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Post by micheleFFS » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:34 pm


For Saturday morning, Elena offered me an extended shift from nine in the morning until I’d be dismissed for the evening allowing me to serve at a Study & Sex Session and get in some study time. As usual, I arrived a bit early to put on my face, to dress as Maid Jenny, and to start my Mistresses’ laundry. Then, I stacked up several paper plates with light refreshments: cheese, crackers, cold cuts, and the like, putting each in a plastic bag for freshness.

A few study sessions started in the living room even before 10 o’clock, the official time. The rule, somewhat loosely followed, held that “noisy play” would move out of earshot of the those studying. I walked among the groups, distributing snacks and taking orders for coffee and juice. I sure got a lot of curtsy practice! Approach a group to take orders, curtsy. Each order, repeat it, curtsy. Bring the food or drink, curtsy to the group, curtsy to each individual as I fulfilled their request. Whenever any Sister felt displeased with my curtsy, I bent forward at the waist, flipped my skirt up and received a brief spanking, sometimes with a handy ruler. All done to laughter, of course.

I attended a two-hour World History session, after which I could continue to study unless used by a Sister. Veronica and Marci occupied a card table set up in the living room. Laptops and books covered the small surface, with some books stacked on the floor. They beckoned me over.

“Good afternoon, Mistresses. How may I be of service?” They smiled, accepting my curtsy.

“We haven’t seen much of you for a few days,” said Veronica. “Samantha finally made good on her promise. How did you like that?”

I sighed. “They sure wound me up! They got me excited and confident and I really enjoyed being spanked while engulfed…” (I raised my eyebrows and looked at each Mistress. I’m sure they took the hint.)… Then they forced and ruined my orgasm at the same time, making me lose. At the time, I despaired, but, over time the memory is better and better.”

“That’s a good sex servant, Jenny. You take our cruelty and turn it to pleasure.” Veronica beamed.

“Get your study materials, Jenny. We’re going to hit the books, No one’s looking for sex service right now,” Marci invited.

I thank them and went Below Stairs to get my backpack. We studied hard on different subjects companionably but mostly silently for about ½ an hour.

Talissa came by, curtsying and offering drinks. Marci complemented his bulge. His tight, pink bikini outlined his cockhead and shaft.

Veronica said, “Thank you, Talissa, I’m ready for a bite, but I need a change of scenery. How about you two?”

I wasn’t about to contradict Veronica, but I let Marci speak first.

“I think that’s a great idea. Let’s go.”

Veronica dismissed Talissa with a word, then told me, “Take our books and laptops, Jenny.”

“Yes, Mistress. Upstairs?”

“No, put them in the backpack.”

Puzzled, I obeyed. Three laptops, all those textbooks and notes. I crammed them into my backpack with difficulty. Veronica and Marci appeared impatient to head outside, so I hoisted the overstuffed pack on my shoulders. “I feel more like a mule than a maid.” They smiled and laughed.

I figured we’d either study outside or drive away like the last time. No such luck. Veronica led us straight to the closed compound gates. My eyes went wide. “On campus like this?” I wore heels, seamed stockings, a short skirt that failed to hide all my bare thighs when I sat. Big falsies jutted from my chest. Iridescent eyeshadow. Extra heavy mascara. Brilliant red lipstick with collagen-inflated lips. A blonde wig.

“You’re very pretty and sexy, Jenny,” said Marci sweetly. “I think you’d like to show off.”

“T… to strangers, not people I see every day.”

With an edge to her voice, Marci said, “You’ll do it because I say so and because it will please us. Stop being silly and come with us.”

I hyperventilated, blinking back tears.

Veronica snapped, “Don’t bite your lip, Jenny, you’ll ruin your makeup. Stop this nonsense and come.”

I panted, slowly gaining control. With the gulp, I took my first step through the door.

Students, some in groups at picnic tables, some sitting alone on benches or convenient stone walls, pored over study materials. To my relief, most didn’t even look up.

But the pedestrians! They all looked at me, grinning and laughing. Some pointed me out to companions or even apparent strangers. “Look at that sexy French maid!” “Hot and sexy. Too bad you’re a guy, or I’d have you suck my dick.” “Hubba hubba! What a dudda!” “Jerry? I always suspected you were some kind of fruit.” This last from a guy who lived on my floor. I blushed and turned away.

Veronica and Marci watched me like hawks. “Don’t lower your eyes.” “Jenny, make eye contact.” “Smile.”

Even my Calculus teacher! He carried a large plastic document box, presumably filled with papers to correct. He saw me and laughed. “Cute!” He looked me up and down and gave me a wolf whistle. I forced a smile.

“Show some respect, Jenny. Curtsy to your professor.”

Blushing deeply, I did as I was told, forcing out, “It’s nice to see you, Professor.”

“And you with your lovely escorts.” He walked away, shaking his head and muttering, “Undergrads.”

Veronica led us to the coffee shop on the edge of campus. Patrons occupied all the outside tables, so we went inside. My eyes darted about. Several familiar faces, but no one I knew well. Veronica selected a table and the Sisters gave me their orders.

The barista, whom I slightly knew, did a double take and laughed. “Sexy, Jerry. You make a great girl. How’ bout a date later tonight?” He laughed at his wit.

I ignored his ribbing and placed my order as matter-of-factly as I could. I turned my back to the customers while I waited for the orders. But I faced everyone as I carried the tray of drinks and pastries to my Mistresses. Double takes, will whistles, and rude comments followed me. Veronica and Marci arranged the seating so I was visible to the rest of the room. That hardly surprised me.

Marci had her phone out, evidently texting. I pulled our study paraphernalia out of my backpack and we got to work. I felt grateful for that. With my face buried in a book or my laptop, I felt less conspicuous.

Not that it did much good. “Jenny! How nice to see you so pretty.” Shauna, accompanied by Cliff. “Wow, Marci, you told me I’d have a nice surprise if we came over. You sure were right!”

“These girls did a great job with you, Jenny,” put in Cliff. “You got great legs.” He boldly flipped my skirt up.

I hastily covered my exposed thigh and stocking. “Do you mind?” I said indignantly.

A mistake. Everyone in earshot cracked up. “Just like a girl.” “Very realistic.” “A real femme.”

I blushed, tugging my hem down and putting my knees together primly. More laughter. Next, Allen came through the door. He gave me a wolf whistle. “Maybe things worked out better for me, despite losing Marci. I’d hate to be in your high heels. You sure look hot, though. Marci, you worked wonders with this plug-ugly guy.”

My three so-called friends sat at an adjacent table. Only our common need for genuine exam prep kept me from further teasing and humiliation. We stayed there about an hour before I crammed all that academic stuff back in my pack. I got a few more whistles and catcalls as we said goodbye to Shauna, Cliff and Allen. The walk back to the Sorority was much like the first — this time, there were more contemptuous and derisive comments. I endured this torment stoically.

Finally back behind the compound walls, I felt tension drain from me.

I resumed my maid duties for a brief period, then joined my electrical engineering study group. Doris took charge, announcing “I know Jenny’s cute, but were here to study.” I smiled gratefully at her, but she simply pointed to my stack of books.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to serve everyone dinner. “All” I did was greet the pizza delivery boy at the door, much to his amusement.

Veronica and Marci took me aside over pizza washed down with juice or soda. “Marci said, “Jenny, I’m really proud of the way you look and your publicdeportment. You look beautiful and sexy.Next time we go out in public, I want you to start acting more feminine the way you do around here. But your behavior today earned you a reward for later.”

I thanked her, wondering when I’d get my reward and what it might be.

Veronica added, “I’m very impressed, Jenny. You remained obedient when you really don’t want to.” She gave me a big broad smile and a kiss.

“Thank you very much, Mistress Veronica. You know I try to be as obedient as possible. I appreciate your training and complements.”

After I cleaned up from our repast, I asked the Mistresses, “Do you know why I brought extra lingerie? No one’s made use of it. I’m supposed to stay here as long as someone wants to use me.”

“Beats me,” said Veronica. “I plan to work on a term paper.” Marci shrugged. But they exchanged knowing glances.

I was about to crack open a book when Kari came by. “Hey, Jenny, you look great as always. Did you eat yet?”

“Yes, Mistress Kari, I just finished some pizza with Veronica and Marci.”

“Okay, good. Sam and I have big plans for you this evening.”

I followed her up to Samantha’s bedroom.

Sam, clad only in a bathrobe, sat at her vanity applying eye makeup. She glanced over and greeted us, then concentrate on applying mascara.

Sorted piles of clothes lay on the bed. Bras, panties, stockings, garter belts, bustiers, even a few dresses. Kari surprised me by unceremoniously stripping. I gather clothes and put them on one corner of the desk. Kari selected a pair of stockings and sat on a corner of the bed to draw them up her legs. “I’ll explain about tonight,” she said. “In high school, I realized I like girls for relationships and men to service me. I only take men on my terms. I like to make them do things they wouldn’t otherwise do before I grant them sex.” She coaxed on the other stocking.

“Right after school started in September, a guy chatted me up a little. He was handsome, with a great bod. He’s on the football team. I decided to speed things up.” She picked up a few of the garter belts and other garments, cocking her head, discarding most.

“I told him I didn’t want to date him, and I thought we could have fun in bed, but only on my terms. He agreed, saying it would be “different.” Kari selected a black bustier and zipped it on her, garter straps dangling.

Sam, finished with her makeup, selected her own pair of hosiery.

Kari stood up and turned her back to me. “Make sure my seams are straight and fasten the garters.”

Kari continued. “I’ve made use of them every time I want a good boning. And each time I make him do something he doesn’t like to do.” She laughed gently. The first thing I got him to do was jerk off. He never let a girl him jerk off; wanted to pretend he didn’t do it. We’ve done doggy play. I road him like a horse. He rammed me, naturally. He didn’t like that, nor the but fucking I did.” She selected address and draped it over her shoulders, turning her back to me. I took the hint and zipped her up. Sam, having selected a garter belt, presented the backs of her legs to me next. As I listen to Kari’s conclusion, I adjusted Sam seams and fastened her suspenders.

I told Bill that he’s going to have to obey a really difficult command but for a fantastic reward. Can you guess the task and the reward?”

“Well, Elena asked me to bring extra lingerie… not for me, but for Bill, I suppose?”

“That’s right. And the reward?”

“You two in bed, would be my guess.”

“That’s right. We love having a guy in bed to boss around like with you. Sam and I agreed that if either of us gets a male that’s good in bed, we share.”

“That’s one lucky guy! Anybody’d be glad to be selected by either of you, but together! No one knows better than I what an exciting and dangerous combination that is.” I grinned, which they returned. I zipped up Sam’s dress, formfitting in robin’s egg blue with white trim. Kari’s black dress likewise sported white trim. The girls slipped on their heels and we left, pausing only for me to get my roll away. Kari took my chastity from the safe Below Stairs where they were kept.

I took a deep breath before leaving the compound. Five city blocks to the apartments. Kari and Sam insisted I smile and make make eye contact with passersby. Many avoided my eyes, others stared in fascination or disgust. These off campus folks were more inhibited. Fewer catcalls, one wolf whistle, and one person yelled “Fag!” from behind us.

Inside the apartment, the women looked my lingerie over and selected some for Bill.

“When he knocks on the door, greet him and offer him your services very seductively. Don't mention Sam; she'll be hiding. Then, follow my lead.”

“Yes, Mistress Kari. I’ll follow your lead and be fully obedient.”

About two minutes later, I buzzed Bill in at the street level door. A short time later came his knock.

I opened the door to find a tall, muscular guy with close cropped, curly black hair. His jaw droppeddropped, and he stared. “Um… I’m sorry, I have the wrong apartment, I think.” His eyes darted towards me and away rapidly.

“No, Bill.” I curtsied as deep as I could. “I’m Jenny, the maid, and I’ll assist Mistress Kari in gaining her pleasure. If there’s anything, anything at all, I can do to make your stay more pleasurable, please let me know and it shall be done.” I licked my lips suggestively. “Please come in, Mistress awaits you.”

I turned around and led Bill the few steps of the corridor announcing, like a good maid, “Your consort Bill is here for your service, Mistress.” I noticed he walked with a habitual swagger.

She nodded approval, saying “Come on in, Bill. We should have a wonderful time tonight.”

I stood aside as the pair met in an embrace and a kiss.

“Kari, what’s going on? Who’s this?”

“Jenny, the maid. She’s one of the Sorority Auxiliary, our male domestic and sex servants. She’s going to help with your extra special task today. Extra special task, extra special reward.”

“Well, you already taught me not to ask you what the reward may be. What’s the task?” He sounded hopeful and resigned at once. I knew the feeling well.

“Tonight, I’m not letting anyone in my bed unless they’re dressed in sexy lingerie like Jenny and I am. Don’t worry, Jenny won’t join us in bed. You’re the only male I’m fucking tonight.”

“Well, that’s good. I don’t want to do anything with some guy” he looked at me. “Sorry, Jenny you may look sexy but… let’s say you’re not my type.”

Before I responded, Kari broke in. “I said she won’t join us in bed. I didn’t say anything about what she’ll do outside of bed.”

Bill’s eyes narrowed at that, but he shrugged.

“Strip. Jenny will get you all girly.”

“Wait a minute. These apartments are like Vegas, right? What happens inside stays inside?”

“Of course. As anything we’ve ever done gotten out at all?”

“No, that’s true enough.”

“You can rest assured I’m not going to talk. Why in the world would I?” I put in.

Bill shrugged, took a deep breath, started pulling off his clothes. I put my rollaway on the bed and rummaged for makeup.

Bill groaned. “Makeup and everything?”

“Yes, I want a very realistic girl with a big, thick dick like you have.”

With a shrug, he said “In for a penny in for a pound. Better be a good reward.”

Without further protest, I applied makeup, giving him a little instruction as we went. I couldn’t do an excellent job, mainly because my foundation wasn’t his shade. Nor was anything else. Marci or Henrietta would’ve said I’d made him utterly garish.

Kari encouraged me, “That’s it, nice and slutty.” I doubled up the mascara and used iridescent blue eye shadow, I selected to match his blue lingerie set. Bill’s chest was wider than mine, but a bra extender fixed that, so everything fit as well as possible. I used a waist cincher because none of the garter belts rode well on his slim hips. Finally, I placed a blonde wig on his head, pinning it in place.

Bill stood passively, gently shaking his head.

Kari, in contrast, clapped her hands with delight. “Why, Bill, who would’ve thought you’d make such a pretty girl? You’re such a good guy, after all. Otherwise I wouldn’t think of taking you to bed. This is going to be fun. Stripping each other, lingerie rubbing together while we fuck. Don’t you think it’ll be fun?”

“Well, the fucking will be.”

Kari laughed. “I’ll ask you at the end of the evening how you like it.” She plumped up a couple of pillows and climbed onto the bed, primly crossing one stretched out leg over the other. “There’s only one thing wrong, Bill.”

“What’s that, Kari?”

“You’re not hard. I’m not letting a useless limp dick in my bed tonight. You’re not to play with yourself, either. Jenny, use your talented mouth to get Bill ready to fuck me.” She rubbed her hands together in anticipation.

I’d seen that coming, so I dropped to my knees and reached for Bill’s panties.

“What! I don’t want him sucking my dick! Faugh!”

Kari said, calmly as though it held no significance, “Well, if that’s your decision, return Jenny’s lingerie. You’ll find makeup remover in the bathroom. I’m sure Jenny will lick me and finger me as long as I like. It’s too bad, Bill. I’ve enjoyed taking you to bed, but if you won’t do it on my terms, that’s the end.”

Bill gulped, shook his head. “No one breathe a word of this, right? And no pictures!”

“Of course, we already said so.”

“Please, please, Kari, tell me what the reward is this time.”

“I’m not changing my procedure. Decide.”

He looked at me. I shrugged.

“Well, every other reward was worth it. I do trust you, Kari. Okay, you fake girl. Do your thing.”

“You made the right choice, Bill. You’ll see.” I tugged down his panties. His cock was indeed large, a good 7 inches limp. I hefted it on my palm, testing its impressive weight. “I see why you like it, Marci. It’s a beauty.” The circumcised head overshadowed the shaft like a mushroom cap. I squeezed it, then took the tip between my lips.

I felt Bill’s entire body shudder at his first male sexual contact. A plaintive whimper escaped his lips.

Kari watched, beaming. “Getting him ready for us. I love that!” She watched for a few moments, then called out, “Okay, Sam.”

A beaming Sam stepped from her hiding place in the closet. “I’m your reward — another girl to fuck! I’ve heard so much about you.”

I glanced up. Bill’s jaw dropped. “Uh… wow! That is some reward! You’re beautiful!”

“While Jenny gets you stiff and rampant, Kari and I will provide visual stimulation.” Sam crawled onto the bed and she and Kari embraced, kissing.

“Oh, man, that looks hot, but this feels all wrong.”

I licked his shaft and worked my lips on his thick, smooth dickhead. I detected a slight upward pressure. “Don’t worry about me. Accept and enjoy. How often do you get opportunities like this?”

Perhaps I influenced him, but I think the hot action on the bed spoke more eloquently. I twisted to watch as I sucked.

The Sisters hugged each other, Frenching. Sam’s hand roamed over Kari’s round breast. Both women’s stockings lay revealed by their splayed legs.

Pressure in my mouth distracted me. Bill grew — fast! The head pressed against the back of my mouth while the increasing girth spread my lips. I kept my eyes on the pair writhing on the bed.

Sam unzipped Kari and pulled her dress over her arms. Kari’s breasts bulged up from the brocade lace cups. Sam eyed us as she squeezed Kari and licked her lips, then Kari’s cleavage. Kari moaned and unzipped Sam. Sam’s smaller bubbies nestled in a shelf bra, her nipples bare. Samantha tugged down the bustier’s cups and Kari’s magnificent breasts tumbled free. Kissing each other, then grinning provocatively at us, they rubbed their nipples together.

Bill tried to pull out of my mouth. “God, that’s too hot! Let me in! You girls suck my cock!”

Obedient, I stayed with Bill. Besides, I enjoyed his full-grown cock.

Kari broke off the action to say, “You stay there until we both cum. Enjoy the show. Don’t trouble yourself with jerking off, Jenny will take care of you. Don’t let him cum, Jenny.” With that, she turned back to Sam for a kiss.

“Aw, nuts.” Bill couldn’t dissemble his disgust. However, he never took his eyes from the cavorting Sisters.

When Sam squeezed Kari’s breasts with both hands and took the nipple in her mouth, Bill’s cock twitched powerfully in my mouth, surging toward full erection. My eyebrows flipped up in amazement. I felt like I’d swallowed a growing battering ram. In seconds, it achieved full growth. Impressed, I glanced down. Without trying to deep throat him, I saw 3 inches past the end of my nose! I backed off and tongued the top of his shaft and head.

Kari tugged Sam’s dress down from her hips and threw it off the bed. Sam, long legs flashing in her lace-top, white stockings held up by a six-strap garter belt, rolled back, waving her legs in the air as Kari stripped the panties up her legs and off, over her heels. Her bare pussy glistened.

“Oh, my God!” Bill’s cock twitched again. I tasted pre-cum.

Kari massaged Sam’s pussy, then two fingers slipped inside. Sam moaned.

“Oh, wow! I always wanted to see two girls get it on.” Another twitch, more pre-cum.

Curious, I let the huge penis slip from my lips. At the base, my thumb and forefinger barely touched. I stacked both hands and slid them in unison up and down that big boy. Amazing. I started my hands at opposite ends and had them meet in the middle! I’d never played with such a big cock. Fun!

Sam, obviously very excited, hooked her fingertips into Kari’s panties and tugged. Kari completed the action, flinging the discarded garment in Bill’s face with a laugh. Sam wasted no time slipping her fingers inside. The two beauties kissed, their chests pressed together, fingers wriggling, plunging in and out, palms slapping clits. Squishy sounds mingled with soft moans.

I spared a hand for my own cock. Bill wouldn’t help. As I took his bulbous head back between my lips, I wondered can I take it all? I bobbed my head a few times, letting the tip tickle my gag reflex. Finally, I relaxed and let it slide. I opened my eyes. Almost there. That was it! A personal best! The pubic hair in my nostrils was a small price to pay.

I even distracted Bill. “You may be weird, but you’re a damn good cocksucker!”

I smiled as well as I could, working my throat on his head.

“Don’t make me cum, you son of a bitch.”

“Glack, urp.” I let Bill slip from my mouth. I needed a break anyway. I used both hands on him, stopping short of the head to ensure he wouldn’t spray too early.

Kari and Sam, still working their fingers deep inside each other, kissed and gasped, hugging, squeezing breasts and cheeks. First Kari, then Sam went over the top, Kari moaning, Sam screaming.

“What a fucking beautiful sight!” Bill said reverently.

“You bet. Amazing.” I mumbled, as transfixed as he.

The two Sisters hugged and kissed after their orgasms. Kari looked deep into Sam’s eyes. “Ready for more, lover?”

“Always.” Sam kissed Kari’s lips, then sucked on a nipple, while she brought her legs all the way around. The girls buried their faces between each other’s thighs.

“Oh, my God! Holy shit!”

I stroked Bill with one hand and myself with the other. I took his cockhead back in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the rim of his tip.

Sloppy licking sounds and muffled cries filled the air. Bill leaned way over to watch Sam licking Kari’s pussy lips and clit. “Wow, what a sexy sight!”

The sisters timed things perfectly, moans and gasps reaching simultaneous crescendos. They rode together for a long time, their mouths completely engulfing each other’s pussies. Eventually, spent, they hugged each other’s hips. Sam swiveled again, and they hugged and kissed.

My hand felt sticky with Bill’s pre-cum. The tangy taste filled my mouth.

“Wow, that was incredible! Sexiest thing I ever saw!” His cock spasmed in my mouth.

The two beauties moved, lying sideways on the bed, Sam on the right near the headboard, Kari down by the foot. Sam put her slender leg over Kari’s stately thigh. Two damp pussies gaped.

“Who do you want first?” Kari invited. “You’re tried-and-true FWB or the sexy new blonde?”

“Unbelievable! Uh… is this a trick question?” Bill wasn’t totally naïve about the Sisters.

Kari laughed. “Nope, no set up, your choice.”

“Well, I always like variety.” He moved toward Sam.

“Please, sir, allow me to guide your cock into your new lover,” I offered.

“What? Let go.” I’d never stopped stroking him.

“No, Billy, Jenny had an excellent idea. Let him hold you.”

Bill sighed. “Okay.”

Tugging the big cock, I positioned Bill against the side of the bed between Sam’s legs. As a good maid, I performed introductions. “Billy, Sam graciously took my virginity. She’s wonderful in bed and I’m sure she’ll please you very much. Sam, as you can see, Billy has a magnificent penis.” I brought the cock head up against her lips and moved it up and down as I spoke. “I enjoyed it more than any penis I’ve ever played with and I’m sure it will give you great pleasure.” With that, I pulled Bill in to her until my thumb and forefinger, wrapped around his girth, rubbed against her damp pussy lips. I loved the feeling. Giving my lover Sam a sexual experience beyond my capabilities felt so fitting to me. I gained insight into Henrietta’s feelings while searching for studs for Amanda.

“There you are, sir. Fuck her well and have fun!” I let go.

“Yee-hah!” cried Bill as he plunged into Sam. He fucked her fast and furiously and she kissed him.

“Oh, Kari, you are right! It feels wonderful! So big and thick!”

“I’m so glad we decided to share. He’s a magnificent specimen. Billy… Billy, keep fucking her but pay attention. You can switch to fuck me anytime you want.”

“Pay attention? To what?” Bill looked confused.

“What we’ve lured you into. It’s a long story, but Sam promised to fuck Jenny under certain conditions. Well, when she did, she invited me. It was such fun sharing him in bed, bossing him around, that we made a pact.”

Bill, sliding his cock slowly in and out of Sam, giving her the full benefit of his length, showed he was trying to pay attention. “What pact?”

“We agreed that if either of us found a guy worth fucking, we’ll share — together. But the guy must agree to do whatever we want, like you and Jenny.”

Bill fucked faster. Sam thrust her hips up to meet him. “Lucky me! This is fucking incredible! Here, don’t feel left out.” He withdrew from Sam and slowly pushed himself into Kari’s pussy. “Oh my God! From one pussy to another!”

“Remember, Billy, what happens here stays. No bragging about shagging two dominant Sisters.”

“I know, I know. Now can we stop talking and fuck?”

Sam propped herself up in alarm. “Are you trying to take control?”

“No, no!”

Sam settled back. “You’d better not.”

Kari said confidently, “He knows better than that.”

Bill picked up the pace, finally slamming into Kari as hard as he could, again and again. Kari screamed “Oh! Oh! Yes! Love that big cock!”

Bill kissed her, fucking more slowly. With a grin, he fondled one of each woman’s breasts at the same time. “Oh, wow! Fuckin’ amazing.”

Sam said, “I feel left out. Jenny, want to fuck me?”

“You bet I do! Always. Any time.” I didn’t dare hope.

“That’s too bad, ’cause you can’t, can you?”

“No, not for at least a year.”

“Tell Billy why you can’t fuck either of us.”

A flicker of irritation crossed Bill’s face, quickly suppressed.

“When Sam fucked me a few days ago, she had Kari spank me. We bet that if I satisfied Sam and didn’t cum, I’d fuck Kari. She spanked me real hard at a critical moment, forcing my spunk right out of me. I lost, and I can’t fuck either of them for a year. I sure hope you’re having a great time. It’s hot watching you, but oh! Do I wish it was me!”

“Tough shit, loser. I’m loving it!” He pistoned in and out of Kari, his hips traveling an impressive distance with each thrust.

“Hey, I still feel left out.” Sam stretched her arms out to Bill.

“Go on, you, fuck my girlfriend. But since you started with her, you finish with me. Don’t cum ‘til I give you permission.”

Grinning, shaking his head at his amazing good luck, Bill positioned himself to impale Sam once again. He entered her slowly. Sam grinned up at him, rubbing his muscular chest and arms. When she took in his full length, she sighed contentedly. “Hold still, Billy.” She watched him carefully, a confident, sardonic smile on her face.

“Oh, wow! Wow! What… Oh, my God, that feels so good! I’m gonna cum!” He went from a sort of bewildered ecstasy to near panic in about two seconds. He pulled out of Sam’s pussy as fast as he could. “That was incredible! I never felt anything like it, but I’m not ready to cum! What did you do?” He stood stock still, not daring to move until the cum his cock subsided. I know the feeling well.

“The Bite of Venus. Gives new meaning to the term ‘snatch,’ doesn’t it?”

“Sure does! Can you do that?” He asked Kari.

“You bet I can.”

“Please, please do that for me when you want me to finish. It’s amazing.”

“You know how I work. Want a reward? Perform.”

Bill grinned sheepishly. “Yes, I know about that.” He slowly slid in and out of Sam. Their eyes locked together.

“How does he take a spanking?”

“It’s fun. Try it. Use him anyway you like. He’s got a big, beautiful, jutting bum. The only thing is he can’t take nearly as much as a properly trained boy. Jenny can take way more than he.”

“Okay, Billy, that’s enough for now. You can finish fucking me later.” She pushed her body away from him, making his cock fallout. “Hands and knees. On the bed. Now!”

The Sisters scrambled off the bed and kissed. Bill looked at me and rolled his eyes as he climbed into the position. His nylon black panties sported a translucent panel on the back. Sam rubbed it, squeezed, then spanked a couple of times. “Cute knickers for a cute girly guy,” she said as she tugged them down and off his feet. She smacked him several times, alternating cheeks, then paused to inspect his bum. She rested a hand on one of his cheeks. “Hmmm… Neither red nor warm. I’ll have to spank harder.”

“Really?” asked Bill fearfully.

Wow, I thought, this jock is really a spanking wimp. I felt smug.

Sam lit into him again, still with her hand. “Take that! And that!”

Bill gasped wordlessly with each blow. He jumped about, shifting his weight from one knee to the other.

“Hold still, you’re spoiling my aim.”

“It hurts. It’s a spanking. I can’t help but react.”

Kari broke in. “So, he can’t take as much is Jenny. But it’s bullshit that he can’t hold still.” She sat next to him on the bed and spoke in his ear. “You must learn to control yourself when we spank you. I’ll take hold of your little balls, Billy. I won’t squeeze them, but I won’t move either. So, if you move, you’ll bust your own balls.” She nodded to Sam. “Go ahead and spank, hon. He’s under female control now.”

Bill gulped and stared at me, eyes wide.

Sam stood behind him and smacked him with wide sweeps of her hand on alternate cheeks.

Bill gasped, grimaced, and grit his teeth.

Sam paused to review the results. “Well, Kari, he’s pinking up pretty nicely, but no heat yet. Jenny, get a wooden paddle from the closet.”

I folded back one of the two doors of the closet along one wall. I cracked a smile. Instead of clothes, the closet displayed whips, paddles, floggers and restraints. A small chest of drawers in one corner presumably held smaller items like clamps and ticklers. I selected a rectangular, maple paddle with six holes.

Sam approved of my choice. “Excellent. Thank you, Jenny.” Whap! Whap! Sam wasted no time.

“Ow! Shit! Ow! Please! That hurts like hell!”

Sam paused, cocking one hip and resting the end of the paddle against her waist. “Is he exaggerating or really that wimpy?”

“He is that wimpy. I don’t use him enough to train him properly. He’s improving, slowly. He’ll probably forget everything I taught him over the summer.”

“I’m here, talk to me.”

My eyebrows shot up and I drew in a breath.

Sam grabbed the paddle with both hands and swung it like a baseball bat. SMSASH! Sam hit him full strength!

“OoYAHHH!” I never heard such a sound as Bill made. It started out started out as an “ouch,” but he moved and felt real pressure on his nuts, making him scream in terror. Somehow, he managed to avoid collapsing fully on the bed. If he’d done that, he might’ve been impotent for the evening!

Kari twisted his ear, bending his face to look at her. “While you’re here, you’re under our control. We’ll talk about you however we like, and you’ll do whatever we say. You’ve got a lot of nerve, back talking when I’m holding your balls. Get back in position. I doubt Sam’s done with you.”

“Do as they say, Billy, that’s always best. Think what you’ll lose.” Sam gave me a nod of approval.

Drawing a deep breath, Bill got back in position, his clenching and unclenching buttocks betraying his terror.

Behind Bill’s back, Kari caught Sam’s eye and made a motion like twisting a dial. Sam nodded. Kari nestled her hand around Bill’s tender balls once again.

“Bill, I’m going to give you 10 more paddle swats. Count them and after each say, ’Thank you, Sam.’” She wielded the paddle more moderately. Macho man meant it when he gave thanks, ‘cause all the blows came within his tolerance.

After the 10th, Kari and Sam rubbed his bum and pronounced it red and warm enough at last. Before letting him up, they made him kiss the paddle and give a little speech — after some coaching and a couple of false starts.

“Mistress Kari, I thank you so much for inviting me to this excellent opportunity. I’m honored to serve you and Mistress Samantha. I apologize for my rude attempt to control. I’ll do my best to never let it happen again, and I ask you to punish me if I do. I thank you for taking the time to teach me how to submit to you and serve you better.”

The Mistresses exchanged glances and nodded. “Acceptable,” ruled Kari.

“I’m not done with you yet, Billy. Lie on your back.” He obeyed, unconsciously tugging his stockings in a distinctly feminine gesture. I smiled at that.

“Oh, Kari, what a shame. I spanked the boner right out of him. What good is a limp a boy toy?”

“Well, Sam, I’m sure you can remedy that situation if you wish.”

“Billy, relax and enjoy. I’m not going to hurt you. Quite the opposite.” She hefted his limp dick.

“You’re in for a treat, Mistress Samantha. It’s a magnificent tool. I loved feeling it grow in my mouth.”

Sam, bending over Bill, flashed me a brief smile before taking the cockhead between her lips. She nibbled the tip a while, then stretched her lips forward, sliding more and more of it into her mouth. She glanced from me to Kari, her eyes smiling.

Bill groaned, “Oh, man, that feels good!” The visible few inches of his cock swelled noticeably.

Sam mumbled, “Wow!” around his thick girth. She made no attempt to take it all in her mouth. Instead, when it reached full size, she wrapped both hands around it as I had and drew back to take a look. “What a beauty! Kari, you made a spectacular find. I can’t even wrap my hand around it. Wow! I can stack my hands on it. Wow!” She stroked him up and down, then employed a different technique. One hand went up and down the length, while the other rotated back and forth over the tip. Her hands, smaller than mine, made the cock look even bigger.

Bill closed his eyes, moaning wordlessly.

Sam licked his dangling balls, then slowly worked her way up the shaft, sliding her tongue.

“I’m training Billy to withhold ejaculation and he’s made some progress, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” Bill ground out.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s better. While Sam fellates you, tell us what you do for orgasm control and how much progress you’ve made. How long did you last before training?”

Bill sighed and shook his head, clearly not wanting to talk. “5 to 7 minutes. Mistress Kari insists I time myself and keep records…Ohhh!”

Sam’s lips claimed his cock head and a few inches of shaft.

“Time yourself doing what?”

“Masturbating, Mistress Kari.”

“When do you masturbate?”

“When you allow it, Mistress Kari.”

“And how long do you masturbate now?”

“A half an hour the last three times, Mistress Kari.” Bill looked annoyed, unable to fully enjoy Sam’s blow job. I had some empathy for Bill, but Kari’s catechism amused me.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you, Bill. I’m very pleased you’re learning to control your ejaculations. Remember, I’m going to let you cum today, but you’ll wait until I give you specific permission, correct?”

“Yes, Mistress Kari, I’ll do whatever you say.”

She patted him on the head. “You’re becoming a very useful boy toy. Good boy, Billy. Not as dependable as Jenny, but improving.”

I felt funny at that. I liked earning complements for sexual skill. Used to humiliate another male? Not so much.

Sam took her lips off the monster cock for a moment. “Want to share this big lollipop with me?”

“You bet I do.” Kari knelt next to Sam and each licked one side of his thick shaft from the bottom to the top.

Bill sighed in pleasure, evidently realizing Kari couldn’t question him while sucking.

When they reached the top of the shaft, the Sisters kissed each other with the purple, smooth cock head between their lips, their tongue sliding past it into each other’s mouths.

“Oh my God! Oh, wow! Holy shit!” Bill propped up his head to watch this amazing site.

I’d long ago tugged my panties down and stroked myself. I envied Bill!

Kari moved her lips off Bill’s cock head. Sam took the whole tip in her mouth and slowly worked her way down. She paused with several inches remaining, took a deep breath, and rather quickly took in the entire length. Her cheeks worked in and out, gulping noises filled the air.

Kari and I clapped. “Yea, Sam!” “What a dick gulper!”

“Oh, wow! Oh, wow! Building!”

With a strangling gargle, Sam released the cock. She clasped both her thumbs and forefingers around the base, helping Bill keep control.

Kari watched his face, and when he relaxed, she deep throated him. Lucky Bill.

Bill’s hips bounced up and down rapidly, clearly riding the edge. His edging sounds, unlike mine, sounded like “Tsk, tsk.” They rose in pitch until Kari withdrew, clamping the base as Sam had.

Bill panted for control, otherwise holding absolutely still. When he finally relaxed, he said, “Oh my God, what an incredible blow job from two beautiful women! About the best thing that ever happened to me! Thank you, thank you. Thank you both.”

Kari kissed him. “It’s a pleasure to suck such a beautiful cock — and a challenge to swallow it all.” She turned to Sam. “Would you like to fuck him some more or shall I finish him off?”

“Oh, I want to ride him this time. At least two more orgasms for me.”

“Help yourself, hon.”

“Lengthwise on your back,” Sam commanded peremptorily.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Bill said enthusiastically.

“Yes whom?” Samantha, a grammarian even in bed.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s better.” She straddled him with a smile. “Point that big boy straight up.”

Grinning with anticipation, Bill held himself upright.

Sam lowered herself onto him, but took only the tip between her lips, rocking forward and back gently.

Bill tried to thrust into her, but Sam rose with him expertly. Bill’s grunts of frustration and desperate upthrusts made her laugh. “Hey, Billy. Want me to take more of you?”

“Oh, yes, please…Mistress.”

“What did you say?”

“Please, Mistress, please!”

“Please what, Billy?”

I snorted. One of the easiest Mistress games, but still effective.

“Please fuck me, Mistress!”

Sam feigned puzzlement. “I am fucking you. Your cock’s in my cunt. What more do you want, you ungrateful wretch?” She slapped his face.

Laughing, Kari sidled up to me. She slid her hand into my panties, replacing mine. “Thank you,” I whispered, not wanting to intrude. I slipped two fingers inside her.

Bill grunted at the slap. “Please, Mistress Samantha. Take more of my length into you. You know you like it; you said so. Please, Mistress Sam. Please.”

“I like it when they beg, don’t you, Kari?”

“Music to my ears, hon.”

“Please, Mistress Samantha. Please fuck me more completely. I need it. I’m des…”

“You fool! Don’t you know anything?” I intervened. “They don’t care about your pleasure, but their own.”

“Better listen to him,” put in Kari.

I burst out, “Incompetent begging.” My puddle of empathy dried up.

“Please, Mistress Samantha. Let me fill you. You know you’ll feel better. You’ll love it. Please, please take more of me! I beg you!”

Without a word, Sam kept rocking over his straining cock.

“He still doesn’t get it, does he?” Kari asked me.

“No, Mistress Kari. He’s at the ‘tell them what I think they want to hear and they’ll give me what I want stage.’ I’m not sure he was even at that early stage when he walked in the door.” We smiled as we watched Sam deftly rise above Billy’s continuing attempts to push deeper into her.

“Feel like giving him a clue, Jenny?”

I gave Kari an amused and perplexed grin. I never felt like this. “No, not really, Mistress. It‘s fun tormenting him.”

Laughter bubbled from Sam’s lips. “Oh, give him a clue so I can get on with it. He’s not the only one with a need!”

“Please, please! Jenny! A clue!”

Kari cracked up so much she doubled over and let go of my dick. “Oh, my God! He’s begging from you now, Jenny!”

I laughed so hard I could hardly speak. “Tell her how grateful you are for however she chooses to use you. Beg her to use you in any way she wants, as long as she wants.” I paused. “Here’s a bigger clue, gratis. Make that your real attitude and live accordingly.”

Kari favored me with an approving smile and resumed jerking me off as I rubbed her mound, fingers sliding over her clit.

Billy took a deep breath, shook his head, evidently gathering his thoughts as well as he could. “Mistress Samantha, thank you for using me. I hope my big…”

“No!” I gasped. Like Aristotle said, you can’t think and fuck at the same time. Or was it Yogi Berra? “Nothing about you except your desire to serve!”

“Good advice,” Kari affirmed.

“M… Mistress Samantha, thank you for using me for your pleasure. I want you to use me however you like, for as long as you enjoy it. I thank you for everything.”

“What do you think, Kari?”

“Barely acceptable.”

“Barely is right. Nevertheless…” She slowly dropped down, taking in all of his cock.

“OOOHHHH!” “Aaaaahhhhh!” Sam bounced up and down on Bill vigorously.

“That is hot!” Kari said. Impulsively, she kissed me. Together, we watched the show, stimulating each other.

Sam slowed down and ground her hips against Bill, getting to her clit.

Bill worked his thumb between them, and Sam went wild. “Yes, yes! That’s good, keep it up! Oh, this huge cock feels so good! YaaaaaHHHHH!” Sam’s body wrenched, and she slammed down on the boy again and again as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. Eventually she slowed, then stopped for a moment, breathing hard. “Oh, that was a good one!” She gave Billy her TCD as she caught her breath. “Let’s do it again, shall we?”

“Oh yeah! Thank you, Mistress!”

Sam lay against him a moment, kissing him. He squeezed her breasts. When she sat up again, he kept his hands in place, gently kneading.

Sam rode up and down that huge shaft. “Oh, this fills me so deep! You’ve been keeping this toy a secret too long, Kari.” Then the only sounds were there gasps and grunts as they pleasured each other and the muted slurps of Sam’s damp pussy.

I noticed Kari’s breathing stepped up as well. I gently removed her hand from my cock. “Allow me, Mistress,” I said as I sank to my knees facing her. She spread her legs and I gripped her ass and probed her wet pussy with my tongue, then settled into suck on her clit, so I only heard Sam and Billy’s grand finale. It wasn’t long in coming, and Kari added her groans and gasps as I brought her over the top.

Kari patted my head, smiling down at me. “Very nice, Jenny. Good boy.”

I smiled back. “Thank you, Mistress.”

Samantha, face flushed after her cum, patted Bill’s head as she rolled off him. “Nicely done, boy. A good fuck and you didn’t cum. Good for you.” She grasped his glistening, stiff cock, pointing it up. “Here he is, Kari. I got him ready for you.”

“Oh, Sam, you know I love that!” She scrambled on the bed and kissed Sam. “Thanks, hon. I’ll use him now.” She straddled him and inserted his tip.

I stroked myself, but couldn’t help sighing. Whatever he felt about how they treated him, Bill sure was lucky to fuck both of them.

Kari rode him slowly, up and down, rocking back and forth. Sam sat on the bed, kissing Kari or sucking her nipple. I moved to her side of the bed, catching her eye, indicating my willingness to lick her pussy, but she waved me off with a smile.

“Billy, do you like it when I fuck you?” She kept her voice soft and seductive throughout this contract “negotiation,” however Bill reacted.

“Yes, Mistress, I love it. Thank you so much!”

“Did you like when Sam fucked you?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistresses Sam and Kari.”

“How about watching us have girl sex? Did you like that?”

“Oh, my God, yes! I’ve fantasized about that for years. I can’t thank you two enough for that.” His voice rose, and he emitted edging noises.

“I see. The thought makes you edge. This pleases me. Remember, don’t cum.”

“Trying. Really close!”

Kari stopped moving, letting his cock rest inside her. “Take a deep breath, Billy. I don’t want to set you up.”

Bill breathed deep, unmoving.

“Tell me when you’re ready to get fucked again, Billy.”

His face, screwed up with the effort to retain his jism, finally relaxed. “I think I’m ready for more, Mistress. I thank you for this opportunity to please you.”

I thought, he’s learning a little.

Kari resumed fucking him, very slowly sliding up and down his pole. “You agree you’ve had the best sex of your life with me? I want an honest answer, not flattery, you can’t turn a punishment.”

Bill managed a small laugh. “You know it’s always the best, Mistress Kari. Even with some pain thrown in.”

“The pain’s good for you, keeps you in your place. So, if you have your best sex with me, I’m sure you’d like to continue, correct?”

Bill shook his head, once again distracted from the sex by all the talk. “Oh, yes, Mistress Kari. You’re the greatest.”

“Well, that’s flattery, but I accept it. Billy, I’m always in control when we have sex and I even have control of your masturbation when you’re alone, right?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“So, if you have your greatest sexual pleasure when I’m in control, you’d like me to maintain that control, wouldn’t you?”

“I… I guess so, Mistress.”

“You guess so or you agree?”

“I… I agree.”

“Good. Then ask me politely to keep control of your sex life.”

Bill, who’d been moving in rhythm with Kari, stopped. “What?”

Kari laughed. Sam and I exchanged a glance, both are eyebrows raised. What was she up to?

“I like the sex you provide me. I like your cock. I want to keep control of your sex all summer long, even though we won’t be together.”

“What? You not even my girlfriend.”

“No, I’m your dominant Mistress. I have the right to maintain my control. I expect you to date during the summer but, just as I give you permission to masturbate, I’m going to give you permission to date and whether or not to have sex with a willing partner. Don’t worry, I’m not unreasonable, I expect you to be a normal boy under the control of a Superior Female. Billy, I don’t want to deprive other girls of your nice cock, but I want you prepared to give them the best time possible. You won’t do that on your own — you’re a guy, and guys always want instant gratification. Your experience with me should teach you that you and your partner will have more fun if you do as I say. Now, ask me to take control of your sex over the summer.”

“I dunno…”

“Well, if you don’t agree, we’re done. You can go back to the dorm and Sam and I will use Jenny all night instead of you.”

“That’s not fair! You’re asking me this while you’re fucking me!”

“Who said I have to be fair? All I’m trying to do is assert control, so you and your partners will have greater pleasure. I think you’d jump at the chance. I’m listening.”

Bill’s mouth gaped. His eyes met mine. I nodded. “I’ve never regretted being in the Auxiliary. I’ve done things I didn’t think were possible, things I only imagined and things I never imagined. Without the training, I’d be an ordinary fumble fingered flop in the sack. I had to go through a huge ordeal to get in; Kari offers it to you for free. Don’t be a fool, Billy.”

That earned me Sam’s TCD. I mouthed, “Wow” to Sam, impressed by the degree of control Kari demanded.

Bill shook his head and took a deep breath. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. Mistress Kari, I ask you to please take control of my sex for the summer.”

“You will play with yourself only when I approve?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You will date only when I approve?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You will have sex only when I approve ahead of time?”

Bill gulped. “Y… yes, Mistress”. A whisper.

“Louder. Use a full sentence.”

“Yes, Mistress, I agree only to have sex when you approve.”

“Then I accept. You won’t regret your decision.” Kari bent forward and wrapped Bill in her arms and legs, kissing him passionately. When she came up for air, she looked at him tenderly and gently patted his cheek. “You’re such a good boy, Billy. Sam and I will reward you in a few minutes.” She turned her attention to me.

“Jenny, Sam and I will reward Billy’s submission, so we won’t need you. Come back tomorrow to get your things. Sam, please cage him. I see you’re still stiff. Well, Sam knows what to do about that.”

I gulped, disappointed not to see the grand finale. “Mistress Kari, may I please speak?”


“Mistress Kari, thank you for letting me participate in this moving, life-changing event. It’s been a wonderful experience. Certainly, watching my friend Sam make love to her favorite girl was a big thrill, but I am in awe of how you got Billy to so fully submit. It was beautiful to watch and have even a small part. Billy, you’ll never regret it.”

“Well said, Jenny.” Kari gently resumed fucking, flexing her hips.

Sam retrieved the chastity in its pouch, came over to me and said, “I’m glad your nice and stiff.” She gripped my balls in one hand and my shaft and the other. I took a deep breath. “OWWW!!” I sagged toward the floor, balls aching, dick twisted.

“Erection reduced,” Sam said unemotionally. She quickly fitted my cage on and zipped up a tie, writing down the number.

“Jenny, come here and show Billy your cage.”

Little unsteady, I walked to the head of the bed. Billy eyed my cock in its transparent, plexiglass case.

“Oh, man, what a thing to wear! Does it hurt?”

“No, with practice you can even cross your legs. Makes you sit down to pee.”

“Billy, I’m not starting you out this summer with the chastity. You’re not fully trained. If you fail to obey me, I expect you to confess. If you transgress too many times, I’ll put you in touch with a Sorority alumnus, who will cage you for me.

“I don’t want to have to do this, so I’m not going to tell you how many times you can transgress before I’ll put you in chastity.” She rode up and down on the shaft. “Billy, ever fuck one girl while eating another? That’s the first part of your reward. Another reward. I’ll shut up and fuck. Will you like that, Billy, dear?”

“Yes, Mistress, yes, a thousand times yes!” Everyone laughed.

With a deep, heartfelt sigh, I backed toward the door, watching as Sam straddled Bill’s face and settled down for quality face sitting.

When I stepped out of the apartment, I suddenly remembered I was dressed as a maid! I’d never been out dressed alone before. Afraid, I hyperventilated. I staggered to the stairwell and hung onto the banister. Finally, I gained control of my breathing. I used the stairs instead of the elevator, figuring I had less chance of meeting anyone.

I lucked out on that, but mere darkness couldn’t conceal that I was a male from all passersby on campus. The other times I’d been out dressed, I had women to protect me. Now what if I ran into a gay basher?

Fortunately, it was late enough few people were out. No doubt others studied. A few catcalls and whistles and I made it back to the dorm. Lucky for me, the lobby was empty. I made it into my room and sat down to reflect.

I was outed as a cross-dresser on campus and to nearby businesses. I was outed to Billy as wearing a chastity. At least I had confidence Billy wouldn’t talk.

I asked myself whether I meant all the positive things I’d said to Billy. Really, there was no debate. I absolutely meant them.

Author’s notes: The paddle sounds exactly like one I made for my former mistress, Livia Godiva. I custom fit the handle to her hand. It became her favorite. She gave me a raw spot that stung for over a week to thank me for the gift.

Aristotle did most of his teaching while walking through the Agora accompanied by callow youth, the Athenian equivalent of undergrads. He had the same trouble keeping their attention as modern profs and resorted to similar tactics, such as throwing in gratuitous sexual references. In Politics, he said something about sex, adding “you can’t think with that going on.”

As a rookie catcher in baseball, Yogi Berra always swung at the first pitch, so he turned a lot of balls into strikes. When told to think before he swung, he said bemusedly, “How can you bat and think at the same time?”

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