Barbie's PrickTease PlayDates 15

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Barbie's PrickTease PlayDates 15

Post by KittyZateez »

Barbie had just given Dan a rather formal instruction, telling him to stay still whenever she was teasing him physically, and immediately his mind was flooded with questions. He was desperate to comply with her every wish, but he also wanted more specifics, like, was this an ongoing instruction every time they got together, or was it just for tonight, or what? And how strict was she going to be in enforcing it?

Right away there was confusion and mixed messages from her too, because when he agreed to her request (which would prove to be an almost impossible task, as he would soon find out), she rewarded him by giving him a nice, closeup embrace and some very intimate French-kissing. This was also accompanied by the feeling of her soft, warm hands rubbing all over his naked upper body, which further served to “convince” him to abide by her instructions…

But when she was kissing him, he couldn’t resist responding a little with his mouth and tongue, and she allowed it. And that was clearly breaking her rule right away, so exactly how was this rule supposed to work? He anxiously wanted to please her and obey her rules to the letter, but without being given more specifics, he knew it would be challenging, to say the least. Which was pretty much the point, right?

In any case, Dan knew enough about the wily ways of prick teasing females to understand that the point of a rule like that was to establish an inescapable trap for him for fall into, and probably also to set him up to fail in various ways. It was a familiar part of the game, and it was a common aspect of the role these kinds of ladies enjoy exploring with passive male partners.

And since she was such an absolute dream come true for him, he figured, what the hell, just play along and let her have her fun! In fact, he was already so completely infatuated with this incredibly hot, busty blonde cock teaser at that point, it felt very natural to just say “yes” to pretty much any little proposition she made.


Regarding an instruction to remain still while she teased him, it was one thing to sit and watch as she put on little shows of seduction and enticement for him (which, he had already realized, had started happening pretty much the moment he first laid eyes on her back at the coffee shop). But it was something else entirely to have her snuggling her hot body up against him, kissing him passionately while rubbing her hands on his body…and not be allowed to respond in kind!

In fact, he knew it would be pure torture to allow her to make advances on him but not make any of his own, but again, he also knew that this was the only way she would continue to lure him closer to her. By allowing her to play her erotic tease and denial games with him, he could only hope that she would allow him to worm his way into more of her feminine affections, so he was more than willing to support her sexual desires that way…

Anyway, now that she had given him her new instruction and served up a reward for his promise to obey it, she took a couple of steps backwards, eyeing him up and down and enjoying the way his eyes rolled up into his brain as the brief, intimate pleasure she had afforded him continued to sink in.

But now it was apparently time to proceed with the next phase of the evening’s little enslavement scenario, because at that point Barbie glanced over at the hostess, who was sitting at one of the tables watching. Barbie beckoned her over, and Dan watched as the seductive Asian girl who had been keeping him company earlier picked up an ornate silver tray and came strutting toward them.

As the hostess got closer, she looked at Dan with a shit-eating grin on her face, because although this girl was bringing the tray to Barbie, it quickly became clear that what was on it was probably intended to be used on HIM. The hostess slowed down as she walked right past him, and she lifted the tray toward his face just a bit so he could see it better. He gulped when he saw that it had several bondage items sitting on it, including a pink leather collar lined with soft pink fur, a shiny metal chain-leash with a thin pink leather wrist loop at the end and two pink fur-lined wrist cuffs.


‘Wow, even this girl’s bondage toys are pink,’ Dan thought to himself, liking the idea of that; it was as though these pink domination goodies had a much softer and more feminine appeal than the usual, more wicked-style black leather gear. It was quite fitting for this particular girl, he realized, as her style of domination was very much about sensuality and seduction, as opposed to focusing on the more common BDSM pain games and impact play that many other dominant ladies like to explore with their submissives…

Anyway, the hostess just stood there, still holding the tray until Barbie was ready to use the toys on him. Meanwhile, Barbie looked at Dan like a piece of meat, staring into his eyes with a knowing smile for a moment, but then she glanced across the room and beckoned another girl over. Dan recognized this girl right away; she was the lovely blonde who had teased his cock to erection earlier, right after all the other girls stripped him naked.

She picked up a furry pink rug from one of the couches and came marching over with it, and he could see that it was a little bigger than bathmat size as she stood at Barbie’s side with it. Apparently his cock remembered her too, because Dan could feel it throbbing as he watched what she was doing.

She plopped the pink rug down at Barbie’s feet and moved to the side a bit, looking at him with a knowing smile on her face, and then she took an opportunity to give him a seductive little wink, waving at him in a very flirtatious way with her pretty, long-nailed fingers.

It was clear that this was done to remind him that she was the one who had given him the simply delicious handjob tease earlier, because when she waved at him like that, her sexy red fingernails caught his eye, and he could feel his pulse quickening. Dan absolutely adored pretty much any girl that had long, sexy, slutty nails, and his cock twitched from the memory of the highly skilled technique that this pretty girl had used on him.


Indeed, this girl was clearly quite accomplished at using her lovely hands and sexy fingernails to give pleasure to the male sex organ, because she had been able to work him into a lather quite casually. The way she had been able to tease him up into a state of complete sexual arousal so quickly and easily was an undeniable demonstration of her skill!

Anyway, after fixating for a few seconds on this girl’s lovely, feminine fingers and sexy red nails, Dan glanced at Barbie and he saw her looking right at him with her deep blue eyes literally boring into his soul. She stared at him with serious intent, making it clear that although she was amused at the way this other girl had distracted his focus away from Barbie so easily, there should be no question as to whom he belonged to!

To that end, she paused for a few seconds, continuing to stare at him with her eyes twinkling, and then she simply pointed at him and commanded, “Come HERE!’

Dan stepped forward toward her like a robot, with her firm tone of voice seeming to have an inescapable power of attraction over him, and she smiled in satisfaction as she observed his unquestioning obedience. His erect cock flopped around with each step he took, and Barbie’s eyes again zeroed in on it as though it was the only thing she cared about.

She continued to watch Dan get closer, keeping her eyes absolutely glued to his hardon, and when he got a few feet away she pointed down at the floor in front of her and said one simple word: “Kneel!”


She said it loudly, and she opened her eyes wide as she said it too, making it clear that her instruction was to be obeyed without question. Out of the corner of his eye Dan could tell that literally every single girl in the room was watching closely as the erotic scene unfolded, and an undeniable feeling of embarrassment went through him.

He suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious, but he was also wildly turned on at the reality of having this luscious prick tease assert her female superiority over him right there in front of all the other girls. So he simply couldn’t resist his desire to please her and be her teasepet - he really was done for at that point!

And so, despite the feelings of subjugation that her choice of words entailed, he carefully lowered himself in front of her, bending one knee and placing it down on the pink rug. Right away he found that the rug was heavily padded so that it wouldn’t hurt to have his full body weight on it. Then he positioned his other leg next to the first one, kneeling beneath his gorgeous seductress.

He immediately discovered that the view of her from right there at her feet was absolutely magnificent, and he felt very fulfilled and even quite natural being in that position beneath her. Her legs were right in front of his face from that angle, and he couldn’t resist inspecting them carefully once again.

Up and down over every inch of them his eyes went, and again he found them to be quite simply the most attractive and perfect legs he had ever seen. They were so wonderfully fleshy, with toned muscles and curves in all the right places, and they really did look amazing in those glittery hose she had on! His mouth fell open, and he panted the word “wow” pretty much without thinking…

Barbie liked this reaction, and she knew right away what to do to entice him with them. First she placed her hand on his head and pressed down on it a bit, establishing a bit of physical superiority. And then she started swaying her hips side to side right before his eyes, shifting her weight from one side to the other on her lovely sky-high stripper heels.


Seeing her legs from the front was one thing; he loved their shape and he glanced all the way down onto her feet and delighted in the sight of her pretty red-painted toenails peeking through the vamp of those slutty spike-heeled shoes. But then she turned to the side to give him a different angle of every bit of her hot legs, and he let his mouth fall open, literally feeling himself salivating with desire for them.

She still wasn’t done, though, as she took her hand off his head and faced away from him, continuing to shift her weight from one leg to the other. Dan’s eyes stayed completely fixated on her legs as she did this, moving from her ass peeking out from under that obscenely short pink miniskirt all the way down the pink stilettos planted on the floor, and after a minute or so longer she took a step to the side and began simply walking away from him.

She once again began performing what should really be a trademarked showgirl strut, and she continued prancing along until she was almost to the side of the room. When she got right next to the wall, she spun around on her high heels, turning back to face him and pausing to check out his reaction again.

Watching her walk away from him like that was almost like having his heart ripped out from his body, such was the intensely erotic hold of attraction she held over him at that point. Even the slightest suggestion of what it might be like to have her seduce and abandon him was causing an empty, icy cold feeling deep inside him, and the possibility of being made to watch as she left him alone with his unsatisfied desire for her made it even worse!


But there really was no denying the fact that the view of her from behind was absolutely magnificent! Between her lovely blonde mane of silky golden hair falling down her back, the fluffy pink angora sweater wrapping her upper body in soft, elegant femininity, and that tiny little shiny pink miniskirt barely covering her ass cheeks as she pranced along, everywhere he looked was simply stunning and just dripping with sheer sex appeal.

Of course, the way she was flaunting the whole package with her legs stacked on those sky-high stripper heels was a sight to behold too! The finishing touch was the mind-meltingly seductive girly strut she was performing, and when she turned around and started to come back, his feelings of emptiness immediately flip-flopped. His heart and body began heating up like lava from the way she looked as she approached; she had a big smile on her face as she pranced back towards him with her hands on her hips in yet another brazen show of feminine self-assuredness.

She was thrusting her shoulders back and sticking her chest out to too, rotating her shoulders with each bouncy step she took. It was all being done purely to showcase those impressively large and firm breasts of hers, and they jiggled around enticingly as her practiced technique worked its visual magic. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world as he gazed up and down over her entire body, but of course, his eyes landed on her legs again and stayed there as she came towards him.

As she got close, she reached out and planted her hand on his head again, almost like he was a railing or something, and this time she patted his head gently in a show of approval of his behavior. But instead of stopping in front of him, she simply walked right by him - very closely - pretty much just inches in front of his face.

As she breezed past, she let the tips of her sexy nails glide along his scalp, again sending a chill down his spine, and then she tossed her hair to the side as she turned her head away from him like he had disappeared from her world. And she continued strutting along, moving away from him again, almost to the other side of the room.

Dan had taken a deep breath as he saw her approaching him, but when she went right past him like that his jaw dropped and he exhaled strongly, realizing he had held it long enough to be out of breath. The arousal caused by the simple act of her coming up close and then walking away made him start panting like a horny dog, and the symbolism of it was absolutely out of this world!

Her behavior at that point demonstrated the fact that if she so desired, she could take him or leave him all on a whim; she could keep him permanently wrapped around her little finger if she wanted, or she could abandon him forever without a second thought. Yeah, pretty much everything about her ongoing showing-off game was whipsawing his emotions up and down quite dramatically!

Then she simply repeated the process, sashaying back toward him and making sure her fantastic legs and high heels would be momentarily up close as she passed him, but then taking them away from him as she strutted toward the other side of the room again. And she rested her hand on his head briefly again as she went past, this time sliding her nails into his hair and giving him that growingly familiar tickle-tickle tease with them that made him tingle with pleasure, all over his body…

Dan almost reached out for her legs as she went by that time, but he remembered her instruction to stay still when she was teasing him. However, he did notice that she didn’t go quite as far away from him this time before she spun around and started coming back though…

Predictably, he kept his eyes glued on her lovely legs and spike heels the entire time, and Barbie simply adored seeing how he was so totally fixated on them. And as she came back towards him the next time, she began speaking, continuing to talk as she breezed right by him again. “So Daniel, I know you enjoyed letting Mai Ling tease you and play with you, she is a good hostess in that regard! And she really does have sexy legs, doesn’t she honey! I hope you liked them…I think you did!”

Dan found himself stifled from speaking for some reason as she went away from him again, but this time she went a little less far away before she started coming back. His desire to worship her legs was increasing every second, and he knew he should compliment her on them, so he said, “Yes, Goddess…but with due respect to her, I…I like YOUR legs better!”

Barbie giggled as she approached him again, clearly quite pleased with his comment. “Awww,” she cooed as she got within arm’s length, patting his head again like an obedient housepet and using her nails to tantalize him with more little tickles on his scalp. Then she continued, “I was really hoping you’d say that! I mean, I figured those pink jeans I had on earlier weren’t quite right for seducing and cock teasing my new LegBoy, but something tells me that this tiny little pink miniskirt was the right choice for the job! Am I right, snookums??”

Dan’s eyes closed momentarily as tingles of pleasure shot down his spine in response to her erotic touch on his head, but then they reopened slowly as she continued her show, strutting away from him and starting to turn around and come back. But before she had turned all the way around, he blurted, his voice dripping with sheer desperation, “Please, Goddess, your legs! They’re so sexy, I want them so much, please let me have them!”

She giggled at his begging but otherwise ignored his plea, sashaying back and forth right in front of him a few more times, but going less and less far away each time. His head turned from side to side as she slowly zeroed in on him; he was obediently following her fabulous legs going back and forth like he was watching a tennis match, and it appeared that this type of movement was not in violation of the ‘don’t move’ rule she had just established…

Anyway, soon she was only taking a few steps side to side, staying closer to him with each pass, and at that point his erection had begun twitching and bobbing up and down again, this time even more insistently as the sight of her hot legs being served up right there before his eyes took hold of his male lizard-brain and sent his desire simply skyrocketing into orbit…

Then she finally responded, saying sweetly, “Hmm, begging for my goodies again, are we? Don’t worry, sweetie, Goddess will probably give you a little bit of what you want tonight…but only when she’s good and ready!”

She clearly knew exactly what she was doing as she played her erotic teasing game of enticement and sexual control with him! And he was completely mesmerized by the openly brazen exhibitionism/voyeurism dynamic she had been exploring so purposefully with him so far, and the way she was slowly intensifying it as their interaction proceeded was unlike anything else he’d ever been exposed to with a girl!

Of course, she just loved seeing him down on his knees beneath her like that too, and she focused her eyes right onto the motion of his hardon at that point, giggling with delight at the sight of how it was responding to her leggy, visual teasing display. The shaft of it had started to turn a dark red, with the veins of the sides of it bulging out obscenely. And the head was starting to get all shiny and purple, exactly the way she liked a man’s cock to behave!

To that end, she had always been quite strict about a personal requirement that every teaseboy loveslave of hers must be a complete sucker for certain parts of her generously endowed body, and it was clear at that moment that this boy fit the bill quite nicely! And to be more specific, she had always found that fixating a boy like Dan’s full attention on her legs and high heels was a good place to start, because it established a dynamic of female supremacy and dominance right away.

Because of that, having a man beneath her, teasing him from above like that was absolutely perfect, and only when she was good and satisfied with his behavior, when she was totally convinced that she was in complete control over him, only THEN would he be allowed to focus on other, more intimate parts of her body…

So anyway, at this point she had finally stopped in front of him, and she approached him slowly until her legs were within arms reach of him. He wanted nothing more than to reach out and caress them, but he knew better than to just doing it without asking!

So instead he simply looked up at her with a helplessly aroused, mindlessly blank look on his face, and at that point she decided it was time to give him a little bit, so she said matter-of-factly, “All right, my pet. You may touch my legs now; you can rub your hands up and down the outsides of them. Later we can discuss other things I might decide to allow you to do to them, but you’re going to have to behave yourself!


Dan loved the sound of all that, needless to say, so he reached forward, and the moment he made contact with the shiny sheer material covering her fabulous legs it was like he had gone straight to heaven. They felt so soft and smooth as he placed both hands on her ankles and gently rubbed upwards, going up and down in little motions, slowly making his way up over her knee and pausing there to make some small circles on them.

He knew instinctively not to go higher, though, and after a minute or so she cooed, “Mmmm, that’s a good little boy” while he continued to obediently worship them like that. But soon she simply took a step back with a mischievous giggle, leaving him kneeling there with his arms outstretched, and he stayed in that position in a gesture of complete and utter surrender to her naughty games.

That was all he was to get of them for now, because now it was apparently time to move on to a new phase of their interaction, and he knew it when she looked into his eyes and picked up the pink fur-lined collar, showing it to him. She proceeded to slip one finger inside it and she dangled it down right in his face, letting it sway back and forth, again making him feel like he was being hypnotized.

“Now Daniel”, she cooed as she patted him on the head like a dog again while taunting him with the pink leather bondage collar, “I wanted to tell you that I do enjoy playing bondage games with my loveslaves from time to time. Is that okay with you, sugar? Would slavey like to do that with me??”

Dan’s heart started pounding so hard he felt like it was going to explode as this sexy-hot babe revealed her interest in bondage to him! Other than the obvious demonstrations of seduction and prick teasing she had subjected him to so far, he really had no idea exactly what else she was into until that point. And even though he knew she had a softer touch than the ultra-kinky, more explicit Tease Club girls that had been dominating and controlling him, he was delighted to see that Barbie was taking things in a direction that was getting just a bit kinkier.

He also particularly loved how she had proposed something that was more erotic than what they had been doing so far, but she made it a point to check with him first, as opposed to simply subjecting him to it. Hell, he would have allowed it either way, but this simple act of requesting consent first made it clear that she wanted his cooperation, that his agreement to let her put him in gentle bondage was important to her. It really made things feel like more of an intimate, personal interaction, as if she was becoming his very own kinky cock teasing girlfriend and not just some kind of unattainable, dominant Mistress…

So anyway, after another moment or two of dangling the collar in front of his face, she opened it up with both hands, spreading it apart and wrapping it gently around his neck. Dan hadn’t responded to her question yet, but there could be no other answer accept one in the affirmative, so he repeated the same two words he just loved to say to her at that point, “Yes, Goddess!”

The moment he replied, he could feel her warm fingers working the fur-lined leather collar around a bit as she slipped one end inside the buckle at the back of his neck and adjusted it, slowly tightening it until it fit just right. Much tighter and it would have interfered with his breathing; it was just tight enough to feel a threat of power or punishment somehow, but not enough to be uncomfortable, especially with the soft pink fur pushing gently into the skin around his neck.

Now that it was nicely attached, she stood up straight, and Dan’s eyes moved up her body, fixating on her breasts for a few seconds. She noticed him looking at them right away, and a mischievous look came over her face. Clearly she had thought of a little scheme to start in on him with, so she leaned forward towards him, causing her fantastic titties to fall out of her pink, fluffy sweater a little more, right before his eyes.


“Watcha looking at there, honey?” She taunted. Dan’s mouth fell open, with his gaze going bug-eyed at the sight of them being served up and offered to him like that. Those words made him suddenly realize that whatever scheme had popped into her mind would almost certainly be explored entirely at his expense…

“You like my boobies, don’t you, Danny-boy,” she continued in an enticing but accusatory tone, swaying them around right before his eyes a bit with a huge smile on her face, and when he nodded, she added coaxingly, “Well come and get ‘em then!”

Dan was stunned by the sudden suggestion that he could just reach up and have them, that he could take what he wanted just because he had decided to feast his eyes on them! So he paused for a moment as the realization of her apparent offer sunk in to his mind, but he didn’t need to be told twice, so after another moment he reached up with his hands.

But alas, she simply stood back up, taking her magnificent globes of flesh out of his reach with a girlish giggle. Then she posed with her hands on her hips, giving her upper body a little bounce that made them jiggle seductively, and she looked down at him sternly and said, “Now you STOP that!”

“But, Goddess, you told me I could…” Dan panted, very confused by what should have been a totally predictable setup on her part.

“Yes, I did, didn’t I!” Barbie giggled, interrupting him in mid-sentence and taunting him by bending forward just a bit, swaying her gorgeous melons in front of his face again as she continued with a firmer tone of voice, “But that doesn’t mean I’m just gonna give them to you whenever you want them, does it! No it doesn’t!!”

Dan’s eyes rolled up into his brain as his lovely, sensually dominant prick teaser openly indulged herself in a blatantly executed mind game, telling him he could have something but then shooting him down when he tried to get it. And to make matters worse, it became clear that she was just getting started when she repeated her command again, telling him loudly, “Now come and GET them, I said!”

His eyes popped open when he heard her command him again like that, and now he saw her bending forward, using both of her hands to lift up those big, round breasts of hers, serving them up for him like they were on a silver platter. And even though he was totally confused by such openly contradictory messages, again he mindlessly reached upward to chase after what she seemed to be offering. This time he purposely did it very slowly, though, as if to make sure she could exercise complete control as to what would happen to him next…

Of course, again she allowed his slow approach only momentarily but then she simply stood back up, giggling as she pulled her tits away from him, but this time she let go of her boobs and swatted his arms away with both her hands, hitting his forearms hard enough to make it sting just a bit.

“Now you STOP that, I said!” She said it more loudly this time, her voice dripping with a mind-blowing mix of sticky-sweetness and strict firmness. She looked down at him and suddenly found herself pitying this poor, confused, highly aroused passive male, but still, she was just loving how easy it had been to set him up and then play her naughty trick on him…twice!

Then she added, with her voice taking on a more intimate tone, “Oh Daniel, you poor boy, Goddess has you right where she wants you now, doesn’t she!” This was not a question, it was a pure statement of fact, and she stood there with her hands on her hips, looking down at him as she let her lips fall open and stuck the tip of her tongue onto one edge of her mouth.

After a moment, her voice went softer and sweeter as she told him, “Here, let me explain, all right? What I just did is your first formal introduction to one of my favorite teasing games! It has a very simple name, one that I think describes it perfectly. Would you like to know what it’s called?”

Dan simply nodded, with every nerve ending in his body in total overload, and she smirked as she started to repeat the same process all over again. But this time she stood before him and began fussing with one more button of her fluffy, furry pink angora tank top, tugging on it with the tips of her sexy-nailed fingers before finally popping it open to let more of her incredible cleavage come spilling out.


“All right, very well, she cooed, opening her eyes wide as she prepared to serve up a simple naming of her diabolical teasing game, and then she said, “it’s called Come and Get It…” And she leaned over as she paused in mid-sentence, serving up her tits for him once again, and when he reached up for them, she cackled mischievously as she pulled them away, adding strongly, “You Can’t Have it!”

Her eyes twinkled with excitement as her brazen demonstration of this erotic sexual game was performed, and she cycled him through it again, taunting him with her half-uncovered breasts, ordering him to come and get them but then keeping them away, rejecting him and telling them he couldn’t have them when he tried to obey.

It was quite simply the most direct display of blatant prick teasing he had ever encountered, at least in terms of how openly she was performing it as a way to introduce him to it, all while telling him about it at the same time!

Barbie stood there in front of him, towering over him with a sense of supremely erotic sexual power coursing through her, and then she said with a tone of voice just dripping with confidence, “Now Daniel, the name of that game really represents the epitome of what REAL prick teasing is, wouldn’t you say?” Dan just knelt there in a trance of arousal, simply unable to respond other than to nod his head up and down meekly.

“That’s right, baby,” she continued, her voice incredibly full of obvious familiarity with the topic as she put her hand on his head again and began to walk around him in a slow circle. Then she went on, “I simply adore playing it with little beta boys like you, it’s one of my favorite naughty games! It’s so much fun to tease you, show you something sexy and make you want it, then tell you to come and get it, all so I can shoot you down and tell you NO!”

And again she paused, licking her lips seductively as she saw how Dan’s head was following her as she walked around him while she enjoyed the sound of her words describing her own sexual desires. And just to add another clue about where this little game could take him, she continued, “Of course, making you beg for my charms after I put you down and reject you like that is something else we can be explore too; mmm, I just love playing kinky begging games with boys like you!”

At that point she had made a full circle around him, and now she stood in front of him with her hands on her hips again, thrilled with herself at the way she was dictating his immediate future to him. “How’s that sound, sugar? You wanna play the Come and Get it, You Can’t Have it game with me??”

“Yes!” Dan wailed. He had never wanted anything so badly in all his life!

She reached forward and patted his head with the palm of her hand, telling him, “Good boy!” She said it matter-of-factly, making sure he knew she approved of his answer, even though she also knew it was the only possible answer he would ever have given to that question! And then she added one more proposition, just to put a finishing touch on this little scenario, “And does my new Tease Toy want to beg for my charms after his Goddess rejects him??”

“PLEASE!!” Dan practically screamed, and Barbie couldn’t help but suppress her laughter at such unbridled enthusiasm. It was definitely the correct response, though, so she reached forward to pat his cheek gently in more approval. Her tone of voice went all sticky-sweet then as she cooed, “Awww…it’s okay, sweetie, that’s all I wanted to know!”

Then she took hold of his cheek between her thumb and forefinger, pinching it firmly as if he was a child, as she added with a consoling tone, “All right, baby, I’m gonna play all my favorite sexy teasing games with you! And then, maybe…just MAYBE, if you behave yourself and let me have all the fun and games with you my little heart desires, then I might give you a little bit of everything you want…”

Dan just stared up at her with his mind melting into a puddle of arousal as her incendiary words totally slayed him. It seemed like each and every time she outdid herself with some naughty suggestion or erotic mind game, there was yet another new level of sexual and cerebral enslavement that came after it!

To add even more emphasis to her latest description of erotic dominant activities, once more she showed him her big titties, holding them up with both hands as she bent over and ordered him to come and get them. When he did, of course she simply pulled them away with a sly giggle and this time she waved one long-nailed finger in his face to tell him no. She didn’t even verbally tell him he couldn’t have them, because simply rejecting him physically with them was enough that time, and adding that scolding finger right before his eyes had a deliciously erotic finality to it!

Then she added, changing the dynamic a bit as she reminded him that her fabulous breasts weren’t even on the menu quite yet, “Silly Danny, I already told you, this is just our first date, and you simply can’t have them yet! No, that will have to wait until our second date, I mean, IF I decide to allow you to see me again, of course…”

And there it was again, that incredibly enticing tone of voice she used every time she let her words trail off like that, usually right after saying something suggestive and provocative. And it wasn’t like she had actually asked him if he wanted to see her again, but even so, he couldn’t contain himself over the very idea of what she was suggesting.

So even though he knew she probably wasn’t done with him that evening just yet, he still burst into a fit of begging, tearing his gaze away from her gorgeous breasts and looking up into her baby-blue eyes again as he pleaded with her over and over to let him see her again!

He poured his heart out to her at that moment, telling her she was the most incredible girl he had ever met, how she was the sexiest, most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He blurted out how much he loved the way she was seducing and cock teasing him, saying how it was his most erotic sexual fantasy to explore these kinds of kinky games with a girl like her - and he implored her to keep doing it!

He also told her he would do whatever she said and give her anything she desired too, and she just stood there with her smile getting bigger and bigger as she drank in his desire like a succubus…but not reacting in any other way than that. Seeing her seeming to ignore his pleas served only to intensify his need to convince her how obedient he would be for her, so then he just started saying the word ‘please’, over and over, with intensifying amounts of emotion…

He hoped that his behavior would be just what she wanted, I mean, she had confessed to loving to play begging games with submissive boys, after all. But she hadn’t told him to do it this time, though, so he wasn’t sure if it was okay. But as he continued to wail and plead, she did seem to be amused and impressed with his performance…

She continued to stand there with her hands on her hips watching him, and she snickered as she listened to him some more, suppressing her laughter at his submissive display. She even made an “ooo” shape with her lips as she listened gleefully to his repeated “please” words as his voice cracked and tears welled up in his eyes. She allowed his begging to continue for another minute or two before she finally placed one slender finger right on his lips, shushing him gently.

“Awww, don’t worry, Daniel…I told you I just love playing begging games with my loveslaves, and there will be plenty of chances for you to beg for my charms some more…later!” She said warmly, continuing, “But I think that’s enough for now, so now I want you to shush, because I want to put the rest of these bondage toys on you!” Dan went quiet, still staring into her gorgeous bedroom eyes, and there could be only one response, so he uttered those same familiar words of obedience the moment she took her finger away from his lips, “Yes, Goddess.”

With that, she stood back up straight and picked up the chain leash, slipping her lovely, feminine hand inside the pink leather wrist loop at one end of it, then reaching forward and attaching the clip at the other end of it to an O-ring at the front of his collar. One gentle tug on it was all she needed to assert an immediate sense of power and dominance over him, and she licked her lips as she stared at him again with a look in her eyes like she intended to eat him alive!


Next she said firmly, “Give me your wrists, Daniel.” He presented them to her without delay, her strong tone being completely irresistible to him at that point. She picked up one of the fur-lined wrist cuffs and showed it to him briefly before attaching it around one wrist, doing it with a familiarity that indicated she had definitely done this before.

The other fur-lined cuff went onto his other wrist with similar skill, and then she guided one wrist toward his neck, clasping it to a small O-ring on the side of his collar. The same fate occurred to his other wrist as she took it strongly in her grasp, adding a bit of aggression to the motion as she moved it to the other side of his neck and attached it like the other one.

Now Dan’s arms were held in place by his wrists near his neck, and the feeling of being restrained like that was surprisingly comfortable for him. He immediately found that he could relax his arms a bit and let the wrist cuffs hold most of their weight, and since both cuffs and the collar were lined with soft fur, there was not a hint of discomfort. He also found that he could move his hands round and round at the wrist, and he even had a bit of a range of motion which would allow some movement but restrain much more.

This physical situation of gentle bondage restraint would clearly be fun for Barbie to use to her advantage, and right away he imagined her teasing him with some part of her body, showing it to him and offering to let him touch it, perhaps even ordering him to do so like the little game she had just demonstrated.

But of course, he presumed that when he would try to go get whatever she was offering, she would almost certainly reject his advances and keep her goodies away from him. She would certainly be able to do it quite effortlessly too, all due to the limitations of the gentle bondage she had put him into. He seemed to immediately know what was probably in store for him, and soon he would find out that perhaps he was right about how she might enjoy exploring this kind of erotic teasing game with him!

So anyway, now that he was collared, with both of wrists lifted up and cuffed to his neck, Barbie took a step backwards, letting the chain leash fall loosely between them. Then she pointed at another girl on the other side of the room, and Dan watched as this girl picked up a small riding crop-style whip from the table in front of her and brought it to Barbie. He could see that it wasn’t full size like a regular riding crop though, this one was no more than a foot long and pink-colored instead of the usual black…

Dan watched as Barbie wrapped the chain leash around her wrist several times, increasing the tension on the leash as she came closer to him again, taking up the slack as she went. She picked up the whip and showed it to him, and he noticed how one side of the end of it was plain leather, while the other side had similar soft pink fur like his collar and cuffs.


“See this, legboy?” She cooed, twirling it round and round in her fingers to make sure he saw how each side of it had something different to offer, pleasure and punishment-wise.

She tugged on the leash as she stood right in front of him now, and he responded by lifting his head up. She smiled at his compliance, reaching out with the fur-lined side of the whip and rubbing it gently on one of his cheeks, round and round. “Yes, Daniel, this little whip-toy is one of my favorites, and do you know why?”

Dan didn’t respond, somehow knowing that she was verbally leading him along and that she was going to tell him why whether he answered or not, and sure enough, she didn’t wait for a response as she continued, “I like it because it can be used to tease and tantalize, or to administer correction and punishment!”

To demonstrate, she rubbed the soft fur side of it round and round on his cheek a few more seconds, then did the same to the other cheek, causing tingles of pleasure to course through Dan’s body. And then she reached downward with it and swayed it gently back and forth across each of nipples a few times, watching in delight as they responded by protruding outward in response to the sensual stimulation. And then she continued downward, tippity-tapping a beeline down his tummy until it was at the base of his hardon.

Placing it at the base of one side of his erection, she proceeded to glide it up his cockshaft, first on one side, then on the other, introducing his meat to the sensuality of the soft pink fur on one side of the small-sized whip. And then she placed it at the base of his cock, right on the most sensitive part of it - the underside!

Up it came, nice and slowly, from underneath his sex organ, and she even moved it side to side a bit in a zigzag pattern as it went, just to demonstrate the unbelievably titillating sensations it could provide. And then, as a finishing touch, she slid it round and round a few times, right on one side of his purple glans and then the other side, and she giggled and cooed with delight as she did it, marvelling at the simplicity with which she could tease and tantalize him with it!

The sensations were so intense for him, with only the slightest amount of teasing pleasure being dispensed by the fluffy fur, and feeling the soft hairs brushing up against his swollen cockhead was deliciously stimulating but wildly frustrating at the same time. She continued to swish the furry side of the whip over his cockhead for a few more seconds and then, when she took it away, it was all he could do to restrain himself from throwing his hips forward in a vain attempt to chase after it.

But then she giggled and flipped the whip around, reaching up to his face and swatting him right on one cheek a few times, then switching to the other cheek and repeating the swats. She even swished it back and forth a few times right on the tip of his nose with it, giving him just a bit of a stinging pain, and she snickered as he stayed still at first, until she started doing it just a bit harder, causing him to flinch.

When he did that she scolded him, telling him, “Ah-ah-aaaaah! You moved!! That's against the rules, I already told you about them, so now you must be punished…”

And then she slid the whip down over his neck toward his nipples and began playfully attacking them, tappity-tapping them with it, gently at first a few times, but then starting to hit them harder. And then, of course, she simply couldn’t resist sliding the whip down toward his cock, punishing him by tapping it right on the center of the top side of his shaft. Dan’s mind went into overdrive at the way it was all making him feel, and he watched her torment his sex organ and he heard her say softly, as if it was a secret, “Bad boy!!”

And as she gave his erection a few more taps just like that, with increasing firmness, she repeated those same two scolding words, telling him he was a bad boy a little louder each time as she hit it just a bit harder. In no time at all, she had him practically ready to burst out with pleas for her to stop…but for some reason, he didn’t!

She sensed that he was trying really hard to let her have way, so she decided to have mercy on him, for now, at least! “There now, you see?” She said sweetly when she finally decided she had made her point. She took the whip away and showed it to him, rotating it before his eyes to show both side of it to him again. “It can go either way with this little toy, and I enjoy doing whatever I want to do to my teaseboys with it, whatever I feel like, got it?”

Another snickering giggle came out of this lovely, enticing temptress as she playfully swatted his cheeks and nose in a slightly demeaning way some more, and then she added tauntingly, tapping him straight away on the end of his nose as she paused between phrases while telling him, “And tonight…I’m going to be…using it…on YOU!”


Things are finally getting just a bit kinkier in this story! It's definitely still in my preferred realm of so-called "gentle FemDom", unlike many of the other more explicit stories posted here that people also enjoy, but I hope this tickles the fancy of some of my nice little followers...

Of course, there is still more to happen on Dan's first date with Barbie (believe it not, oh my this really has gotten quite long). Anyway, I'd like to thank subzerowriter for his earlier contributions to the story idea and some of the setup of the scenes in this story, even though all the details have pretty much been all MINE!

:love: :love: :love:
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Re: Barbie's PrickTease PlayDates 15

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Wow! You've outdone yourself here Kitty! I loved the kissing games last chapter, but this time, between the leg worship, the begging, and the bondage...MAN things are heating up! Thank you for your amazing writing, as always, I can't wait for the next installment! :-P
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Re: Barbie's PrickTease PlayDates 15

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I just love this mix of gentle femdom, bdsm and teasing. And description of the action is amazing. It will be fun to see in what trap will Dan fall next. Oh and included pics are very sexy and bring story to life.
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