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Explorer At Heart
Explorer At Heart
Sexual Orientation:
I am a:
Turn Ons:
Twerk! I simply love twerking videos, clothed or not. I love receiving instructions on what to do and how to do something, respecting my turn-offs and my kinks. I love the randomness of things. I'm attracted to everything that is feminine, no gender limits.

The idea of watching something I didn't choose arouses me. I'm not that story-driven guy, not into overly narrative teases.
Turn Offs:
Scat, pee, vomit, blood, public humiliation, camera, boring tasks, shores. I also don't do Anal for some personal reasons, but I love watching it, all genders.

Granny and pregnant are totally turn offs for me. I do not like hardcore "psychological" humiliation.
Kinks and Fetishes:
Being told what to do!
Spanking, Edging, Being told what to do, light CBT (focus on ballbusting), CEI, Bondage, Dancing, Rhythm, ruined orgasm, pain, spit, private self humiliation, chastity cage, nippe play.

Edging sessions with some ballbusting is my favorite way to play. Add some bondage and spanking in between and it's perfect!
About Me:
I do have my preferences in content/material, but I prefer to hide them and let the randomness of things work. It arouses me much more having to watch, look or do something that's not my preference, but I was ordered by others than choosing what I prefer.

If you feel like, you can add some edging tasks in top of any other tasks you gave me on the Games forum. Always. Just say you invoke my Edge Pact and would like me to edge to whatever! =)

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It's time to duel
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Dos and Don'ts & toys
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Ball gag and handcuffs (harness like this picture), chastity cage, fleshlight, nipple clamps linked by chain with cock ring, rope, shoelaces, wooden spoon, clothespins, belts, rubber bands, slippers (for spanking)
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DO :yes: :CEI, JOI, CBT, Cumplay, nipple play/torture, chastity, edging, ruin, spanking, surface pain, bondage, private humiliation, cockhero, webteases, PMVs, compilations, almost any categories, including trans, femboy, gay, hentai, soft or hardcore.
DON'T :no: : Won't do anal, public, pictures, proof, save/freeze loads. Won't do or watch pee, scat, blood, gore, vomit, pregnant, granny.