s…”

Taylor’s fingers innocently draw a small circle around my nipple. “You wouldn’t be trying to get this poor nurse in trouble for running some tests and trying to make you feel good along the way, would you?”

I look down at Anna, still perched between my legs, giving me a cute puppy dog stare while pouting her lips. Every so often, she tickles a few fingers on my inner thigh, making my recently abandoned cock swell and twitch.

“Nn..No… It just… oh…it’s too much”

“Oh, I think I see,” Taylor lowers herself to my ear. “Too much of a good thing, huh?”

I nod my head… Taylor’s perfume and closeness making my head swim.

“I think I can help after all…” As those words leave Taylor’s mouth, Anna’s fingers wrap around my cock and I feel her take my tip between her lips. A moan escapes my throat.

“Maybe if I moan in your ear while Nurse Anna is sucking that sweet cock, it will help…”

What follows is the most erotic soundtrack I can imagine, Taylor is moaning, gasping, and narrating as Anna sucks my cock up and down, her tongue swirling the head and tickling the frenulum. I feel myself nearing the edge and am sure that I am headed toward the greatest orgasm of my life.

My breathing speeds up and my thighs quiver as I get closer and closer to release. I moan, “yessssss” as my body prepares to explode.

Just as I am about to cross over into orgasm, they both stop, Taylor giving my earlobe a quick nip before she stands back up.

“See honey, I told you I’d help” Taylor says with a smirk.

I am shaking and confused… “That didn’t help… oh god… please I was almost there”

“Oh… I could tell,” Taylor says with a shit-eating grin, “Did you think I would help you? I meant I would help Anna. It’s so much hotter when there’s two of us working you over, don’t you think?”

My hope melts into a mix of fear and frustration, as I realize that instead of Taylor being my savior, she is going to add to my torment.

As Anna slowly begins stroking once again, Taylor unbuttons the top of her uniform, letting her large breasts and lacy bra make an impressive entrance.

She squeezes her breasts and lets out a little moan, her other hand sliding into her pants. As delicate, teasing strokes continue on my cock, she leans down and in a heated breath says, “Mmmm…. Sweetie, you have gotten me all worked up here. I see you staring at my breasts, would you like to help me out?”

I can barely speak, but I shake my head as my mouth waters at the idea.

Taylor removes her bra and I suck her nipple into my mouth with a starving man’s eagerness, eliciting a moan from her that only fuels my passion. Anna begins stroking my cock with two hands, twisting each in opposite directions. My arousal grows and I hear Taylor moaning, she is clearly masturbating herself while I suck and lash my tongue around her erect nipple.

She gasps at my tongue’s movement and growls, “don’t you dare stop.”

Meanwhile, the masterful massage of my cock has me nearing the edge again, Anna continuing her dual hand technique and start to lick the very tip of my cock, causing me to whimper into Taylor’s breast. Taylor squeezes my head more firmly into her tit.

Just when I think I can’t take any more without exploding, Anna slows her strokes, keeping me teetering on the very brink of orgasm.

“Do you want to cum, hun?” she asks, forcing my cock to experience greater and greater levels of pleasure.

I groan in response.

“I can’t hear you…. I said do you want to cum? You need to say, ‘please let me cum Nurse Anna’” She speeds up her strokes just to emphasize how close I am.

I try to answer her, to say the words she has given me, but Taylor keeps my mouth sealed firmly against her breast and again says, “Don’t you dare stop sucking…. I’m going to cum.” Her moans grow louder as Anna questions me again.

“Say, ‘please let me cum Nurse Anna’ and I will let you…” her hands twisting more intensely around my cock head.

I try to tear myself away from Taylor’s breast, but she won’t allow it. I want to scream for Anna to let me cum, but the large breast in my mouth just results in a muffled moan. I hear Taylor grunt and feel her body shaking as she cums intensely next to me.

When one last stroke would have pushed me over the edge into the orgasm my body is crying for, Anna takes her hands away and Taylor stands up.

“Wow, hun” Taylor says, still a little shaky from her own orgasm, “I’m surprised you don’t want to cum after all of that. I guess we’ll just keep teasing you then. Hey Anna, do you still have those feathers?”

I start to beg, “Please… please… I need to cum so bad!!!”

Anna turns and begins opening and closing drawers on the far side of the room. Looking over her shoulder she says, “If you really wanted to cum, you would have asked when I gave you the chance. Until then… Oh here they are!” She turns around with a particularly evil glint in her eyes. In one hand she holds a number of thin very pointed feathers. In the other, she is holding a strange looking device. It looks like a short rubber tube with straps coming off it.

She sits down between my legs, carrying the device with her.

“Wh…what is that?” I ask nervously.

“You’ll see.” Anna widens the tube with her fingers so she can lower it over my cock without making contact with my skin. In my current state, the feel of a tight tube sliding down my cock would have me shooting for sure. Once at the bottom of my erection, she releases her grip and the tube constricts around the lower inch and a half of my cock, trapping the blood and making my cock impossibly feel harder.

Both women dutifully work around me, attaching the straps on the device to various points around the frame of the mattress. The result is that my cock is now positioned straight up and is no longer free to twitch and jerk. Indeed, when Anna blows on the tip of my cock, what feels like a massive twitch, just results in my cock head swelling with no real movement at all.

“Perfect” she says with a self-satisfied smile.

I look on with trepidation my lusty nurses take posts on either side of my body, feathers in hand.

“Oh, Honey, you are going to love this” Anna quips as I feel the slightest of tingles right over my frenulum. The sensation is the most ticklishly arousing thing I have ever felt, and a gasp escapes my lips. My cock head throbs, and the skin reddens and turns tight and shiny.

With delicate strokes Anna draw small circles at the very bottom of my slit with her feather, and a clear pearl of precum quickly emerges.

As if on cue, Taylor laps up the drop with her own feather and draws small circles around the very tip of my cock, just at the top of the slit.

The two of them work in tandem, Taylor at the top and Anna at the bottom of my weeping cock’s eye, drawing impossibly delicate circles, arousing the nerves to the point where I feel my cock is literally vibrating. I constantly feel the need to twitch, but movement is impossible with the device around my base, and my cockhead flares and tenses every few seconds.

“You know what I love best about this treatment, Taylor?” Anna says, never taking her eyes of the small target of her feather. “These little tiny movements just light his whole nervous system on fire. In a few minutes, his whole body will be sensitized by our feather light strokes. He’ll want to feel our hands on his skin, stroking his chest, caressing his thighs, really anything at all, but all he is going to get is these sweet little touches on his most sensitive spots.”

As she speaks, I can feel the burning desire to be touched spreading across my prone body. I am sweating and panting, and I indeed need someone to touch me… my skin feels alive as I become more and more desperate.

A long slow groan escapes my lips as the points of the feathers slowly crank my arousal to unfathomable levels. Drip after drip of precum slowly emerges, only to be used as more lubrication for the devilish feathers. Seconds pass into minutes, and I feel the tingling that warns of an impending orgasm. My breathing becomes shallow, and my toes start flexing.

“I bet you would love it if I just grabbed this monster and started stroking it now, wouldn’t you?” Anna teases. “Rubbing firmly over your head, stroking you top to bottom. Maybe cupping your sensitive overfilled balls in my other hand?”

I low whimper escapes my lips as I feel myself crawling ever… so… slowly towards the release that my body has been craving since Anna first started to tease me.

My mind is racing, yet I feel like the world around me is slowing down as I feel the biggest, most intense orgasm I will ever experience building inside me. Slowly, I feel the pressure growing and growing, and I know that I am going to explode at any minute.

I am not sure if will finally let me have the release that they have been tormenting me with for who-knows-how-long, but I can tell it’s coming. My cock is quivering and the need to orgasm is overwhelming.

I hold my breath as I feel it start to peak. I am whimpering “ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod” over and over.

It’s finally here… I feel the orgasm coming and then…

It doesn’t come…

They aren’t stopping, but the feathers are not providing enough pressure to trigger the orgasm that I am so desperate for. They just continue and continue, holding me in this impossible place of almost-orgasm and never letting me calm down.

Anna and Taylor share a knowing glance and begin toy with new ways of stroking their feathers over my helpless cock head – drawing circles around the hole, tracing the underside of my ridge, even dipping their feathers into the slit, drawing out more precum.

Knowing that I am trapped on this plateau, they begin to verbally tease me.

“Come on baby, cum for us…. Shoot that big load out all over…” Anna says.

“Won’t it look great all over our sexy breasts… Please, honey, give us your cum” teases Taylor. They both make moaning sounds and continue to torment me with their sexy words.

When I think I will finally lose my mind they withdraw their feathers. It takes a few minutes for the tingling in my cock to subside and for my heart rate and panting to calm down.

Anna comes close and give me a passionate kiss “What a wonderful patient you are being. It’s really too bad you don’t want to cum” She runs a finger up the length of my cock, so sensitized it is almost enough to make me cum. “That’s twice now that I’ve offered you an orgasm… I’m starting to take it personally.”

“Noooo… you’re not being fair… oh, please Nurse Anna… I have never needed to cum so much in my life… please make me cum… Oh godddd”

“Ok then dear… I’ll give you a minute to calm down, and we’ll try again. But if you turn me down again, I’m going to start to think that you want me to tease and deny you over… and over…. and over.”

Anna moves to the foot of the bed and gives Taylor a look and a nod. She leaves the room while Anna turns her attention back to me. I start to calm down slightly, though the gentle strokes of her nails on my legs and on the bottoms of my feet keep my overall level of desperation high.

She looks me deep in the eyes with a stare that flips my stomach and makes a new drop of precum leak down my cock. I am so hypersensitive that I can feel the drop like a tongue running down my length. My eyes roll back, and I let out a sound that is between a sigh, a moan, and a whimper.

Taylor walks back into the room pushing a covered cart with her.

“Oh goodie!” Anna exclaims. “You are just going to love this!”

She and Taylor set upon attaching stickers up and down my torso. Two on my nipples, pairs down my stomach, a line on my inner thighs, and one on my perineum. Once all the stickers are in place, Taylor attaches a slew of wires to them, so I am wired like the most unusual EKG you have ever seen.

“One last thing” Anna says, as she pulls a small, curved device from the table. I stare at it with confusion, and then with fear as I realize where she plans on putting it. She lubricates the device well and easily slip it into my ass, sliding it back and forth and watching my reactions to make sure it is positioned with its tip right against my prostate.

Anna gives a wink to Taylor, pulls a control box from the table, and pushes a button.

Suddenly, my body tenses as I feel a tingling sensation up and down my torso. She looks at me and pushes another button, lighting up my nipples and thighs, causing me to gasp audibly. She looks to Taylor, who gives her a nod before she presses a final button. A sensation like I have never felt before builds inside me, as a charge shoots back and forth between the electrode on my perineum and prostate, making my cock swell to new proportions. A new stream of precum leaks down my shaft, accompanied by a long low groan from my throat.

“Oooh…. Looks like our patient is appreciating our work already!” Anna lets the sensations rock my body for a few minutes before she decides to up the ante.

Anna grabs some lube and wraps her cream covered hands around my already begging cock and begins to stroke slowly, again twisting both hands in opposite directions as she moves up and down. Occasionally, she drags a palm in circles around the head a few times before returning to the slow, delicious strokes.

My eyes squeeze shut as the combination of sensations traversing my body quickly has me at a level of intense arousal that has me floating. I feel like my entire body is being gently caressed, my insides are being lit on fire, and Anna’s hands are made of pure lust. She is very consciously stroking me in a way that keeps me just below the edge of orgasm I am desperate to move past. Almost edging me, not letting my arousal retreat, but not moving me forward either.

I feel the tingling sensations all over my body start to increase in intensity and look over to see Taylor gradually turning a dial on the control box with a wicked look in her eyes. The tingles traversing my body are pushing me harder and harder toward an orgasm, but Anna’s strokes are staying just below where I need them to be.

Taylor walks over my bedside, controller in hand. Running her fingers over my sensitized skin and around the tingling electrodes, she says, “Now, my good patient, we have one last test to run…”

My heart is already pounding out of my chest, as I can’t imagine what erotic torment still remains.

“Your nervous system seems to be nicely reactive, but we still haven’t checked your orgasmic response.”

I quickly look down to Anna, whose eyes meet mine as she ever so slowly increases the speed of her strokes.

“Do you want to cum?” Anna asks.

“Oh god…” I can barely put two words together. “Please…”

“What do you need to ask me?”

“Ohhh… please… oh god… please let me…NGHHHHH” before I can get the last words out, Taylor presses a button on her controller that sends a strong pulse of heated lust through my prostate. I strain against my bonds like never before, but they hold firm.

Anna looks at me with mock disappointment, “What did I say about turning me down? Let’s try again…” Her stroking becomes more and more intense, “Do you want to cum?”

“OH please please…. Let me cum NurGNNNNNN” again Taylor charges my body with a bolt of arousal that takes my words away.

“Last chance” Anna warns…her strokes increasing in speed with each word, as she drags out the question I already know how to answer, “Do… you… want… to… cum?”

I scream, “PLEASE LET ME CUM NURSE ANNA” as I finally explode in an orgasm that tears through my body, a bright white light fills my vision as rope after rope of cum cover my chest, the tingles from the electrodes are matched only by my own nervous system’s tingles of pleasure as I finally come down from an orgasm that I will never forget.

As I catch my breath, Anna and Taylor softly run their hands over my body, causing small aftershocks of pleasure to course through me.

Once my breathing has returned to normal, Taylor begins to loosen my bonds and Anna says, “Well, it looks like you are well enough to be discharged… Unless you would like us to run some more tests tomorrow… just to be sure…”

I couldn’t agree fast enough.
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Re: The hospital stay

Post by Lestat »

A well written great story once again ! :smile:
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Re: The hospital stay

Post by CagedAnimal »

Great writing!
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Re: The hospital stay

Post by Drool »

Another great one. :thumbsup:
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Re: The hospital stay

Post by rider55crazy »

Very nice story to read just before I play with some ESTIM, I would volunteer for exactly that in real life. If only there was a way.
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Re: The hospital stay

Post by Milov08 »

Really HOT! :love:

Just a personal opinion, I would have loved a plot twist at the end. Some surprise to know why he was hospitalized in the first place. :-P

Thanks for sharing your stories ^^
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Re: The hospital stay

Post by trelyy »

Enjoyed your story, perfect written! Do not stop please :yes:
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Re: The hospital stay

Post by Asiba22 »

A beautiful story that made my panties get wet. :love:
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