A Costly Tease

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A Costly Tease

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Don't know if people prefer seeing the text posted here or if linking to elsewhere is better or both? For now here's both. This was a quick one to get me through a bad funk and hopefully jump start being creative again.


Victor woke up moaning as he felt a hand gently stroking his achingly hard cock. His pleasure quickly turned to panic when he opened his eyes and tried to piece together where he was and who was with him. The fact he was tied to the bed with something shoved into his mouth didn’t help matters, but as the last cobwebs of sleep cleared his head he began to remember. This is his hotel room. He’s away from home on a business trip. More of a boondoggle, if he was being honest. Some tech expo his company sent him on. During the day you walk around and listen to sales pitches from various vendors, but the nights were spent drinking and flirting with those same salespeople and other tech workers. It usually didn’t turn into anything more than harmless fun and he’d go to his room alone to sleep off the booze. That is until last night when he met…crap what was her name? After his eyes adjusted to the daylight, he looked down at the mystery woman sitting on the side of the bed, fully clothed, smiling as she continued stroking him. She was as pretty as he remembered from last night. Auburn hair cascading down on her shoulders that framed her cute, round face. The loose, flowing, black dress she wore did well to conceal her curvy, hourglass figure he became so intimate with just a few hours ago. She almost looked innocent if he didn’t already know better.

“Good morning, sweetie! I hope you had as much fun last night as I did. I need to go soon, but I wouldn’t dream of leaving without saying goodbye.” As her hand quickened its pace and brought him to the edge, only to slow down and hold him there, he began begging for mercy. Of course, only muffled nonsense could be heard which only caused her to giggle.

As Victor stared at the ceiling in frustration, he thought back to how he ended up like this in the first place. The expo was over and for most it was their last night in town, so the drinking and socializing was amped up. Victor managed to finagle an extra night so he could have a day to himself and take in some sights, but still did his best to keep up with his peers. At least that was his plan until he went to the bar to grab the third round for himself and a few friends he’d made this week. It was crowded, but he still managed to find an open stool. He sat down and gave his order, trying his best to remember them all and was startled by the voice next to him, “And I’ll have a gin and tonic.”

Surprised, he turned to her, “Excuse me?”

“I said I’ll have a gin and tonic.” She smiled and batted her eyes, “Please?”

Flabbergasted, he replied, “Uh, yeah, sure, why not?” Turning to the bartender, “And a gin and tonic for the lady. Thanks.”

“Thanks sweetie! You here for that nerdy convention thing?”

“The tech expo? Yup, but it just ended. It’s our last night here for most of us.” Victor found himself a little nervous, but he couldn’t pinpoint why. He wasn’t trying to hit on her, quite the opposite it seemed. Then it hit him. The way she was acting, that oversized handbag next her on the bar she probably kept some supplies in, she wasn’t necessarily dressed the part, but he assumed she must be a “pro,” the kind of date you pay for up front. He had nothing against sex work, just not something he was looking for. Not wanting to be rude, he paid for the drinks and started gathering them up to bring to his table, “Well, nice meeting you. Enjoy your drink.”

Before he could turn to leave, she put her hand on his bare arm and he swore he felt electricity tingle its way up his arm then down his spine. He had to suppress a shiver lest he spill the drinks, “Hey, you’re not gonna make a girl drink by herself, are you?”

Hesitating longer than he should have, he replied, “Sorry, I need to get these over to my friends. There’s some thirsty people over there.”

She looked over at them then back to Victor, “Fine, but leave yours here and come right back and keep me company!” She wasn’t asking, she was telling, and for some reason he couldn’t explain he was obeying.

As he dropped off the drinks, he made a lame excuse about running into an old college friend and wanted to catch up. Next thing he knows he’s sitting back at the bar and chatting up this strange woman. She isn’t here for the expo but is vague about why she’s in a hotel bar. He can’t even get her name out of her. All this further confirms his suspicions, so before things get out of hand and he gives in to temptation, he tries to nip this in the bud, “Look, I don’t want to waste your time or anything, but I’m not looking for a “companion” or anything tonight. I’m happy to buy you that drink and chat, but that’s it, if you catch my drift.”

She stared at him for a few seconds then burst out laughing. A little louder than he was comfortable, she said, “Oh my god, you think I’m a hooker?” And continued laughing. Victor flushed red with embarrassment and tried to stammer out a response, but she cut him off, “I’m not sure if I should be flattered or insulted. Sweetie, just because I’m a little forward it doesn’t mean I’m a working girl. I thought you were cute and I’m a little lonely, that’s all.” Leaning into his ear she places a hand on his thigh and whispered, “I’ll fuck you for free if you’re interested.” His mind is a whirl between the drinks and her advances. When he doesn’t reply she stands up and grabs his hand, “Here. Take me to your room.” His paralysis finally broken, he does just that, letting her lead him to the elevators. Alone, they begin making out as they ascend the twenty floors to his level. When the doors open this time he leads her by the hand to his room, fumbling the key card until it slides in and unlocks the door.

After putting out the Do Not Disturb sign and locking the door he makes one final effort to get to know her, “Look, before we go further, I need to know your name at least. I’m Vi…”

She puts her finger to his lips and shushes him, then begins unbuttoning his shirt. “No no. It’s more exciting this way. You’re my sweetie, but you can call me Goddess.” Before he can protest, they resume kissing and stripping each other out of their clothes. Once at the bed she forcefully shoves him onto his back and quickly climbs on top, pinning his arms above his head, and resumes their make out session. He can’t remember the last time he felt so helpless and yet so turned on at the same time. Between that and feeling her wetness slide and grind along his cock, it’s more than he can stand. Despite her leverage, he manages to wrestle free and flip them over, but before he can slide inside of her, she puts her hand on top of his head and gently pushes him down, “Not yet, sweetie. You need to take care of me first.” Understanding her meaning he gladly kisses his way down her body and settles in between her legs. He normally goes slow, gently kissing, teasing and building her up, but she wasn’t having any of that. She grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her. Taking the hint, he stepped up his game and began licking and sucking her in earnest, which caused her to loosen her grip but not let go completely. Based on the moans and other noises she was making he assumed she’s pleased, but any time he tries to vary his pace or slow down, she tightens her grip on him. He takes the hint and keeps going at the same pace, but soon he begins to tire. Despite his desire to please her, his body is failing him, but she isn’t having it. Once again, she tightens her grip and growls, “Naughty boy! I’m so close, don’t you dare stop now, your Goddess is so close!” That was enough to give him a second wind and pick up the pace, but despite that her grip did not loosen. In fact, a few minutes later it tightened, as did her thighs around his head, when she went over the edge and exploded! “Good boy! Don’t stop, fuck, don’t stop!” Trapped as he was, he had little choice so continued pleasing her as best he could. Most women he had been with in the past became sensitive after cumming, some forcibly pushing him away, but not her. A few minutes after her orgasm, when her grip still hadn’t lessened, he began to worry he’d be trapped there forever. His second wind was starting to fade and with it his pace. Luckily, she released him completely and allowed him to rest his head on her thigh as he panted like a dog. Keeping that theme, she stroked his hair and called him her good boy.

“You need to work on your stamina to better worship your Goddess. I could let you do that to me all night. Guess for now I just need more creative ways to motivate you.” As he laid there resting, hearing the way she spoke was starting to freak him out. Afterall, he had no idea who this woman was and is assuming he’ll never know after he leaves in a couple days. At the same time, he’s never been more turned on! He can’t explain it, but this…Goddess…has him completely enthralled. That’s why instead of ending this, he slides back up her body to kiss her, hoping this time she’ll allow his still hard cock to go where his tongue just was. Instead, she takes him by surprise by easily flipping them so he was on his back again. Another deep kiss and she suddenly gets off him and the bed and goes to grab her handbag. Confused, Victor sits up and watches her get it and return, then pulling out several pieces of rope from the bag. Any spell she may have cast upon him is quickly being broken. No matter how horny he gets, he isn’t going to allow a stranger to tie him up. Best case, she robs him, worst he’s murdered.

As she moves towards him his senses completely return, “Hey, no, sorry. This has been fun and all, but I don't know you. Hell, I don't even know your name. If you want to come back to bed that would be great, but no ropes. Okay?”

Pouting, she drops everything on the floor and sits next to him. For the first time she feels him touching his cock. Gently fondling it up and down with feathery touches causing him to gasp and moan and re-establishing her control over him. “I see. So you know me well enough to fuck me, but not to play my games?” Even though he was still convinced his reasoning was sound, that made him feel pretty shitty. But those feelings, and his resolve, began to evaporate when he nibbled his ear and whispered, “Besides I guarantee you’ll have the best night of your life. I’ll fuck you harder than you can imagine.”

Between the promises and the teasing of his cock, he almost gave in, but at the last moment his rational mind nudged him just enough, “Damn, that sounds amazing, but I can’t.”

Seemingly defeated, she stops everything and leaves the bed, grabbing her clothes. Victor immediately feels a pang of regret, knowing he blew a possibly mind-blowing evening, but also knows he may be dodging a lifesaving bullet at the same time. He had never been one to throw caution to the wind, and while this seems like the perfect time to start, he still can’t bring himself to do it. Instead, he just sits there speechless with a raging erection, watching her put her panties and bra back on. She pauses and asks, “Before I go, tell me what you’re so afraid of?”

Feeling a bit ridiculous, he tells her, “Well, you know, I don’t want to get robbed or anything like that. I’ve heard stories…”

That caused her to smirk, “Stories, huh? You think I’m going to grab your wallet or your kidney and take off?” Well shit, he didn’t even think about organ harvesting! Not noticing his renewed panic, she went back into her handbag, fished something out, and brought it over to him. “Here. Put this and anything you want to protect in your safe. It has my ID, credit cards, and money. But no peeking! Do that and then can we go back to having some fun?” After doing some quick mental gymnastics it seemed like a good compromise and gave him some confidence, she wasn’t going to take advantage of him in a way he wouldn’t like. He took her large wallet and then grabbed his own and any expensive items he had and put them in the room’s safe. He set the code, locked it, and went back to her. “Feel better now?”

He actually did. “Yeah, I think so. Sorry, I just…” she interrupted him with another kiss, guiding him back to the bed. Once there he didn’t protest when she tied one of the ropes around his wrist and then down to the leg of the bed. He allowed her to do the same with his other three limbs, feeling a mixed rush of fear and excitement.

He tested her handiwork and found he was truly helpless as she stood at the foot of the bed, enjoying his struggles. “Just one last finishing touch.” She slipped out of her underwear and walked over to his side, “Open wide.” Confused, he did as she said and was rewarded with her panties shoved deep into his mouth, almost causing him to gag. She smiled, “There, perfect. Now to get those kidneys!” His eyes went wide as she lunged to his sides, but instead of cutting she began tickling him, causing him to wail into the gag. She laughed along with him, “Silly boy.” She settled next to him on the bed and moved her hands back to his cock, stroking him softly, “Making me work so hard just to give you pleasure. I was going to wring out every drop of cum you have tonight, but now I think you might need to be punished. I might not even let you cum at all! Either way, I’ll keep my promise. This is going to be the best night of your life and you’re definitely getting fucked hard one way or the other. But for now, just relax and enjoy yourself.” Not having any choice, he followed her suggestion as she rested her head on his chest and slowly toyed with his cock, driving him crazy with desire. He had no concept of how much time had passed as he moaned at the pleasurable sensations she was inflicting upon him, but soon he was ready for more. No, he needed more, so his moans gradually turned into whines and then pleading through the gag. Bringing her head back to his ear she whispered, “Poor sweetie. I’ll bet you wish I was riding this cock right now, don’t you?” He nodded enthusiastically. “Tsk tsk, no one to blame but yourself. If you weren’t so stubborn you’d be so deep inside of me right now, feeling my pussy milk out all your cum. But that’s only for good boys. Bad boys get teased.” She blew in his ear and picked up her pace, bringing him right to the edge but letting go before he could cum, giggling at his frustrated and disappointed whines. After a short break she edged him again, and then again. Each time he was certain he was about to orgasm and each time he was proven wrong and cruelly denied. After the tenth edge he lost count, or maybe he forgot what came after ten, he only knew it wasn’t him! Eventually she stopped and pulled the panties out of his mouth. He immediately began begging for relief, but she shushed him, “Hush now, sweetie. I didn’t take them out so you could speak. I want to feel your tongue again. Please your Goddess and maybe she’ll do the same for you.”

Without another word she climbed on top of him, straddling his head, and facing the headboard. Right before she lowered herself, she stared down into his eyes, “I think you’ll be better motivated this time,” then winked and settled down onto his waiting mouth. Learning from earlier, Victor didn’t waste any time and dove right in, much to her delight. Between the teasing and feeling so powerless underneath her, he found himself with an excess of sexual energy that he poured into pleasing her. Unlike earlier, he managed to keep up a steady pace until she climaxed on top of him. Gripping the headboard tightly, she grinded on his face, enjoying the release. Since Victor is such a quick learner, he knew not to stop or even slow down and continued licking away. “Good sweetie, don’t stop!” As a reward she let go of the headboard and leaned back slightly so she could reach his cock. With a firm grip she slowly stroked him, spurring him on to continue licking. It was enough encouragement for him to give her a second orgasm, but even a lust fueled body has limits and he reached his. Wanting more, but realizing she wasn’t going to get it, she slid off his face and back to his side. With her hand back on his cock, teasing him gently, she gave him a kiss and praised him, “Mmmmm, that was nice, but I still think you can do better.”

Aside from his moans, they laid in silence as she came down from her high. Sometime later she wordlessly got off the bed to retrieve her underwear and placed them back in his mouth. Confused and a little concerned, he watched her go over to the closet and fiddle with the safe, testing the door. Back at his side in bed, she stroked him more aggressively. Quickly getting him to the edge and then holding him there as closely as she could. “I have a little confession to make. You were right to be worried about being tied up.” His eyes went wide with fear. “I’m not going to hurt you, or rob you, technically. But eventually you are going to give me the combo to the safe. That is, if you want to cum you will. Until then, I’m going to keep you just like this. Teetering on the edge. So close you think you’ll go insane. You won't, though. You also won’t cum unless I want you to. I’m too good at this to make mistakes.”

He began shouting and screaming obscenities at her, though through the makeshift gag not much was coming out. “Silly boy. Yelling won’t save you. No one can hear you to come to your rescue. If you do manage to get too loud, I’ll just sit on your face again. You’re all mine tonight. If you give in now, I promise I’ll ride your cock until you’re empty. What do you say?” More angry, muffled noises as he shook his head no. As tempting as she was, he wasn’t going to give up everything he had with him for one measly orgasm. Afterall, she can’t keep him here forever, right? She shrugged, “Suit yourself. We’ll see how you feel in a few hours.”

For the next thirty minutes she kept him as close to the edge as she could. Despite his struggles, hip thrusts, moans, wines, or begging, nothing he did could push himself or convince her to push him over the edge. He was starting to think none of this was worth it, but quickly pushed those thoughts away. As if reading his mind she asked, “Ready to give in yet? My offer still stands. Still plenty of night left for fucking instead of this.” This time he hesitated for just a few seconds before he shook his head no again. She smirked seeing that hesitation and knowing she would break him eventually. “That’s okay. Like I said, plenty of night left and I have no place else to be.” She was also a quick study and knew she could push him slightly closer without fear of any accidents, so did just that and continued holding him there.

This caused Victor to begin rationalizing how giving in wouldn’t be the end of the world. He didn’t have that much cash on him and the cards could be canceled. She’d leave his phone, right? But even that was replaceable. Of course, none of that mattered since he was gagged and helpless to stop her. It was only another thirty minutes later when she again asked if he’d had enough, though to him it felt like thirty hours! Her teasing didn’t let up when she asked so it took him a moment to realize she was offering a lifeline from drowning in lust. He was ready to give in, but she took his hesitation as resistance, “Tell you what, just give me the first number and I’ll let you rest for a bit. Deal? What good is one number when I need four, right?” To help convince him she pushed him ever so slightly closer. Finally aware of what was happening he quickly nodded his head and began screaming the number out, causing her to laugh as she pulled the underwear out of his mouth.

“Eight! Eight! The first number is eight! Fuck, please let me cum! Please!”

Instead of an orgasm she let go of him completely and went to the desk to jot the number down on a notepad. This allowed Victor to gather his wits enough to convince himself he can’t give in and was stupid to even give her one number. He vowed to himself no more. She can’t do this forever, right? As she approached the bed, he was about to beg for mercy but she shushed him quickly, “Relax, sweetie. I’m giving your cock a break just like I promised. Your tongue on the other hand…”

As she climbed onto the bed he protested, “You’re crazy! Why the hell should I do that for you! No way.”

Straddling his head she gave him an ultimatum, “Well I could just go back to teasing you then if you don’t want the break. Or I could smack your balls for a bit to convince you. I don’t enjoy causing pain, but if you’re going to be difficult…” Realizing he had little choice he submitted and once again did his best to please her with his mouth. Fortunately for him she was satisfied with the one orgasm, but unfortunately that also meant the gag was back in his mouth and she was back in her teasing position.

The rest of the night was more of the same. She kept him on edge for as close and as long as she could, checking in every half hour for him to give in and amazed when he refused. She was certain he was on the verge of breaking earlier, but still wasn’t too concerned. It was only a matter of time and this way was far more enjoyable. After an hour and a half she bartered the second number, six, and another face riding orgasm.

Victor cursed himself for breaking his promise, but again with mental gymnastics told himself it was fine. As long as he didn’t give out the fourth number he was just stalling for time. Waiting for the help that he irrationally was convinced was coming. He told himself that he was playing her and not the obvious opposite.

Realizing she needed to step up her game, she slid down between his legs and used her mouth to continue driving him insane. She had to be much more careful and couldn’t bring him as close as before, but the new sensations had the desired effect. Alternating between licks up and down the length and planting little kisses and sucks, paying special attention to the head, but never putting him in her mouth was causing him to continuously squirm and beg for more. It took her a moment to realize she forgot to gag him again, but he was too far gone to even consider calling for help. Besides, hearing him beg was much more appealing than the muffled moans. Once she felt he was primed enough she let just the head slide in and out of her mouth a few times, giving them both a taste, then taunted, “You know I could deep throat you if I wanted. I could slide every inch of your cock into my mouth. Would you like that, sweetie?”

“Oh yes, fuck, god, yes please!” he continued rambling, much to her delight.

“Well, all you ha…”

To her surprise he cut her off, “Seven! Seven! Fuck, please suck me! Please let me cum!” She ignored his whining as she got up to write down the third digit. While she was thrilled victory was almost at hand, she was also a little disappointed the game was almost over.

Back between his legs she gave his head a few more kisses then warned him, “Keep your hips still, sweetie. If you thrust into my mouth you’ll make me angry and I don’t think you’ll want that in your current position.” With slight fear he nodded and used his remaining willpower to keep still as she excruciatingly slowly slid him into her mouth and down her throat. In and out, over and over. It wasn’t long before he knew he was lost, He was prepared to not only give her the final number, but access to his bank account if she asked. Anything if she would finally just let him cum! In the meantime, his brain was too fried and he could only babble incoherently, with an occasional “please” and “cum” the only words she could make out.

Growing tired and noticing the sky outside was getting slightly brighter, she stopped sucking and sighed, knowing it was time to wrap this up. She crawled up the desperate man’s body, ensuring to avoid touching his frustrated cock, and stopped his babbling by giving him a deep kiss which he eagerly returned. After a few moments she broke it off, “Okay sweetie, I have to go soon. I want to feel your big, hard cock inside me sooo bad, but you know what you have to give me first, don’t you?” With a sad, desperate look he quietly nodded. “That’s my good boy. Give me the last number and I promise to give you a good fucking.”

Weakly, he gave in, “Five. It’s five. Please fuck me and make me cum. Please!”

After a big smile and a bigger kiss, she got off the bed, grabbed her handbag, and went to the safe to try the code. Rewarded with a whirr it unlocked and she went through its contents, first retrieving her own wallet then going through everything else he placed inside. Once satisfied, she came back to the bed, but not before finding her underwear and putting it back in his mouth. “Well, Victor, thank you very much.” She then pulled another item from her bag, “Since I’m a woman of my word, I’m going to fuck you now. Just like before, you’re not allowed to move your hips. I don’t want my ride to end too soon, got it sweetie?”

He was beyond any shame or caring, he only wanted one thing no matter the cost! Nodding vigorously, he let loose a stream of muffled begging.

She laughed, “Poor sweetie. So desperate.” Climbing back on the bed, she straddled him and he watched in rapt attention as she positioned his cock and very slowly slid him inside. His head fell back on the pillow as his eyes rolled back even further. This was a bliss he never felt before. It was even better than his first time those many years ago. But when nothing else happened he looked back up just in time to see her holding a small cylindrical device, flip a switch, and press it against herself. It was immediately apparent that it was a small bullet vibrator. She moaned in pleasure as the vibrations flowed through her and into his cock, as she slowly grinded against him. Of course, it wasn’t enough to push him over the edge despite how extremely worked up he was. However, it was more than enough to give her yet another orgasm at his expense. As she came she involuntarily hopped up and down a few times, giving him enough sensation to bring him close. Unable to resist any longer he began thrusting into her. Not only did she not care he broke his promise, but she was enjoying it. “Oh yes, sweetie, fuck me! Fuck your Goddess!” Thrilled this was finally it, he went faster. Just a few more seconds he knew he would explode, and apparently she did as well as she abruptly raised herself off of him, leaving him thrusting and fucking nothing but air. Like a banshee he screamed through the gag. She can’t possibly be this cruel! She’s taken everything from him and she promised. She promised!

Ignoring his desperate, muffled pleas and without a word she left the bed and went to the bathroom. Moments later he heard the shower running. Helplessly he did his best to relax, and much to his surprise fell asleep, exhausted from the night’s activities.

And this is where we first found Victor. After holding him on the edge for a few moments she stopped and picked up the vibrator she was using earlier. With some more small pieces of rope from her bag, she lined it up along the top of his shaft, not the sensitive underside, and tied it in place, then turned it on the lowest setting. “There, that should keep you entertained until the maid finds you and hopefully will avoid any mess for her to clean up.” She giggled at her comment then gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Victor, sweetie, you were amazing. I have your address, maybe I’ll surprise you one day! For now you can keep my panties as a souvenir from your trip. Something to remember me by. Just remember, I promised to fuck you, and I’d say you’re pretty well fucked right now, wouldn’t you? Take care!” And with that she got up and went to the door, once again ignoring his screams and pleading. As she went out the door she ensured she switched the sign from “Do Not Disturb” to “Please Service Room.” Blowing him a final kiss the door was closed and he was alone with a vibrator doing its best to keep him hard and little else.

Humiliated, defeated, and horny beyond belief, Victor could only lay there and wait, wondering what he’s going to say to the poor person who finds him. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait too long when he heard a knock at the door and a voice call out, “Housekeeping.” He froze, ready to die from embarrassment. When the door opened and they locked eyes she yelled, “Ah fuck!” Then sighed, “Jesus, I don’t get paid enough for this. Do you need help, sir, or is this some game?” Flushed red with embarrassment he did his best to get her to help. Hesitantly, she came over to him and removed the underwear from his mouth, quickly dropping it to the floor in disgust.

“Thank you, sorry. Please untie me? I was robbed. Please?”

She began untying his right wrist and couldn’t help but ask, “Why did they strip you and put that, uh, thing on your, uh, thing?” Once his wrist was free, Victor quickly untied the other one, “You know what, never mind. I’ll just come back later.” Before he could say anything she was gone and the door closed again.

Once his hands were free, he pulled the vibrator off his cock and flung it to the floor. Ignoring his sexual frustration and desperation, he untied his legs and ran over to the open safe before calling 911. What he saw caused him to freeze. Everything was there. His wallet, phone, watch…everything! Going through his wallet he had all of his cash, cards, and identification. The only thing different was a note that wasn’t there before:

“Dearest sweetie Victor,

Last night was AMAZING! I hope you didn’t have your way with the maid or hurt yourself jerking off! If you can wait I’ll make it worth your while tonight. Maybe I’ll let you tie me up this time! Give me a call.

Your Goddess, Angela”

It was followed by her phone number and a red kiss mark. He stared at the note and reread it a dozen times. Still in disbelief he set it down in the safe and went back to bed. The overpowering urge to masturbate faded enough where the need to sleep was more powerful. He decided to nap and save it for Angela later. He dozed and dreamed of the dirty things he would do to her in retaliation.
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Re: A Costly Tease

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Great story except for forgetting to add her number. :-D
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