Sam's CockTease Therapy - Part 10

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Sam's CockTease Therapy - Part 10

Post by KittyZateez » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:52 pm

Sam stood there in front of Vivi, naked, aroused and erect...with his hands cuffed behind his back. Feelings of helplessness pulsed through him, but his state of sexual arousal kept them at bay and he was willing to just let himself go and let HER be in charge. And of course, the visual stimulation she was providing as she presented herself to him - dressed up sooo sexxxy - helped soothe his worried nerves as well...


It would have been normal to be afraid, and he was, at least a little bit. He had never been put in bondage like that before, and he associated it with the infliction of pain. But Vivi's sensuous, feminine presence seemed to soothe and reassure him somehow, even though he was in the most vulnerable position he'd ever been in. And again, his aroused condition seemed to be just the thing to distract him from his concerns.

So as she approached him slowly with a scheming smile on her face, Sam just relaxed and gave himself to her...not that he had any real choice in the matter!


She continued smiling at him as she reached out and rested her hands on the top of his chest. Her eyes danced over his upper body, taking pleasure in the helpless position he was in. Then she moved in closer and gave him a lover's embrace, slowly wrapping her arms around his neck as she gently pressed her angora-covered upper body into him.

She leaned in close and nuzzled her soft cheek up against his, and then she turned her head to the side to let her heavenly soft hair brush up against his nose a little bit. Doing these things also made sure he got a good whiff of her seductive perfume too, just to give him a nice reminder of what it was like to be really close and intimate with her again.

As Sam breathed in a few times, he could feel his body responding as her enticing scent enveloped his senses. His hardon jutted out at her, but she purposely kept her hips away from his midsection so that she made no contact with it.

"Ooo, yes, I really DO have you now, don't I!" She cooed softly in his ear, softly blowing in it and then pulling back a bit to see his reaction as she rubbed the palms of her hands around his neck and shoulders.

Sam's body tingled as she looked at him playfully, and he just looked back at her, staring into her deep green eyes as she pushed her chest out and snuggled her soft fur-covered breasts up against him. And then she turned her shoulders back and forth a little so that one breast pulled away from him, then the other.

Next, she slowly moved her hips toward him, gently pushing her red angora panties right up against the tip of his engorged erection. Sam's eyes closed as the sensation of the soft fur gently touching him like that coursed through his body.

Vivi talked softly and intimately to him then, telling him, "Now I hope you don't mind me putting you in some gentle bondage like this, sweetie!" Her hands rubbed slowly and gently down his chest toward his erection as she continued, "I already told you I have some experience with this kind of thing, so don't you worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. And I bet you're really gonna love the way I'm gonna tease you with my nice soft angora today..."

As she talked, she kept his cockhead pressed right up against her fluffy fur panties, and she moved her body side to side just a little bit, letting the tip of his cock slide back and forth on the sensuous material. Sam was completely helpless to resist, and he simply surrendered, moaning at the sensational feelings she was providing.

His eyes stayed closed, rolling back up into his brain as the delicious feelings overtook him. Vivi just smiled as she slowly manipulated his hardon some more, using the delicate angora fibers to tease his engorged erection.

And then she continued, letting the cat out of the bag a little bit. "No, I'm not gonna hurt you...” she said, her voice taking on a bit of an assertive tone, “but I AM gonna play some naughty little mind games with you! I know you won't mind if I do that, right sugar?"

As she spoke she rolled her hips round and round, gently caressing the head of his cock with her angora panties for a minute and letting her erotic, suggestive question sink in and bounce around in Sam's mind. At that point she also made it clear that she was deriving pleasure from the pressure of his cock on her fur-covered pussy too.

"Ooo!" she giggled as her eyes lit up, enjoying the sensation of using his erection to pleasure herself.

Then she added, "And I've also decided that we're gonna have a nice little talk about those fetishes I decided to give you...just you and me! Would that be all right??" Her suggestive comment sent his mind reeling. Slowly, he opened his eyes and was finally able to mutter a meek response, "Yes, Vivi..."

"Yes, you mind?" She questioned with a bit of mocking tone, "Oh well, then I'll just have to leave you right here and go play with someone else..."

Before Sam knew what was happening, she spun around on her spike-heeled boots, turning her head around quickly to face away from him. This caused her long, sensuous blonde hair to fly up against him. The sensation of it swishing in his face like that snapped his mind to attention, and instant feelings of panic pulsed through his body as he focused on her prancing away from him toward the door.


My god, was she really gonna leave him there, naked, aroused, and in bondage? Immediately he begged, "No Vivi, please, please don't go!"

The desperate tone in his voice was like music to her ears, but instead of quickly responding to his plea she took a few more steps, just to torment him. But then she stopped and turned back around slowly with a big smile on her face, pleased with his behavior. She gave him the once-over, her eyes moving up and down his body, focusing briefly on his erection.

“Oh…” she said innocently, “You want me to stay, do you?”

“Yes!” Sam panted, his erect cock twitching up and down as she approached him.

“All right then, I suppose I can stay and tease you some more…is that what you want??”

“YES”, he begged.

Pleased with the desperation in his voice, she smiled knowingly and put her hands on her voluptuous hips as she slowly sashayed back toward him. Once again he was provided with a fantastically seductive display of femininity as she took one slow and purposeful slinky step over another. She was really making it a point to let him feast his eyes on her half-undressed body, and her supreme confidence simply oozed out of her as she came toward him again, her eyes surveying her prize…

As she got nice and close to him she reached out and gently wrapped her soft fingers around his erection, squeezing it gently as she purred, "Awww, you poor baby, don't worry...I wouldn't just leave you here, all turned on and restrained like that in bondage! But better behave yourself and do everything I say, or else I just might have to abandon you. Understand?" She patted his erection like a house pet as she asserted herself gently but firmly over him.

Sam nodded like his life depended on it, with the fear of what she had just threatened to do and the sight of her actually starting to leave him there driving his obedience. But again, the sexual pleasure she was providing overrode his hesitation, and those two simple words she loved to hear came out of his mouth again, "Yes Vivi."

"Good", she said matter-of-factly, taking her hand slowly away from his cock. "Because I like to have my teaseboy's consent before I fuck with his mind..." Her eyes twinkled as she smiled again and then made a pretty pout with her lips, letting them fall open a bit so he could see her pearly white teeth gleaming from underneath them.

Again she came up nice and close, pushing her fluffy fur panty-covered pussy up against his erection, teasing the head of it with the sensuous long-haired angora. And again Sam inhaled sharply as the tantalizing pleasure took over his mind and senses. He belonged completely to HER now, and they both knew it!

As she continued to rub him she said warmly, "Mmm, there it is, there's that soft angora you just love feeling on that naughty dick of yours." Her voice was simply dripping with sticky sweetness. "I bet you've been thinking about it a lot, haven't you! Thinkin' about it, wantin' to feel it on your cock again...just dyin' for me to TEASE you with it, more and more and more, right sugar?"

Sam nodded like his head was about to fall off.

But instead of giving him more, she just pushed herself away from him with the palms of her hands, taking one step back, and Sam involuntarily thrust his cock forward, chasing after the wonderful titillation that had been offered but then suddenly taken away from him.

"Ooo!" Vivi squealed, reaching out with her hand to swat at his dick playfully from the side as she mockingly scolded him, "What do you think you're doing there?"

Sam was stunned and speechless as Vivi punished his hardon, if you could call it that. She gave it a few playful and gentle slaps, swatting it side to side between the palms of both hands and giggling as she watched it flop back and forth after each one.

Again, he could have felt fearful at her hitting him like that, especially on the most sensitive part of his body, but her gentle approach towards her strikes was not painful, it was more like sensual and erotic stimulation with a suggestion of control...and he found himself instantly loving it!


Moving closer to him again, she rested her hands on his chest and caught his cockhead with the soft fluffy fur covering her pussy, rubbing it round and round some more. Her soft but smooth tone of voice informed him, "Now we're gonna have to teach that naughty cock of yours to behave itself! Hmmm...let's see, how should we do that? Ooo, I know, maybe there should be a little rule that when I tease you with my fluffy furry pussy and then take it away, there will be NO thrusting it towards me! Understand?"

Sam didn't hesitate as he said it..."Yes, Vivi."

She just smiled, clearly pleased with how agreeable he had become as she added, "But I must confess, I do kinda like it when you boys chase after me..."

Again she pulled her hips away from him, and again Sam's cock pushed forward almost involuntarily, desperately wanting more of her insanely sexy teasing. This time, Vivi reached out and swatted his dick, this time coming down from above, right on the cockhead. "Bad cock", she reprimanded. He grimaced as she scolded him, since this time the contact was actually a little painful.

"Now, now, what did I just say?", she teased, her voice dripping with a playful but confrontational tone, "Now if you want me to keep teasing you, sweetie, you're going to have to learn how to control that naughty cock of yours! Now I know you wanna be a good boy and follow me around, but there will be NO thrusting of that bad bad BAD cock of yours, understand?"

Each time she said the word "bad" she swatted his dick, adding emphasis to her statement. "Yes, Vivi", Sam moaned after the sting of each slap she administered slowly subsided.

And then she spun around, turning her back to him and taking a few steps away from him. Sam mindlessly followed her, his hardon leading the way as Vivi glanced over her shoulder and leaned forward slightly, offering her angora-covered ass to him. She giggled playfully at his instant obedience as she expertly led him along into the next phase of her erotic game.

As he followed her, his eyes moved down over her fluffy red angora-covered back onto the soft, fluffy red panties she wore. They were "full coverage" on her bottom, providing plenty of furry surface area for Sam's erection to zero in on, and as he got closer to her, she let him rub himself up against her soft angora-covered butt.

Vivi bent over a bit more, pushing her bottom back a little to welcome his advances, and Sam's cock slipped up along the furry crack of her ass. He moaned in ecstasy as the wonderfully feminine angora provided more luscious pleasure as the entire length of his hardon slid along her soft, curvy bottom. “Mmm, there it is again, there's that sexy-soft angora you just LOVE”, she cooed, not even looking back at him.

But as soon as it began, it stopped all too suddenly as Vivi took another step forward, giggling to herself as her wicked teasing game continued to develop. Glancing back over her shoulder again to look at him, she playfully suggested, "Like I said, sugar, I just love it when you boys chase after me!"

Taking the bait, Sam stepped forward, and this time Vivi let him get just close enough to rub the head of his cock briefly on her fluffy-fur bottom, only to step away from him again. Sam inhaled sharply, both at the wonderful pleasure of feeling his hyper-sensitized cock touch the red angora fur once more, but also at the sheer torment of watching her take it away so effortlessly.

"C'mon, baby, come and get it!" She teased, adding just a hint of a taunting tone to her voice, and Sam stepped toward her again. "I know you want it, and it's right here, you naughty boy!" She continued to taunt him as she offered her ass to him, posing with her hands on her hips, bending forward again to offer it to him. She wiggled it back and forth, only to move forward some more when he came closer and shoved his dick out at her.

"Awww, pooor baaaby!" She taunted as his effort was denied, her voice dripping with mockery. Sam moaned again, this time in sheer desperation as the futility of his predicament sunk in.

The taunting continued as she confronted him about his attempt to thrust his dick onto her ass. "Now I thought I told you, you naughty boy, NOT to thrust your cock out at me!" Sam turned beet red as she scolded him again, and she turned around and came over to him, slapping the shaft of his cock again, hard to enough to make him wince. It bounced around in a circle as the sensation pulsed through him before it slowly came to rest.

He was truly at her mercy, and Vivi’s statement about how she intended to play kinky little mind games with him started to really sink in. She grinned like the Cheshire cat as she slapped his hardon some more, quite firmly, and Sam watched as she raised up her pretty hand and swatted his dick again and again, waiting for it to stop moving each time before hitting it.

"Please!" Sam begged as she raised up her hand one more time, and Vivi said sweetly, " poor thing, I guess I've punished you enough...for now!" So instead of hitting it once more she just reached down and gently patted it before slowly curling her fingers around the shaft, giving it a gentle squeeze and then tickling along the underside with the tips of her long fingernails. Sam groaned at the wonderful feeling of her soft, warm fingers on his erect member.

But then she just took her hand away and spun around again, stepping away from him and tossing her hair over one shoulder as she turned her head just enough to peek back at him. He mindlessly went after her again, taking another couple steps toward her, but she simply began prancing along in front of him, keeping her hands on her hips and performing that sexy, dainty little wiggly strut he had seen her do many times before.

But this time it was pure torture, because she was teasing and denying him quite effortlessly, demonstrating how easy it was for her to do it and making it clear she was in complete control of if and when he was to receive pleasure…and exactly how much pleasure it would be.

Having been given a taste, Sam was in a state of robotic and desperate need for more, and this made him completely susceptible to the cruel game at hand! Vivi led him around the room, cackling with glee as she strung him along, showing off her furry red angora-covered rump but denying him any more sensuous contact with it, keeping it cruelly out of reach - so close and yet so far!

“Please, Vivi”, he begged, “it feels so good, please let me have some more!” But Vivi just laughed at him, telling him that was all he was gonna get for now, simply tickled with the way his predictable desire was being expressed with such palpable desperation.

"Well, well, I do believe someone just might have that nice little angora fetish I was talking about, doesn't he!" She was taking great delight in confronting him about her wickedly erotic game as she strutted along. Sam panted and begged like his life depended on it, but Vivi was done with that aspect of the game for the time being.

After a few more minutes of this erotic sexual cruelty, she just stopped, spun around and posed with her hands on her hips in triumph. With a sly look in her eye, she purred, "Now then...I seem to recall some other things I wanted to discuss, some of those things I told you I was going to give you a fetish for…"


Sorry about the delay in posting this next installment, boys...I've been having entirely too much fun lately in my chat rooms! We're almost done with Vivi's treatment of Sam, his CockTease Therapy, if you will...but don't worry, there's still much more to come in his future! Stay tuned as always...

Kitty :love: :love: :love:

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Re: Sam's CockTease Therapy - Part 10

Post by VTEC » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:37 pm

No need to be sorry Miss Kitty. You’re always worth the wait.
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Re: Sam's CockTease Therapy - Part 10

Post by CagedAnimal » Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:30 pm

Agreed, always worth the wait! Thanks so much for sharing here.

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Re: Sam's CockTease Therapy - Part 10

Post by EnkiduG » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:15 am

What a great story! I edged the whole time I read it. I hope you notice this message, Miss Kitty, and send me a private message.
Fiction and reality are best intertwined.

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