[Feedback] 5 Days of Pleasure by Kazuh

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[Feedback] 5 Days of Pleasure by Kazuh

Post by PlayfulGuy » Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:47 pm

Last week I got playing 5 Dyas of Pleasure by Kazuh.

Below is a little review and some feedback for Kazuh (I hope you read it).

If you haven't done the tease be warned that the spoilers do contain spoilers!

Overall I have to give this tease a 4 out of 5, but only because of a couple issues. It's really an excellent tease.

Day 1 was a good session of stroking and some edging.
Day 2 was an excellent session. Very hornifying! Totally loved it and I plan on stealing some of your ideas.
Spoiler: show
I loved the mix of stroking only sessions, mixed with breaks, letting yourself go soft then get hard again, and the edging with decreasing intervals between. In the edging section some of the instructions weren't totally clear, but it still worked. It should be more clear that you're expected to edge near when the timer runs out, or edge and hold it until the time runs out.

I think the breaks should specify a time frame. The first suggested "maybe 30 minutes", and the second just said take a little break. I think they should specify a minimum amount of time, like take a break for at least 30 minutes, or whatever you're aiming for. It makes it feel more real. On the second break (page 112), it also says take a little break, then the next page says "Oh, before you go, edge for me". Supposedly we've already been gone and come back so something feels out of sequence there.
Day 3 was great except for my one complaint in the spoiler.
Some of the activities were not totally my taste, but that's just personal preference. The images of Rossi were very hot. Loved it!
The segments with Nicole were excellent.
Spoiler: show
On day 3 we get punished for "thinking" about cumming with another girl on the previous day. This put me off. If we got punished just for thinking shit we'd be getting punished all the time. The way the session on day 2 led you to believe you were getting a chance to cum, and the build up to it, then the sudden denial was punishment enough and an exquisite piece of work.

Getting punished the next day just for thinking about cumming kind of ruined that for me.
It was great that you made that punishment segment optional, but I think it should have been left out completely.
I plan on doing this one again and skipping the punishment part, just because the other parts were great and I want to experience them on their own.
Day 4 was another EXCELLENT and intense session. A 5 out 5!
Spoiler: show
I absolutely loved the way you mixed using cards to determine a task or three, then some instruction from the model and back and forth like that so it wasn't totally random, but had some randomness thrown in. And the edging with decreasing intervals always makes me crazy! Love it.

I loved how it ended with an assignment to do ten more cards too! The whole thing totally worked for me.
Day 5 On day 5 things fell off the rails for me and left me about to rate the whole tease a 1. I had downloaded the tease to play offline in Guideme so was able to fudge my way through, but there are some things that I feel need fixing in day 5. See spoiler for details.
Spoiler: show
First off, page 320 has a little typo - "Are you exited" instead of "excited" which is very different.
Then, to start day 5 we're asked to pick the "right" name from a list of options. I suck at remembering names, but if I'd have been told ahead of time I would need this information I would have been paying attention. Throwing this in out of the blue made it not work well at all for me. To top it off, there were two names I didn't really recognize, so I picked one and got a wrong answer, and was told to visit all the mistresses again and remember their names this time. Seriously? I have to start all over again?

Since I had downloaded the tease and was playing it in Guideme I just said f*#! that and jumped to the page I needed to go to to continue. BUT, I couldn't resist looking through the tease and discovered that there were actually two names we had not seen before. The one I chose, which was "wrong", and the "correct" one. That's fucked up! My memory was better than I thought, but I still got screwed over. I hate that shit! It should just be some ball slaps or some similar punishment until you get it right, or tell us at the beginning to pay attention to who we see because there's a test later.

Anyway, I got past that and from there the teasing was pretty good, although it was starting to feel like more of the same old same old by this stage. I did choose to go see the other girl so got a longer session, and by the time I got back to Nicole and a ways into her teasing it was starting to feel like too much of a good thing.

I also ran across some little bugs:
- page 384 goes to page 385 but I think it should be going to 386
- page 388, which is telling you about the session for the day has a button for "Hard" and a delay that takes you to a "failed" page. I think this was supposed to just be a button to page 389 which tells you to get hard before the time runs out. Page 389 should then have the "Hard" button and failure delay.

After all that, I ran out of time and had to leave the tease before I finished it, and after all that I've not had much interest in going back to try it again. An unfortunate ending to an otherwise fantastic tease.
Over all and if I'm objective about it, I still have to give day 5 at least 3 out of 5, but it could so easily be a 5.

I do want to mention again that I really liked having assignments on a couple of the days. That was great, and I'd love to see more of this type of multi day tease with that aspect.

All in all a great piece of work. Thanks for sharing it!
I Hope the input helps and I look forward to trying some of your other teases.

I'd rather be stroking!

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Re: [Feedback] 5 Days of Pleasure by Kazuh

Post by Philze » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:31 am

Impressive review which matches almost completely with my experience. The bugs in the end are a bit annoying. For those who use HTML5 viewer or download it, I guess it's OK.

After all a great tease that hopefully gets the TOTM reward in the actual poll.

Happy stroking
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Re: [Feedback] 5 Days of Pleasure by Kazuh

Post by untilitsred » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:45 am

One of My favorite teases. Really hot pictures and the dialogue was compelling. I still visit it occasionally.
:love: Samantha :love:

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