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chastity - suggestion

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:00 pm
by sonny12313
Hi :wave:

I have decided for wearing a chastity device not long ago. I have bought quite several sizes to find the best for a longer period. In the meantime I have tested them quite regular for couple of hours every day that my skin and scrotum gets used to it -> actually many thanks to all former guinea pigs at milovana whose posts I could read beforehand. :-P

But now I am facing a challenge as dependent on the rings I use, after 3-5h I have a numb feeling at the balls. Does this happen because the ring is still too small? I suppose so but I was just wondering as many pics in the web or also from users who refer themselves as "long time wearers" have posted pics where there is much less space between the ring and the front of the chastity device than at mine.

Any ideas?

Re: chastity - suggestion

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:20 pm
by VanHellsing
I'm not a devoted fan of chastity, just like to use it from time to time, but I had a similar experience with my first cage.

I once bought a metal cage for a try, got pain in my balls after spending a night with the cage on, a little numb sensation from time to time, the ring was just too small.

I would suggest buying a CB series (or a chinese copy for less than 10$ to try it out first), it has ring in 5 or 6 sizes, so you'll be able not only to use a ring with appropriate size, but also switch to smaller rings after a time without buying a completely new cage.

Looks like you aren't a "long time wearer" yet. It won't happen suddenly, you need several weeks (or months?) to get used to it. I personally bought a chinese copy for 7 or 8$ and it's much better than the first cage. I probably won't buy CB, because the cage I own now is enough for my needs, if you are planning to wear it for many weeks or months, you might have to buy an original CB after some time.

Re: chastity - suggestion

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:13 pm
by SexualChoc
Long time wearer here
and the guy to ask.. own 4 devices atm and have tried out 6 others
Balls should Never get "Numb".. at least not numb to touch anyway
should be able to touch and feel
several possibilities
1> easy fix.. just tug on balls and re-adjust them.. often things jsut get a little caught
2> If that does not work.. you probably need to adjust ring/cage.. if you have a metal cage this is an easy fix.. use a screwdriver.. a a Lever and Gently pull Tube /base ring apart.. it will move a Millimeter or two which should be jsut enough.. to get in comfy...If it is a Plastic cage.. you are going to have to get a new device
3> do some shopping (see link)

You should be able to wear a "good" cage 48 hours strait!! ( or even longer)

PS I may have some more easy fix ideas if I knew exactly what cage you have..
so if you want to avoid buying one.. please link the type of device.. manufacturer site is fine.. don't need pic of you or such..
just need to know cage type. (even its name will do)

Re: chastity - suggestion

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:22 pm
by sonny12313
Thanks for the replies.

It still hasn't changed much. I am looking for a new ring now. Maybe just a short-term fix of self-made wood or so, to see if different bigger sizes work. I have tried from 35->50 in size which didnt bring any advantages.

I actually suppose now that this has to do with the way I am sleeping, could it be?
The thing is that when I start to wear it, still after 3-5h it turns numb, like the arms when you are in bed/couch. So it is a sign for too less blood flow which yes, should be dangerous.

How do you guys do during sleep? Do you care about the position you are in?