Mixed Wrestling ?

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Mixed Wrestling ?

Post by Ditto » Fri May 18, 2018 1:55 pm

Hey there, just wanted to ask for some help finding something ...

So I've been fond of wrestling, sexy wrestling, etc ... and of course, there is Ultimate Surrender which I personally find very appealing :innocent: However, one thing I cannot seem to find is, mixed wrestling .. that is Male vs Female.

Now, I did manage to come across this 1 clip:

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php? ... 594552632d

which appears to be a 1-off on Ultimate Surrender ... spoiler: guy wins pretty easily .. :)

Of course, with a lot of mixed wrestling videos out there, they are pretty obviously faked/staged - usually with the women "overpowering" the man . (more like the man standing passive not doing anything).
Now, again, nothing wrong with those ... but not really what I'm looking for.

As a particioner of Martial Arts, I've trained with many people .. both male and female ... and many of those ladies more than capable of holding their own on the mat with the guys :)
So I know it's not just a simple matter of "guys stronger, guys always win" ... yeah, maybe .. but I don't even care about who wins/loses .. just interested in seeing a (somewhat) authentic match up ... :)

So with all that out there, does anyone know of anything a bit more "competitive" or "authentic" ... with mixed gender wrestling? where the guys aren't completely passive, and the women at least put a good fight in? :)

(sorry, not trying to make it like a custom order thing .. I've just done a lot of searching around, and only found that 1 video above .. so figured I'd reach out to you all and see if anyone else has had any luck or such .)

In any case ... Thanks for taking the time to read . and Cheers!

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